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I Am a Pet Changeling - Queen Sanguine Dreams

A simple Tunneler drone is catapulted from Equestria during the infamous Wedding onto earth. Confused, injured and alone, the drone must figure out how to survive with the whole world watching. (Changeling on Earth, Xcom, Men in Black and SG:1 Xover)

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Madam President - Short Chapter

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500
White House Oval Office
Tuesday, 12:57 AM

Agent Kay stood in the hallway, peeking into the Oval Office with a folder in hand, dressed in his typical attire: Black suit, white shirt, black tie, black shoes, white socks and sunglasses. The fact that it was past noon and that he was indoors didn't bother Kay or anyone that knew him, it was just the uniform.

"You can come inside, Kay. I was just about to have lunch and It's the perfect time for a chat." The president called from within the room, sitting at her desk with a box of local Chinese takeout that had gone somewhat cold from its security inspection. She was busy flipping through pages of a different briefing that Kay could already identify as classified from the large red stamp across the front of the folder.

"Yes, Madam President." Kay replied dutifully, stepping inside and closing the door carefully behind him. Looking towards the President he noted the look of annoyance as she held the classified documents in one hand, her elbow rested on the desk.

"Have you seen these yet?" she huffed, dropping the folder unceremoniously on the desk before opening her takeout. "Seven separate reports, all unverified of course, of additional landings and 'Strange happenings' across the United States. Three previous reports all turned out to be hoaxes from people wanting attention and now we're getting reports that there's sightings in other countries as well!"

Kay winced as the President lanced a piece of teriyaki chicken a bit too viciously, her fork biting into the Styrofoam packaging. "I have another report for you, Madam President." He said carefully, extending the classified papers towards her and receiving a hopeful look in return.

"More news from our 'guest' at Cheyenne mountain? How is she doing?" She asked with a smirk, opening the file and once again forgetting her meal. Flipping through the pages, her face lit up with excitement before quickly tempering itself in worry. "There's two of them now?" She asked, before scanning more papers and quickly adding, "And Blue Sun is laying eggs?"

"The report is a bit outdated from what I'm told," Kay explained, "The eggs have already hatched and the heat from the event forced an evacuation of the base's personnel."

"Is everything under control?" She asked, skimming through some of the later pages. "None of the aliens were harmed, correct?"

"As far as we know, none of them have been injured." Kay continued, "One of the queens, 'Queen Catalyst', pointed out that the white drone in that photograph was apparently defective and a threat to their species. Not long after an argument between the queens, Catalyst went back into the facility with Blue Sun following after. We still haven't received word on how they're doing, but the commander of the base has forces on standby in case the situation gets out of hand."

The president's response was firm. "Do not kill the aliens. Not a single one. The political fallout alone would be catastrophic, let alone the impact that it would have if we encounter any more of their kind."

"The commander, Colonel Bunker, already took that into consideration, Madam President. She's issued the base rifles equipped with rubber bullets and shotguns with beanbags. We're uncertain if they'll have any effect against their carapace, but its better than bullets." Kay provided, the President nodding with grim approval.

"What about all of these drones in the photo here?" The president asked, pointing to the groups of caretakers, warriors, tunnelers and infiltrators. "If the queens are busy inside of the base, what are they doing?"

"So far, the groups all seem to have organised by themselves and begun assisting the soldiers stationed there." Kay explained, pointing to a set of notation added hastily in the back of the folder. "The caretakers, as our volunteers describe them from being within earshot of Queen Blue Sun when she was giving orders, are the thin drones with a slim shell. They've been working with the tunnelers, seen with bulkier legs over here, to create triage centers for those afflicted with heat injuries and dehydration, as well as those in shock." He then pointed to a very alien looking structure. "That building, made out of the same material as the Queen's when her hive was being secured within the base, was constructed in less than two minutes by the Tunnelers."

The structure itself was three stories in height, several holes going through the structure and allowing the photographer to view sections that were open to the air from one side to the other. The photographs progressed to the interior where circular pillars rose up to the ceiling in an odd pattern. A notation from a scientist named Doctor Shen expressed interest with the building techniques presented, as each floor of the structure was independently supported by its own pillar apparently within the main support column in the center.

"The Doctor was pretty thorough with these notes," The president observed, tugging on a clipped together segment of paperwork a half inch thick.

"Doctor Shen told me he was going to provide a separate report to whichever departments that would be interested in their structural design." Kay replied.

Inside of the structure there were makeshift beds that housed human and changeling medical personnel, along with wounded. Some were depicted with severe burns from the temperature inside of the base. "They didn't make it out in time?" The president noted.

"They were in deeper sections of the facility when the alarm sounded." Kay explained.

The main attraction that caught the photographer's attention was a pool of blueish-purple goop in the center of the structure, with changeling caretakers moving so quickly as to create a blur in the picture. Additional photos depicted human medical staff arguing with the caretakers, presumably over applying whatever this goop was onto the wounded. Eventually, the photos showed larger changelings entering the structure.

"Those would be the Warriors, I'm told." Kay provided when asked. They were nearly twice the size of the caretakers and tunnelers, approximately five and a half feet tall and armored even more than their counterparts. A slightly larger one in purple armoring stood at the front of the group in this photo, clearly agitated. "When the staff started arguing with the caretakers, the warriors went into the building and had them removed. They allowed the photographer to stay since they weren't getting in the way."

The president raised an eyebrow, looking up from the photographs. "This is a pretty in-depth report for being out of date, Kay."

Kay nodded his head. "The situation is developing as we speak of course, and no one has been injured by either side so far. We're still uncertain about the fate of the Queens or the personnel inside of the alien structure and Colonel Bunker is on stand-by, waiting to see how everything plays out instead of giving a knee-jerk reaction."

"What about the fourth group, the infiltrators?" The president asked.

"So far, they seem to have occupied themselves with studying the soldiers on the base. Some have attempted shape shifting into human form, though it hasn't succeeded. They keep falling over onto their backside when they try to stand up and they can't seem to get our proportions correct. Others are flying around the camp that's set up like a scouting force, and others are collecting debris and other material that is laying around the base and placing it in a pile next to the large structure. Everything from rocks and grass to loose equipment, boxes and food. They're behaving like scavengers mostly, though since we haven't observed changeling actually eating anything, we're not sure what they're doing. They don't like confrontation, and simply telling them to 'shoo' is enough to keep them from more important areas." Kay explained.

"Keep me updated as best you can, Kay. We might have to move up the meeting with the United Nations if this gets too out of hand." The president ordered, finally taking notice of her takeout box. "Could you get me another one of these? I'll pay you for gas out of pocket and you can get a coffee or something."

"Yes, Madam President." Kay nodded, making his way towards the door to the Oval Office.

"Agent Kay?" The president called. "Tone it down a notch, you're way too uptight around me lately!' She finished with a smirk as Kay turned around.

"Whatever you say, Amelia." Kay smiled in return, closing the door behind him.

Author's Note:

A quick chapter in case anyone was worried that the higher-ups are out of the loop!

Madam President! (Not Clinton or Trump or anyone else from the recent election, as this isn't -our- earth.)

(Good golly do I -not- want politics from the real world to dampen this story.)

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