• Published 6th Jul 2012
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Crashing Angels - lillytheomegawolf

A story of how Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash met as fillies. The joys and hardships of life, friendship, and love and all the surprises that happen along their journey as they become best friends--and much more.

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Chapter 3: Rainbow’s Birthday

Celestia's sun broke through the window into Rainbow Dash's room. The rays of light caused her to roll over in an attempt to avoid the penetrating brightness. She lay there, unable to return to the realms of slumber but unwilling to extract herself from her bed. Her brain clicked into gear and she sighed. 'Sunday. Birthday day. This is going to be boring.'

Moments passed as her young mind wandered aimlessly. School. Yet another upcoming thing for her to dread. She imagined what the classes might be like. Dull old pegasus ponies telling the class what to do, crowds and bullies. 'I hope Rocky and his gang aren't there. I don't want to get beaten up every day.' She suddenly remembered something her mom had briefly mentioned: Flight school. The fun part of school where awesome fillies like herself got to learn how to fly like champions, do awesome tricks and even race. This brought a smile to her face. 'I'll be the first one there to fly!' She filled with sudden energy and leapt up and out of bed. She waltzed off down the hallway, a spring in her step. Rainbow Dash could imagine her breakfast as it called to her and did not want to deny her food the privilege of being eaten by the most awesome pegasus ever.

She strolled into the kitchen and found her mother preparing something. She sniffed the air, a grin crept onto her face. 'Birthday cake! Pie too? Wait, apple pie means Soarin's coming' Rainbow Dash danced a quick jig of joy. That meant he must be home from his school trip or whatever it was he was on.

Gust's food was always one of the highlights of family parties. Dash's tummy chose this moment to complain loudly, Gust turned to check out the source of the unexpected noise. A smile lights up her slightly aged features at the unexpected entry.

"Rainbow Dear, you're up early. Sounds like somepony's hungry!"

Rainbow chuckles, her good mood bolstered by the promise of awesome food. Rainbow Dash's stomach rumbles like an earthquake again.

"Here." Gust smiled cheekily, knowing the noise's meaning all too well.

Rainbow reclined on her small cloud hill, away from the rest of the world. Her belly full, body relaxed and thoughts allowed to roam at will as she imagined herself flying high and fast. Her wings moved in tune to her day dream. Faster, faster, faster. Time to beat Soarin' in a race. A massive smile grew on her blue face, she can't help but giggle at the look on his face when that day finally came.

"Rainbow? Rainbow! Hey filly!"

She snapped out of it then jumps out of her skin, staring at the purplish blue stallion in front of her. Blaze chuckled to himself. He knew exactly what being yanked out of a cool day dream was like and found it amusing that of all ponies, his daughter had inherited his skills for napping.

"Your mother said it's time for you to come home. We have a surprise for you, young filly."

Rainbow glided down from her cloud, she landed hard on the cloud-stuff beside her dad.

"Come on up!"

He lay down and indicated for her to climb on his back. The cyan filly stared at him for a few seconds in surprise, then compiled. She noted that her dad's coat was clean for once and he didn’t smell of alcohol. He glanced back at her, ensuring she was safe then he stood up and with powerful wingbeats and an easygoing grin, took off. He cruised along for a few moments before he made known a thought that crossed his lazy mind.

"You know, you reminded me of somepony back there."

"Yea'? Who's that, Dad?"

"Me." The stallion filled the air with his deep laughter as his daughter groaned and rolled her eyes.

"Thanks, Dad."

“No, I’m serious. A youngster dreaming of joining the Wonderbolts. A master of napping already. I could go on.”

‘huh... I may actually be more like my dad than I thought...’ Dash failed to voice any of this though and so the pair fell into silence for the rest of the short flight.

They glided along the last few streets and alighted on the doorstep to their home. Blaze wore an infectious grin on his muzzle that left Rainbow smiling too as she slipped off his back. The door swung open, revealing Gust Dash. The two adults shared a winged hug while their daughter stood by. After what felt like an eternity for the filly, her parents broke it off. Gust turned to her daughter.

"Okay Rainbow, are you ready?"

"Of course!" Rainbow Dash felt apprehensive. 'The rest of the afternoon is going to take forever, I hope Soar' made it.' Rainbow did her best to keep her smile glued to her muzzle. Gust nodded, pleased, and casually stepped out of the way to expose the dark living room. Rainbow Dash could make out little in the dark, except for the bump of the couch, where it sat in the back corner. Gust motioned with her wing, her warm smile still plastered on her face.

"Come on silly filly, your family doesn't have all day." A confused look crossed Rainbow Dash's features, she can't spot anypony about. She gave up looking and strode purposefully inside. Her body defaulted to heading toward the one doorway, into the kitchen.

"Happy birthday!"

The lights flicked on. Rainbow Dash jumped in surprise, her wings flared and eyes widened with shock. Uncle Raincloud emerged from the doorway in front of her, an equally aged red pegasus mare by his side. If Rainbow Dash remembered correctly, that was his misses, Aunt Carnelian Skies. Other pegsui descend from above. Her small family quickly surrounded her, congratulating her for reaching school age. Dash's smile deserted her completely as she frantically searched the mob of pegasi, there was no big brother to be seen.

Seemingly out of nowhere, her birthday cake appeared, borne aloft on the back of one of her uncles, his wings supported the sides to ensure it stays in place. He neatly slid it onto a table in front of the couch in the corner where its 5 flickering lights burn brightly. Rainbow Dash stared open mouthed at the rainbow coloured cake in front of her. Her mother joined her side.

"Are you going to blow out your candles, dear?" A smile broke out on Dash's face.

"You got it, mom!" She leapt up to it and energetically obliged her mother's wish.

Soon it was presents time and while they were fun to open, Rainbow Dash felt herself slowly getting more and more bored. What had started off as a party all about her, the most awesome pegasus ever, slowly but surely had descended into the usual sort of family get together that left her sitting alone while the grownups stood around drinking, talking and whatever other boring things they did. By that point, Rainbow Dash had stopped caring what was what. 'I want this to be over!' she silently raged to herself. Even her mother had been snared into the boringness of the once awesome party. After a while, a few of younger adults left and Dash began to feel the call of her room. A nap would be more exciting than this!

The front door suddenly opened to reveal two proud young pegasi. Rainbow Dash hardly noticed the gold coated one, having eyes for the light blue, almost teenaged colt. Soarin stood in the doorway for a few moments, absorbing the atmosphere before being hug tackled by his rainbow maned little sister.

"Hey sis. Happy Birthday!"

"Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh. I"m so glad your here!" Rainbow Dash pulled away from her brother, joy shone brightly in her pink eyes. ‘He really did show up!’

"Woah there, Rainbow, slow down. Remember my good friend Spitfire. I hope you don't mind her coming to your party too."

Rainbow cocked her head to the side, she noticed for the first time, the golden-yellow young mare beside him. Her eyes widened as she spotted the Thunderbolt cutie mark. She now had her cutie mark just like Soarin?


Spitfire smiled broadly, she knew exactly what the young filly was looking at.

Gust approached the trio and gave her son a hug, "I knew baking your favourite pie would summon you home." They withdrew in time for Blaze to join their small reunion, the rest of the family in tow. The stallion of the house was back to smelling of hard cider but could clearly still walk okay for now.

"Hello, Soarin' I see you bought your young fillyfriend with you." Both new arrivals blushed. Blaze chuckled at his own joke.

"Daaaad. You know she’s just my best friend.”

“Just your best friend, really?” Blaze grinned, slightly drunk. “Come on son, I know how this goes. This is why us colts make friends with one special filly.”

Soarin and Spitfire glanced at each other before Soarin turned back to his parents. “We do have one surprise for you guys. We are both going to the advanced flight school tryouts next week. Spitfire here turned thirteen last week and I’m nearly old enough too. If we get in there’s a good chance the Wonderbolts will be watching."

Gust immediately gave her son a big hug. “That’s wonderful news!”

Rainbow Dash stood there, wide-eyed. “You guys will have the real Wonderbolts watching you?”

“Yup, that’s right sis.” Soarin grinned back.

“We are planning to put on a real show for them,” added Spitfire. “I want to be the youngest Wonderbolt captain to make it.”

“Well, I’m sure an old captain of the Wonderbolts could give you a few pointers.” Blaze took a few steps toward the golden pegasus only for her to recoil at the aura of booze that followed him.

A look of shock suddenly erupted across Spitfire’s muzzle as the realization hit her. “Wait, you’re the rainbow captain, Blaze?”

“That’s me!” Blaze grinned back.

“Told you,” Soarin nudged his friend.

“Told me what? I didn’t seriously expect you to be related to one of the coolest captains in the last ten years!” Spitfire shot back at her companion.

“Well I’ve kinda moved onto other stuff now but yea, who you think taught Soarin all his epic moves?” Blaze asked as he popped the top off a bottle of hard cider that had somehow materialized in his hooves. He nailed half the bottle in one shot and promptly unleashed a massive belch.

“Moved onto what? All I see is my bro on the booze,” Raincloud chimed in.

“Hey, I work a better job than you. Gangster,” Blaze rounded on his tough brother-in-law too fast and staggered a little bit.

“At least I’m not a drunk,” Raincloud smirked back. “Sometimes I wonder what my sister saw in you.”

“I’m not a drunk! Honey, tell them,” the purple-blue stallion turned his wife for support only to find a dry glare on her muzzle.

“You’re a drunk,” Gust Dash replied softly, her tone stern.

Rainbow Dash silently agreed with her mother, surprised at the sudden turn of events her birthday had taken. She hoped that things would not go bad from here, but judging from her dad’s reaction, it might be best she left soon.

“No I’m not!” Insisted Blaze.

“My son, I too think you have a bit of a problem.” An old purple-grey pegasus with a mane grey from age and sharp green eyes spoke up. She approached the slightly inebriated stallion. “However, this is not the time or place for this discussion. My granddaughter has just turned five and I for one would like to enjoy what time we have left today.” She turned to Rainbow Dash, a kind smile upon her muzzle. “Sweetie, go play with your brother. I can see you have been waiting all day for him to arrive home.”

“Thanks grandma!” Dash grinned happily.

Gust opened the front door for her daughter. “Please be back in time for dinner. I have something special for my little filly.”

“Okay, mom! Come on, Soarin!” Rainbow Dash rushed outside into the fresh afternoon breeze and took a deep breath.

Soarin and Spitfire followed her out and once the trio was alone Soarin paused. “Hey sis, is it okay for Spitfire to come with us?”

Rainbow Dash eyed the fiery young teen mare up. “You look cool. And you’re Soarin’s friend. He never brings anypony home.”

At that Spitfire cast the light blue colt a look.

“If you two can show me some cool moves, then I guess it’s okay for you to come too.”

“Thank you, Rainbow Dash,” Spitfire replied. “Where would you like to go?”

“Soar’ knows.” The speedy youngster took off as fast her four tiny hooves could manage, the two older pegasi casually followed behind.

"We were wondering. Do you want to have your birthday present now?" Spitfire offered.

Rainbow Dash's pink eyes lit up. “You have a present for me?” A smile broke out on her face "That’s so cool! What is it?"

“I guess you will just have to find out,” Spitfire smiled coyly.

“As long as it’s a cool surprise.”

“Oh, it is,” Soarin drew up alongside his sister.

“Hurry up then!” Rainbow Dash dragged her older brother along the cloud streets, her abounding energy appeared to give her the strength to haul the intrigued nearly teenaged colt along. Spitfire trotted quietly behind the pair wearing an amused smile.

Soon enough they arrived at a hoof made ramp of clouds that led up above the houses. Soarin' allowed himself to be dragged up, up, up the ramp by the energetic filly. Spitfire halted at the bottom.

"Hey Soar'. Catch me if you can."

Spitfire took off like a flaming projectile that ruffled the manes of the two ponies in the way as she sped past. Soarin' grabbed his sister and flew off too, hot on the flaming trail of his best friend. Rainbow Dash immediately fell in love with the way the wind whipped through her mane. This was a reminder of why she simply had to become the fastest. It just felt so awesome!

She silently made a promise to herself that she would become faster than Soar' one day. They made it to the top in no time at all. Soarin' dropped Dash off on her ridge then sped over to Spitfire who was hovering above some nearby houses. The two shared a grin. Rainbow Dash waited patiently and wondering what they were about to do.

The two young pegasi locked gazes then barrel rolled and put on a burst of speed flying full tilt toward the riveted rainbow-maned filly. They soared over her head and continued their display of awesome synchronized tricks. Rainbow Dash imagined herself up there with them and a wishful expression took over her little face as the two older pegasi built up toward their final move. The pair flew higher and higher. Without so much as glance at the other, they folded into a dive. They swirled around and around each other. Their graceful turns became tighter and tighter till they clasped hooves and swerved into the streets below. Dash's breath caught in her throat as she watched with eager anticipation, rewarded seconds after by a flaming trail that streaked out from underneath her cloud and broke in two as the young aspiring young Wonderbolts spiralled back toward each other and came to rest in a hover, a few feet above the awestruck filly.

"That was totally awesome!" Rainbow Dash pranced around her small cloud.

"Do you want to join us?" The filly halted in surprise, she stared up at Spitfire, unable to believe the offer.

Soarin' shrugged then landed next to his awe stuck little sister. "How much has mom and dad taught you about flying?"

Rainbow Dash cocked her head to the side in consideration.

"Well… mom has taken me out a few times. She never really taught me much. Dad's just lazy. I almost never get to see that old stallion fly. But if it helps, I can glide!" A hopeful grin captured her little face as she gazed up at Soarin'.

"That's a start at least. I'm going to have to have a talk with dad. He's quite good at teaching when he puts his mind to it."

That received a dubious look from the filly. A commanding voice rung out from above.

"Right, wings in position, ready to go." The eager cyan filly immediately reacted, she sprung into position with gusto.

Spitfire gracefully landed on her other side and lifted a corrective hoof, altering Dash's posture with skill. Once Spitfire had finished correcting she spoke up.

"Okay. Let’s start with gliding. Think you can make it to the house over there. You two Soar' I'm sure she'd appreciate a flying partner."

"But what are you gonna do?" Soarin asked.

The sunny teen smiled sweetly back at her colt.

"I'm going to stand here and boss you around, you know… my usual role."

He rolled his eyes, mock despair covered his light blue face as he stood beside his little sister who could barely contain her excitement at finally getting to fly alongside her brother again.

"Right. When you take off I don't want to see either of you flapping like a mad beast. I know this will be hard for you, Rainbow but try and glide as far as you can without going wild, it will save you a lot of energy."

"Pfffftt… Easy." Boasted the rainbow maned filly with a flick of her wings. She eyed up her destination, it was what... an easy glide away?

"Right, on three. Two… One. Go!"

The pair launched themselves off the cloud. Soarin' glides effortlessly along while his sister does a slow nose dive. She plummeted to the cloudstuff where she landed just in front of the target. She glanced up to see Soarin looking down at her from the roof above.

“I could have made it if I was allowed to flap.” She defensively shot up at him before his grinning muzzle could open.

Spitfire landed at her side, "good work, Dash. Now up you come…" The fiery-maned pegasus offers a hoof to the grounded cyan filly. "And let's try it again. Follow your brother, I'm sure you don't want him to beat you again now do you?" A broad smile reached across her muzzle. Rainbow Dash's competitive nature immediately took over and she grinned back.

"No way. I'm going to beat him this time!"

Several attempts later and the rainbow maned filly's gliding technique had improved a lot. She lay on the cloudstuff she had once again face planted into feeling her deadweight wings settle by her sides.

Spitfire noticed how tired she looked and a kind smile crossed her face. "That's enough practice for one day."

Rainbow Dash breathed a sigh of relief, 'finally… I can stop loosing.'

"Hey Soar' how about we go get some of your mother’s fabled pie?" Soarin's eyes lit up at the mention of his favourite food and he glided over, a light blue wing swept over his friend as he began to lead her off toward home. Rainbow Dash put on a burst of speed in an attempt to catch up with them. She wearily galloped along till she reached the two teens.

"How about we take you out some time to practice with us again?"

Dash skidded to a stop on the clouds, 'Spitfire is asking me to go flying with them again!?' Her brain raced and she did a little dance on her back hooves, fatigue temporally forgotten.

"Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes. I-I mean yes please." Spitfire and Soarin' walked off suppressed laughter wracked their frames.

Rainbow Dash calmed herself down, she realized how uncool she must have just made herself look.

“Hey Dash, I’m bored with walking,” Spitfire spoke up. “Jump on your brother’s back. We’re going to race home.”

“Cool!” Dash eagerly leapt at her brother. He caught her in his forehooves and zipped into the skies.

Home. Home to her party. Her previously boring party. Dash wore a big fat grin on her face as the wind whipped her spiky mane around.

Rainbow Dash, Gust Dash, Blaze, Soarin, Spitfire, Uncle Raincloud, Aunt Carnelian Skies, Dash’s grandma and a few older relatives who Dash kept forgetting the names of all sat around the family table sharing the promised meal.

Gust turned to Raincloud as she dished him another serving of apple pie. "She has your temperament there brother. You really should consider spending more time with her."

He slowly turned to face his niece. "Probably. But I only really realized it the other day when I saved her flank from some young thugs again."

"So she was telling the truth?" Mild surprise flashed across Gust's features. Raincloud chuckled and nodded. Lighting yellow met jade as they locked glances.

"She sure was. It looks like I'm going to have to teach that young filly a lesson or two on fighting. I always assumed she would be boring like her brother and stay out of that kind of thing."

Gust snorted while Soarin shot his uncle a look.

“I’m not boring, am I?” The light blue stallion turned to his best friend for support and she shrugged.

“I think he’s okay,” Spitfire continued with her meal smiling.

“You hear that, Emerald wing?” Blaze snickered to his brother.

“Sure did. Sounds like your boy’s filyfriend likes him back.” The deep green stallion beside Blaze finished off his bottle of cider and slammed it down hard on the table. He steadied himself for a few moments before he turned to his brother. “Hey, want anuver cider?”

From Blaze’s other side Gust spoke up. “No, he does not.”


Gust grabbed her husband’s bottle and sculled the last of its contents in one swing. “In fact, I think he’s had enough to drink for the night, thanks.”

“Poor guy.” Emerald Wing shrugged and carefully left the table to retrieve another drink for himself.

Rainbow Dash could tell her uncle would be crashing on the couch tonight. If nothing else, it would at least it would make the morning before school more interesting.

“Is that how you got those bruises sis?” Soarin eyed the bruises on his sister’s side and chin.

“Uh huh,” Dash confirmed.

“I hope you won't go picking fights with everypony at school?”

“Yea... I know.” Rainbow Dash did not really feel like discussing the topic and she put on a great big scowl to make it as clear as possible to everypony present.

A few moments awkward silence fell on the table till Soarin’s eyes fell upon a whole apple pie. The colt shone with excitement as he grabbed his prize. It looked big enough for two or three ponies to share, and it would all be his!

“You gonna share that?” Spitfire asked.

“Well...” The poor colt paused, uncertain.

“It’s the last pie. Better share it with your fillyfriend,” Raincloud chuckled softly.

Soarin’s face pinkened and Dash grinned at her brother’s embarrassment.

An open bottle of hard cider slammed down on the table and a loud belch signalled the return of uncle Emerald Wing to the table.

Blaze laughed raucously.

“Hey how about we go outside? I wanna enjoy my pie in peace,” Soarin turned to his fellow younger pegasi.

“Works for me,” Rainbow Dash quickly gobbled down the rest of her meal then leapt down from her chair, ready to leave the adults to their thing.

“Sure thing, provided you share some of that with me.” Spitfire picked up her friend’s pie with a golden wing, slid it onto her back then headed out of the dining room.

Soarin followed the pie as his prized morsel headed for the front door.

The trio of younger ponies quickly made it outside and allowed the front door to swing shut behind them.

Spitfire glanced up at the roof. “Wanna chill up there and enjoy the views?”

“Sure,” Soarin grinned back.

The almost teenaged colt picked up his sister and briskly flew up onto the roof then laid her down carefully on the solid raincloud.

Spitfire alighted next to the duo and slid the pie down a wing and onto the cloud surface.

Soarin’s eyes immediately lit up and he pulled the pie over to himself as he sat down. Spitfire immediately tugged it back her way.

“Hey!” Soarin’s hooves shot out again but this time he met resistance and the pie refused to budge from his friend’s protective grasp.

Rainbow Dash grinned to herself as she saw an opening and leapt at the pie held in the two ponies hooves. She took a great big filly bite and was rewarded with the wonderful taste sensation of her mother’s apple pie. She withdrew with pie crust and other juicy titbits around her mouth and grinned at the pair. She turned to her brother licked her lips.

“That’s a great pie, Soarin. It looks big enough for you to share. Moms great at sharing with Dad, so why can’t you share with Spitfire?”

“Because she’s my friend, not my missus.” Soarin was quick to defend himself and yanked the pie closer to himself. With the pie free of its captor he quickly took a great big bite and closed his eyes in pleasure as he chewed slowly.

Spitfire motioned for Dash to be quiet and snuck forward and took her own bite. As her head came up from enjoying the big pie, Soarin went back for more and the pair accidently met in the middle.

Soarin froze as he felt somepony’s pie encrusted lips upon his own and his eyes flew open. He was met with Spitfire’s beautiful, stunned face as stared back at him. Neither was sure what to do here.

The pair were pulled out of their own little world by laughter as Rainbow Dash rolled onto her back and kicked her hooves up into the air. After a few moments, her mirth subsided. She continued to lie there, a massive grin upon her muzzle as she gazed up at the duo.

“Soarin and Spitfire, sitting on a cloud, K - I - S - S - I -”

“Alright, that’s enough,” Spitfire cut the younger filly off, her cheeks tinted. “You did not just see me accidentally kiss your brother.”

“I sure did,” the cheeky blue filly grinned up at the golden pegasus. “You two looked really funny!” Rainbow Dash giggled some more.

The older pegasi turned to each other, “I- I didn’t mean to kiss you, Spit’”

“That was not a kiss,” Spitfire hastily added.

“Definitely not,” agreed Soarin. “No kissing happened, we just bumped into each other when you stole some of my pie. Hear that, Dash?”

“Nope,” the youngster smiled innocently up at her brother.

Spitfire leant down and took another bite of the pie. As she carefully withdrew, Soarin at last noticed his pie was once again being stolen. The colt grabbed the pie tray and placed it protectively between his forehooves.

“Hey Spitfire, I bet if you gave Soarin another kiss he would let you have some of that pie.” Rainbow Dash grinned cheekily up at the older pegasi.

“I have a better idea.” Spitfire lunged at the light blue colt and tacked him. The pair rolled off the cloud and Spitfire barrel rolled around till she landed firmly in front of the tin where she proceeded to nom the rest of the delicous offering.

The light blue colt slammed down beside his friend. Shock radiated from his muzzle as he realized what she had just done. “Y- you stole the rest of my pie...”

“It’s okay Soarin. Now, pick up that pie tin and take it inside.” Spitfire ordered.

“But, why?” The young colt asked, “can’t we just leave it out here till we’re ready to go in?”

“Just do it please.”

“Okay fine. At your command, your majesty.” The light blue stallion enacted an exaggerated bow before he turned and grabbed the pie tin and flew off the roof with it.

Rainbow Dash stared at the older, golden filly for a few moments, her face scrunched up in thought. “Why did you do that to my brother?”

It was as if Spitfire never heard the younger filly when she finally broke the silence, “what do you think of him?”

“Who, Soarin?” The young speedster cocked her head to the side. “I dunno. He’s my brother. He’s cool. He’s like, the best brother in all of Equestra! ...when he's home.”

Spitfire settled back a bit and eyed the filly before her, “well then, what do you think of me?”

Rainbow Dash contemplated the question for a few moments, she wondered why Spitfire was all of a sudden so interested in asking her such questions. “I dunno. Why?”

“Well, your brother has been my best friend since I’ve been your age. Surely he must have mentioned me a few times to you.”

“Yea, of course. He really seems to like you. Keeps saying you both are going to be Wonderbolts one day. Like me!” She puffed herself up a bit for emphasis.

Spitfire smiled at the eager fuzzball before her. Dash was a fuzzy reminder of her own eagerness when she was younger.

Rainbow Dash cocked her head to the side and asked the million bits question; “why do you ask?”

“Just wondering...” Spitfire gazed out past the neighbourhood and to the horizon. It was almost time for Celestia’s sun to be replaced with her moon. Spitfire spotted the last amazing rays of sun as they broke through the clouds outside of Cloudsdale and painted nearby houses golden-orange. Her peaceful moment was broken by a large gasp from the pint sized pegasus at her side.

“You like-like him don’t you?!”

“What, no. I was just wondering-” but the older filly was cut off by Dash

“Don’t lie! That’s why you didn’t want my big brother around when you asked me those questions. That’s why you’re so huggy and cuddly with him. You like him. Admit it!” The little rainbow maned filly grinned triumphantly up at the older pegasus.

“Fine. I have got a crush on your brother and I was wondering what his little sister thought of me. I also wondered if he had told you anything that suggested he likes me back. Okay?” Spitfire’s tail swished and her wings lifted slightly.

Dash’s grin turned into a welcoming smile. It was time to clam her brother’s best friend down. “You have a crush on pie face?”

“Yes, I have a crush on pie face,” Spitfire confirmed. A cheeky smile slipped onto her muzzle at the silly name.

“And you want to know if he had told me how much he loves you?” Dash’s grin became cheeky once more.

The yellow muzzle darkened a few shades before its owner managed to gather herself together enough for a reply. “Well, has he?”

“Well he keeps going on about how the two of you are gonna become Wonderbolts together. I actually never hear him even talk about anypony else who is your guys age.”

“But what about actually you know... Like-liking me?” Spitfire prompted.

“No idea. He's my brother. It’s like bro code not to discuss mushy things, you know?” Rainbow Dash admitted. “But you know, only a cool pony is allowed to date my brother. You look like a super cool pony to me!"

Spitfire grinned at Dash, “thanks. Squirt.”

“But you do realise, you are gonna have to be the one to ask him out.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because he’s Soarin. He’s all pies and Wonderbolts and training.”

“Well, would you be willing to help a filly out?” Spitfire asked just as the pair heard the front door open and a rather loud “Yeaa! Go get em!” from Rainbow’s Dad broke the otherwise quiet evening.

Dash quickly nodded back to Spitfire as Soarin flew into view.

“Sorry, that took so long. Uncle Raincloud has given Dad something strong and both him and Uncle Emerald Wing are totalled. It was hard to get back out of the house.” The light blue pegasus landed beside his best friend and noted that both fillies were facing each other as if they had been caught in a private conversation.

“Your dad sure knows how to hit the drink there. I don’t remember him being this drunk last time.” Spitfire murmured as she settled down onto the roof beside Soarin.

“Yea,” Soarin sighed as he gazed out across the rooftops of the nearby houses.

All three young pegasi took a moment to admire the skies around them as the sun finally sunk below the horizon and Celestia’s moon rose in its stead.

Spitfire broke the silence after several moments of peace, “it’s beautiful isn't it?”

“Sure is.” Soarin agreed as his gaze wandered to his fiery friend.

Their house was actually a little bit taller than the homes around them and so offered a decent view of the district in the moonlight. All the normally white puffy houses around them were tinted a pretty blue in the moonlight.

After a few moments more of enjoying the view, Soarin turned to his younger sister. “Looking forward to school sis?”

“No.” Dash scowled up at her brother. Why did he have to ruin the mood by bringing up lame old school?

“Why not?” Spitfire asked.

“I don’t want to go to a place where I’m told a whole lot of boring stuff all day when I could be out here, exploring, learning to fly and spending time with you guys. If you two get into the advanced flying school then there is gonna be no cool ponies around at my school and it will be boring!” Rainbow Dash complained.

“Woah there, hold on.” Spitfire cut off any further complaints, “school is not that bad. There are flying classes and you get to meet new ponies.”

“But I can learn faster if you two teach me.” The young speedster protested, “and most ponies are either mean to me or uncool.”

“What about that filly you smacked into a few months ago?” Soarin with a grin. “I remember you saying she wasn’t so bad. And if you get Mrs Breeze, she’s a cool teacher.”

“Really?” Rainbow Dash stared up at her brother.

“Really, really. Spit’ and I had her in our first two years. She’s cool, you’ll like her. If you're lucky enough to be in her class that is.”

“Well, that’s something I guess...” Rainbow Dash conceded.

“Anyway, it’s getting late. I think we should go back inside.”

“Do you want to cuddle with your fillyfriend?” Dash grinned cheekily up at her brother.

“No. But I do think that all little fillies should be in bed soon. And our grandma will want to spend a little bit more time with us before she has to fly home.” Soarin gently picked up his sister and before she could protest, began the descent back down toward the street below.