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Crashing Angels - lillytheomegawolf

A story of how Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash met as fillies. The joys and hardships of life, friendship, and love and all the surprises that happen along their journey as they become best friends--and much more.

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Chapter 8: New Chances

“So... What does big Miss awesome want to do?” Rainbow Dash asked as the pair walked down the school corridors side by side. Other foals pushed past on their way outside to enjoy lunch. While usually one to rush ahead, the filly with two missing posters at home, was in no hurry to go anywhere.

“M-Me? But...Rainbow...you’re the awesome one...” Fluttershy replied, wide-eyed.

“Says you. I’m the stupid filly who just got my flank torn up by a bunch of meanies... then mom took two Wonderbolts posters off me and threatened me with no flying time after school if I keep being naughty.” Dash sulked.

“O-okay... My mom has never had to be mean to me like that.”

“What do you mean, had to? Of course she will never have to... you’re too nice! It’s not fair!”

“I... I think your mom might be right though. You do need to stop fighting.”

“Yea... I know...” Dash fluffed her wings and kicked at the solid cloud wall. “But she doesn’t have to be mean about it... This sucks!”

The pair walked on a few steps while Fluttershy tried to come up with what to say next.

All of a sudden Rainbow Dash stopped. "Look, I dragged you along to the big ponies course at lunch yesterday. How about we do something else today? It’s your turn to decide what we are going to do."

"Um…" Fluttershy considered her mother’s words from yesterday. Surprise at her friend’s words slowly diminished, replaced with a hopeful opportunity to try something of her own. Maybe now was a good time to introduce her best friend to her hobby of reading? But was it okay to take advantage of her friend like this?

"So, what do you normally do Fluttershy?" A rainbow mane flicked to the side as its owner cocked her head inquisitively.

"Well, uh... before you came to school... I used to go to the library each lunchtime. I… um… like to ...read…"

Unbelief flickered across the speedster’s face. "You're an egghead?"

At that, Fluttershy’s teal eyes began to glisten. ‘Now I’m never going to be cool to her! She won’t want to play with me anymore, she’s going to call me names and think I’m- I’m-’

Alarm bells went off inside the speedster at the incoming waterworks. She realized how poorly thought though her reply was. "I’m sorry, Fluttershy! Please forget I said that. If you like reading that’s okay! I mean, I don’t read and I think it’s lame, but I guess if you like it... eh, I don’t care. But I’m sorry. Forget I said that."

With a quick glance around to ensure they were the only ponies currently in the hallway, Dash held out her forehooves. “Come here.” Blue forelegs extended in a loose offering for a hug. Fluttershy lit up and wholeheartedly embraced her friend.

“So, uh... no tears?” The cyan head pulled away to allow for an unobstructed view upon the cute yellow filly in her grasp.

A sunny yellow chin bobbed up and down. Fluttershy settled back into the previously offered contact with her friend, content to simply cuddle with her injured protector.

“Thank you, Rainbow...” The pink-maned filly whispered sweetly.

“Hay... it’s no problem. So...” Rainbow Dash was almost bouncing up and down with eager anticipation despite the hold upon her. “What do you want to do?”

Fluttershy bit her lip. She was happy here, in Dash’s forelegs. All warm and cozy and safe. But she knew it’s probably the last thing on Dash’s mind. She could feel her friend twitch, eager for action. She sighed, maybe there was a middle ground somewhere? She thought for a few moments.

“Let’s um... do you like picture books? Colouring books? Drawing?” Fluttershy asked quietly, afraid that there was a no incoming.

Outright confusion covered the bold filly’s face as she withdrew from their cuddle. This was not what she expected to hear. Maybe something cute and cuddly? At the same time, she had been hoping for something that could involve running around, being active.

But this? Light red eyes stared at her friend, blankly. “Uh.. sure? Okay.” ‘Why brain? I don’t want to do that... it’s boring...’

Fluttershy caught on and sighed. “Nevermind. I’ll think of something else, it’s okay.” ‘Oh dear...do we really not like doing the same things?’

“I was thinking... flying? Or playfighting? I guess those are more me? Look, if reading is well... you... then as your best friend, Rainbow Dash, ...I think we should do it.”

“A-are you sure?” The shy filly’s voice shrank in size as did too.

“Yes! Now come on. Standing around here is getting boring.” The spectrum rushed past Fluttershy’s vision as the cool pegasus checks her surrounds once more. “Just don’t let anypony else find out about this.”

As much as Fluttershy felt a little put off by her friend’s attitude toward her liking of reading, she was thankful that the young athlete was at least willing to give it a go. “Rainbow, you know I won’t tell anypony. Who am I going to tell?”

Rainbow Dash didn’t say anything as she took off down the hallway toward the teachers' lounge.

“Wait! Rainbow Dash, the library is that way!” Fluttershy pointed out toward the playground.

The speedster zipped back to her friend. “But that’s the playground. Whats this way?” She motioned back toward the hallway she had rushed down.

“The teachers only place. Only big ponies are allowed in there.”

“Huh... sounds boring. Lead the way to this library then Fluttershy.”

With a shy smile, the lanky filly did as she was bidden and took point.

The quiet school library had about a score of foals lounging around, reading books, doing puzzles and relaxing. Two fillies wandered the shelves at the back where the chapter books resided. Eight more large shelves filled in the central room with a variety of short stories and picture books. Those playing with puzzles sat in the large open corner near the door. The librarian proceeded over those in his domain with a book in one hoof and a light smile on his face. With a thump, the door shot open and a multicoloured fuzz ball rushed in.

Dash threw a look behind her at her rather more relaxed companion. “Did anypony see?”

“Ssssh! Rainbow Dash, keep your voice down. Libraries are quiet places!” Fluttershy reprimanded as she walked slowly through the open door.

“Oh...” Light pink eyes scanned the otherwise quiet room. It was quiet in here. Too quiet...

With a swish of a pink tail, Fluttershy led the way toward a section of picture books.

“I hope no pony saw...” Dash complained quietly.

“See what?” Fluttershy asked quietly.

“Me. Enter ...this place.”

Fluttershy hung her head as she settled down next to a display with the most recent addition of picture books. It felt pointless to answer her friend. Maybe she could interest her in a good book?

The shy filly reached up and picked out a good picture book that she had read a few weeks ago. “Here, this one is good...” 

Rainbow Dash quietly accepted the offering and placed it between her forelegs.

Fluttershy was quick to hoof out one of the books that looked new; The Wonky Donkey. She chuckled to herself at the silly donkey on the cover. If the name of the author was to be believed, it looked as though the author was a donkey too. They looked like interesting creatures. With a growing smile, Fluttershy opened up the book and began to read.

Rainbow Dash paged slowly through her book, her eyes on the pictures. It looked like a family of ponies going on a picnic. So what? A sigh escaped.

A yellow ear flicked. A green eye spotted the expression on the light blue muzzle beside her. The smile on her own face slipped away as Fluttershy realized her friend was not enjoying herself too. How could she possibly enjoy herself if Rainbow Dash was not having a fun time too? “What’s wrong? Do you not like the story?”

Rainbow Dash gazed up at her friend then back down at the picture book in her forehooves. After several painful seconds, she sighed again. “The pictures are fine I guess... It’s the words.”

“What about them?” Fluttershy asked softly.

“I-” The confession caught in the speedster’s mouth. “I...”

“It- It’s okay if you don’t want to read with me. I’m sure there are plenty of ponies you could play with outside.” The offer hurt, but Fluttershy felt as though it had to be made. After all, it was not fair if she kept Rainbow Dash inside against her will.

“No... it’s not that. Well- it is... But-” The duo caught the school librarian looking their way. Rainbow Dash dropped her voice to the faintest whisper and leaned into her best friend’s soft side. “I... Kinda- maybe... can’t really ...uh, read. No pony at home ever taught me.”

Fluttershy stared at her companion as though the filly had grown a second head. “But- class...”

“I kinda... copied you. It's not that hard to just draw letters... But words... well, they're- kinda hard to read when there's lots of them.” A sheepish grin covered the light blue filly’s muzzle as her admission slipped out in the quiet of the library.

“Oh... But I saw you write. You seemed okay...” 

“Yea, I can make shapes on the page and draw my own name and stuff. So what?” Dash poked her tongue out in response.

“I can try and teach you?” Fluttershy offered. “My mom reads to me. I’m sure if I read to you too while you follow the words you will pick it up as fast as you’re learning flying.”

Dash scoffed. There was no way she could pick up reading that fast. They were nothing alike.

Fluttershy apprehensively eyed her companion. It looked like her best friend was about to turn down her offer.

A grin ripped across Dash’s face as a thought struck. “Only if you let me try and teach you how to fly.”

“Okay.” Quick to respond, Fluttershy nodded. There was no need to second guess her decision. It sounded perfect. “How about I borrow a few books and we find a quiet place to read them where other foals won’t disturb us?”


Fluttershy picked up a selection of picture books and hurried over to the librarian.

Dash slowly rose then headed right for the door. This was sure to be a very slow lunch.

Dash loudly laughed as her friend closed the cover of the book titled ‘The Wonky Donkey.’ “I didn’t know books could be that silly!”

“Oh, well, books can be all kinds of things. Some are funny, some are sad, some are about adventures that ponies go on... I like ones with cute animals. Do you... want to read another one together?”

“Can we read some more later? Hey, what’s your home like? Is it nice?”

“Well...” Fluttershy tentatively began, aware that Rainbow Dash was most likely changing the topic to avoid another book. Surely a third would not be that bad? “I live with my mom and dad and little brother.”

A wide-eyed blue filly regarded her friend with surprise. “You have a brother!? Is he cool like mine?”

Fluttershy chuckled softly. “Well, he is kind of small and I don’t want to be mean but he’s ...a little annoying. But he’s my little brother and he can be the sweetest thing in the world when he want’s to be.” The shy pegasus noticed the slightly put off expression on her friend’s face and resumed her description of her family home. “It’s a nice big cloud home. My dad has a lot of very nice art from all over Equestria. As long as you look but don’t touch, I’m sure he would even let you take a look. I have a nice room. Um... My brother’s room is next to mine and we also have a room just for playing, it has a lot of good toys. We have a balcony, it has a pretty nice view... It’s really nice to sit out there for dinner or breakfast, watch the sunset, or just watch the stars...” Fluttershy murmured dreamily. A little daydream popped into her mind, in which she and Rainbow shared the balcony together, snuggling and whispering to each other. In her mind, they were both bigger and older. It was perfect...

“Stars... who would want to sit and look at those boring things. It’s not like they race around the sky or anything cool...” Rainbow Dash scoffed, not realizing her friend’s fantasy.

The timid filly’s daydream shattered abruptly at her friend’s admission. There was a silent pause. Several moments of sadness passed until she found a warm body push up against her own. When Fluttershy opened her eyes, she beheld two light red eyes looking back at her, almost nose-to-nose.

“Hi...” The cyan filly grinned cheekily. Dash quickly licked her friend’s nose then withdrew.

Fluttershy beamed, suddenly filled with giggles. “Hello, Rainbow...”

The bell rang and Fluttershy was quick to pack the books into the bag the librarian had lent her. “I’ll give these back tomorrow.”

“Okay, class?” Dash stood, ready to rush off.

Fluttershy nodded and followed after her friend as the speedy filly took off.

Dash felt her companion trail her unhurriedly. The bold filly stopped to allow her friend to catch up. Just as she was about to turn around to seek her shy companion out, Dash found herself rear ended by an unobservant yellow filly.

"S-sorry. I-"

"It's okay Fluttershy. You can stop with the whole saying sorry thing already, it’s getting old. I'm the one who stopped anyway."

"Okay. Sorry..."

Rainbow poorly resisted the urge to facehoof. "Look, I just wanted to wait for you to catch up. You don't have to walk behind me the whole time, that's just weird. You’re my friend."

"Oh. I didn't mean to. I'm just… shy I guess."

A smile broke out across the bold filly’s muzzle. “Yea? I think I might've noticed. It's cute." Fluttershy blushed at the compliment, "but please try and stand up for yourself a little more. I don't want to you be just following me like kind of shadow all the time. I'm the super cool Rainbow Dash and you... are my uh... my almost as-cool-as-me best friend, Fluttershy."

The shy filly matched her friend’s smile. It felt nice to be considered so highly by another pony.

Dash strutted off, pleased with herself. However, she did glance over her shoulder to ensure her follower was at her side this time.

A large group of young pegasi sat in a special area of the playground at Cloudsdale Central school. They were composed of one of the classes of year one foals. Not only was this area for the students year four and up, but it also contained a section filled with a lot of white puffs. These clouds were all either safe rejects from the rainbow factory or retired from the schools many flight courses. While unusual to see younger ponies in this area of the school, this group was accompanied by their teacher who strode around the smattering of fillies and colts. The students were enjoying their first lesson on the art of cloud shaping. Everything from food items and feathers right through to shapes such as balls were being shaped by unskilled young hooves. Realistically, most of the creations looked more like odd puffs of cloud with a lot of hoof marks in them. Mrs Breeze frequently stopped to inspect her students work. She also stopped and offered constructive advice along with a guiding hoof to most of the foals she passed.

The teacher paused at the cross eyed filly’s cloud with a smile. “Very good Derpy! Is that a ...cupcake?”

“Yes!” The grey filly grinned up at her teacher.

Not far from where Derpy sat Dash glanced up from her own work to admire the simple food item. Despite a few hoof marks, her teacher was right. It did look like a cupcake. She glanced down at her own creation and groaned softly. It was supposed to be a cool Wonderbolt in flight. The magic her own hooves had wrought was something that looked ...anything but. Cloud shaping was a whole lot harder when mom wasn’t around to help...
Well... Maybe do most of the work? Whatever... Rainbow Dash was sure it should not be this hard.

Dash pounded her puffy failure into pile of cloudstuff, ready to start over. “Hey Flutters what are you building?”

“It’s a butterfly! What do you think?” Fluttershy explained cheerfully as she motioned to her own creation.

The butterfly was oddly disproportionate, with one wing longer than the other. Its middle was a very simple long round body with plenty of pockmarks in it from where the artist had worked to shape it.

“Oh... At least it has wings. It’s cool. Kinda suits you.” Dash smiled sincerely.

Fluttershy’s happy smile faltered. “...You don’t like it, do you?”

Dash scowled back as she took the few steps required to come into contact with her best friend. “Stop being such a downer, Fluttershy. Of course your pal likes it.” A cyan hoof booped the yellow snoot, causing the shy filly’s smile to return.

“Thank you, Rainbow! Yay!” As Fluttershy reached out to hug her friend she accidentally clipped her creation’s larger wing. The construct poofed out and little whisps of cloud floated down to merge slowly with the rest underneath.

Two sad fillies watched the spectacle. “Awww...” Fluttershy bemoaned.

“Still looks better than mine,” Dash commented sourly.

“You-” Fluttershy glanced at where her friend’s creation had stood. “I thought you had made something?”

“Yea, but it sucked...” Dash gave a hoof stomp.

“D-” Fluttershy stuttered. “Do you want to, uh... try it together?”

Dash glanced at what the others were doing. Some foals continued to struggle with the soft, poofy creations by themselves. Derpy was one of the few seeing success. She had just started on her second cloud creation. Yep, it was time for teamwork.

With a glance at the teacher to ensure that it was okay, the speedster settled in close beside her best friend. “So, what can I do to help?”

“Um...” Fluttershy thought for a moment. “How about we try to make something new together.”

“Okay, what do you wanna make?”

“What do you want to make?” Fluttershy quietly asked.

A light blue hoof ruffled a multicoloured mane. “I’m asking you Fluttershy.”

“But I want to make whatever you want to make.”

Dash groaned softly. “How about... Something for your butterfly to sit on?”

“Okay,” the shy filly softly agreed.

A cyan hoof grabbed a rough block of cloud and placed it carefully down in front of her friend. A little tongue poked out in effort as Dash laboured alongside her gangly companion. They worked the clouds quickly into a rough cloudy branch.

“There, perfect!” Dash grinned as she stepped back to admire her handiwork.

Fluttershy giggled softly. “Just let me fix my butterflies wing.”


It was the end of another day of hard learning. Fillies and colts rushed out of the large school gate. Most of the younger ones were greeted by waiting parents.

Two such parents stood, side by side as their fillies ran to greet them.

“Hi, mom!” Dash greeted.

Fluttershy’s greeting to her own mother was lost to the loud noises from those around them. The gangly yellow filly leapt into her mother’s waiting hooves.

A grey-blue hoof ruffled rainbow mane as Dash reached her own mother. “Have you been causing any trouble today, young filly?”

“Nope!” Dash grinned back. “Fluttershy and I did make a butterfly on a branch in cloud shaping classes though.”

“How big was it?” Gust posed the question to the small yellow pegasus as she emerged from her mothers forehooves.

“Uh...” Fluttershy held out her forehooves to indicate the size of her butterfly. “About this big, I think...”

Dash scoffed as she hurried over to her friend’s side. “Na, it was more like-” A blue hoof shot out and hovered three hooves further out from her friend’s own. “This big!”

“Dash-” the shy filly started.

“Yea, it totally was. Fluttershy made the butterfly while I was working on my own thing then we made the branch together.”

“And what were you making.”

“A-” Dash paused in thought, “a something. It didn’t work. I might... uh- need more lessons from you too mom...” Dash trailed off.

“What was that?” The greyish-blue mare smiled as she leant in toward her daughter.

“I said- can you teach me some more about making cool looking stuff with clouds. Oh! And Fluttershy too! She totally has a hoof for it!”

“I- I do not...”

“Pffft!” Dash scoffed.

“No need to be so modest dear,” Scarlet Sunset gave her shy filly a loose hug. “I’m sure if Rainbow Dash says your good, you could be the most amazing cloud shaper this city has ever seen.”

Rainbow Dash found herself boosted half off the cloudstuff as her best friend found refuge.

Both mothers couldn't help but smile at the cute scene of Fluttershy trying and somewhat succeeding to hide using her shorter blue buddy.

“Come, let’s get going.” Gust motioned.

At the weathermare’s bidding, the group set off down the central street that led away from the school. They passed businesses of all kinds and plenty of other ponies, either on the wing or walking casually along.

“So...” Scarlet Sunset started. “Did you ask your friend anything today?”

Fluttershy caught her mother's unsubtle hint, “yes.”

“Fluttershy’s helping teach me to read. In return, I’m gonna help her fly!” Rainbow Dash proudly proclaimed.

“Oh really?” Gust shared a glance with the deep sunny mare who walked on the other side of the two fillies.

“That sounds like a fair trade.” The deep yellow mare commented softly. “Anything else?”


Scarlet Sunset smiled lightly, she knew her daughter well enough to know where this response was going. “I talked with Gust.”

The more charismatic weathermare took over, “and I think it’s a great idea. So my little girl is now invited to visit her new friend’s house this weekend.”

“Wait really?” A rainbow mane flicked from side to side as her gaze shot from parent to parent.

“Yay!” Fluttershy quietly exclaimed.

“Really really,” Scarlet Sunset softly replied with a smile. “I’ll even pick you up and drop you home if you like.”

The young speedster glanced up at her mother who nodded. “Sure-” A grey-blue wing lightly prodded the excited filly. “I mean, yes. Thank you.” She glanced back at her mom who nodded in confirmation.

“Then I’ll see you Saturday, bright and early.” Scarlet Sunset summarised.

“I’ll come to, mom. I want to see Dash’s house too,” Fluttershy piped up.

“Heh, I bet it’s not as cool as yours.” Rainbow muttered. 

“What was that?” Gust asked cooly.

“Nothing mom!”

“I thought I heard you say something about how cool her home is. You haven’t even been there yet.”

“Fluttershy told me how cool it is,” Dash stated defensively.

A smile crept across the weathered mare’s muzzle. “Then you have a lot to look forward to.”

“It’s uh, been nice talking, but this is where we really must part ways. My husband is expecting us both home soon.” Scarlet Sunset spoke up, her eyes upon the sky beyond.

“This is going to be super cool!” The bold pegasus called out as she gave her best friend a parting hug.

Fluttershy briefly returned it then accepted a boost onto her mother’s back. The dark yellow pegasus took off into the afternoon skies with several good flaps and away the duo flew.

“Looks like your dad was right Dash... You have found a good friend.” Gust smiled.

“Yea, Fluttershy’s cool.” The youngster eagerly agreed.

“Want a ride the rest of the way home?” Offered Gust.

“Sure!” Dash leapt into her mother’s forelegs and with the beat of two mighty wings, the pair were off.

As the grey-blue weather pony soared through the skies, Gust held her daughter loosely under her tummy. This gave the eager youngster just enough room to use her wings. Dash took the opportunity with gusto, little blue wings buzzed as she pretended to fly. With the wind in her face and the secure hold of her mother to keep her safe, Dash closed her eyes and enjoyed the ride for several long moments.

“One day, I’m gonna fly like you and Soarin!”

The weathermare laughed, “my girl, one day you will fly even faster than I. In fact, I'm sure you could become the fastest pegasus alive.”

A vibrant smile erupted across the young filly’s muzzle like a sonic rainboom. “Yea!”

Author's Note:

Reposted Dec 30th, 2019.

I think this makes a good last post for the year. Most of this chapter was either a major re-write or completely new. Again, this is moving at a pace far faster than the original.

Despite this, I still think (hope?) it has that feeling that many cute Flutterdash fics had when the show was back in its classic days of around season 2.