• Published 6th Oct 2016
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I Am a Pet Changeling - Queen Sanguine Dreams

A simple Tunneler drone is catapulted from Equestria during the infamous Wedding onto earth. Confused, injured and alone, the drone must figure out how to survive with the whole world watching. (Changeling on Earth, Xcom, Men in Black and SG:1 Xover)

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Changeling Remodeling, Part Two

"Alright, once more for the camera, please." The cameraman asked, "This time, without scorching the camera."

The humans had taken more than a dozen safety precautions after my last interaction with Colonel Bunker; Fireproof suits, closed blast doors, observation rooms with cameras and several air conditioners all hooked up within it. I had no real clue as to how the air conditioners worked, but it was simply explained as 'Hot air go out, cool air go in'. I felt that wasn't the full story on the contraption, but I was learning a lot about the humans and their technology. The past several days had been very educational; the humans asking me to take a break so that they might be able to reinforce the area that would be my hive with new blast doors, heat resistant paint and several other 'nick knacks' as they called it.

"You're sure it won't melt?" I asked the room's camera as it zoomed in on me. "The last one didn't even survive the vibrations from tunneling."

The cameraman's voice of filtered static came back to me over the intercom, a slight echo throughout the chamber. "We've triple checked it this time, Queen Blue Sun. We're sure it can take a beating."

I rolled my head a bit and sighed. "If you say so..."

The area that I had hammered into before barely a week ago was beneath my hooves; scattered dust and chips of granite shifting away from me as I walked around the perimeter of the modest hole in the flooring. I had come here once or twice in order to get back to creating my hive, the natural drive to lay eggs beginning to break its way into my thoughts on a more regular basis as I held off at the request of the humans. The task of resisting my urges was made easier by the company of Soft, Rough and Timid, further added onto by Stern joining us as well on the insistence of Agent K; something about 'protecting assets'. Colonel Bunker was more than polite to me when we encountered another in the hallways of Cheyenne Mountain, though I suspect that they didn't fully trust me.

"Whenever you're ready." The cameraman called on the intercom, patiently waiting.

I shifted the loose rock beneath my hooves, creating a pillar after a few moments. "Alright, Camera, here we go."

I allowed my magic to flow freely, blanketing all of the debris around me in a teal-blue fire. Some of the equipment that the humans had installed flared to life, warning tones of orange and yellow spinning around in alarm as the room began to heat up. I could feel nothing, of course, as this had always been something entirely natural for me to do. Using my magic on Earth, however, proved to be problematic. White robed humans known as 'Researchers' had asked me politely to perform several mundane tasks with my magic as a sort of test, both to calibrate their own devices and to provide information for the curious royals that they worked for.

Any attempt at interacting with objects on Earth directly, such as telekinesis, ended up with said object bursting into flame and becoming ash. They warned against me using any magic in public for when I would be requested to meet with the 'United Nations' in a few months, and for talk shows that Timid had arranged, the whole operation being pre-approved based on my own willingness to go ahead with the idea. Agent K was very upset with the decision as they couldn't ensure my safety as easily as they could in Cheyenne Mountain, but with my body being armored the way it was as a Proto-Queen, I wasn't very concerned.

The ground around me finally feeling 'just right', I willed all of it to collect on the pillar that I had arranged beforehand. Using my hooves to shape the stone, slime began to ooze from the holes in my hooves, holding the material in place and hardening as it came into contact with my magic at the right place. The human engineer known as 'Shen' had expressly forbade me from knocking out holes in the ceiling of this domed room unless I built a structural pillar first. With this Dirsime pillar that I was now building, it would be more than sturdy enough to hold the roof for what I was planning. I would have to wait for at least a few weeks as the engineers under Chief Shen examined the material I was creating, but it would be worth it in the end. The humans would better trust me, and I would be able to have a secure location for my hive.

The granite dust beneath me was beginning to clear out as the pillar reached a comfortable half-way point to the ceiling, meaning that I would have to begin tunneling again.

"Cameraman, are you ready for tunneling?" I called, my magic holding everything in place as I paused and looked towards the observation room at the far end of the chamber.

There was a lengthy pause as I heard clacking, distant talking and unintelligible chatter filtered through the intercom from their end. I assumed they were 'clearing it with the higher ups' as they usually did, so I went to work in smoothing out the small crater that I had already created. The edges were covered in Dirsime, the granite causing it to become a dark purplish blue instead of the lighter coloration I was accustomed to. Rough described the feeling of Dirsime to be a sandy slime that was somehow sticky despite feeling so smooth to their fingers. None of the humans had tested its durability yet, as the small samples I was allowed to make were able to fit in their palms. With this pillar however, they would be able to conduct more studies and eventually 'give the go ahead' for my hive to continue.

In the mean time however, the itch to lay eggs was becoming very concerning to me. My chest had begun to have pains again, much like the last time before I had cocooned myself and become a Proto-Queen. Looking back to the observation room with an impatient glare, I assumed that the humans had become caught up in an argument again and had muted their microphone so that I wouldn't hear. Jack O'Neill had become a passive hindrance to me; their own paranoia about aliens in general causing them to antagonize me in an almost petty way. I had attempted to befriend Jack O'Neill, but they distrusted me on a principle I wasn't able to discover. Jack's team was more welcoming, though one with a golden emblem on their forehead kept a chilly distance between us. The other two seemed to be 'Researchers', and more than once attempted to explain how human culture works in hopes that I would share with them how Changeling culture behaved. More than one occasion was interrupted by the arrival of Jack or the immediate need for them to all disappear in to a deeper part of the facility on 'assignment' on a moment's notice, however.

"We are finally ready, Queen Blue Sun. Tunnel when ready!" I heard Colonel Bunker announce through the intercom.

"Finally!" I cheered, charging my hoof and slamming it into the ground around the edge of the hole. I was going to cut and smash my way in a circle around the crater I had formed already as my own magics worked the debris that would come from tunneling into a Dirsime coating around the base of the pillar and eventually outwards along the edge of the hole. Once I had broken through the initial top layer of the chambers I occupied, the rest of the tunneling had become much easier. The useful thing about Dirsime is that it doesn't require a very high concentration to apply correctly. The magic that I was accustomed to simply arranged the material in a sort of webbing that reinforced everything according to the points of weakness I had already identified, causing ropes and lines of it to stretch and mold itself perfectly to assist with the overall structure.

It took around another hour of continuous hammering, carving and magical exertion, but I eventually tired and became weakened from the lack of magic needed to continue. My horn snuffed itself out when I stopped, and my hearing slowly returned to the sounds of alarm klaxons and sirens. Looking around, it appears as though I had destroyed the lighting again.

"Queen Blue Sun!" A very upset Colonel Bunker yelled, "Queen!"

"I am here!" I called back, climbing out of the hole with a bit of assistance from my wings. "Did I break something again?" I asked.

"This is Doctor Shen, Chief Engineer." I heard Shen announce themselves over the intercom, "I need to have an urgent word with you, if you have the time."

"Right after I visit my friends, Doctor Shen." I answered, shakily making my way towards the blast door at the far end of the chambers near the observation room. I craned my head towards the viewport and offered a weak smile. "It's hard work excavating, you know."

I of course couldn't see their reaction to my comment, as the observation room's window had become a black scorch march along with the rest of the interior of the room on account of my magic. I noticed that the camera was looking fairly pathetic as bits of the lens globbed down onto the granite flooring from having melted yet again. "Would you mind opening the door?" I asked.

"As soon as the room reaches a temperature we're certain that can sustain life, Queen Blue Sun." Shen quipped, "I am actually glad that you need a break; at this rate, the room would've begun melting along with the cameras..."

I took a deep breath and sighed again, pressing my face against the glass of the observation room. "It feels cold to me, Shen."

"What few surviving instruments we have in the room indicate that it has reached a temperature upwards of three-hundred degrees." Shen replied with a bit of amusement, "Certainly no human could survive that for long, so we must wait for a moment as the ventilation system attempts to calm down from the anxiety attack that you've given it."

"Are my friends nearby, at least?" I asked again, giving the glass an experimental lick. I didn't have many 'taste buds', as the humans discovered, but the char was kind of nice regardless of my tastes. "It's very boring in this chamber."

"Eh... of course. We'll have them here as soon as possible, Queen Blue Sun." Shen replied with a bit of amusement, caught off guard by my licking of the window.

I moved away from the window to sit down next to the hole that I had carved. Apparently during my tunneling, the Dirsime had decided that a pillar wasn't needed afterall. It had become something of a basin with a thin layer of the material at the bottom, the edges of the hole becoming ridged and very sturdy. The hole itself was nearly as deep as I was tall currently, and something about it just felt... right.

With that idea in mind, my chest decided that it wanted to crack with pain again. With a yelp from the unexpected event, I tilted forward and slid my way down the edges of the crater and into the bottom of the thing, my mane following me like a blanket as I came to a stop. I held two hooves to my chest, my wings buzzing in irritation a bit from the pain.

"Oh, why does this have to happen now!?" I asked rhetorically, curling into a ball. "Of all the times, It has to be when I'm starved of emotion!"

The suddenness of this had caught me off guard. I was expecting at least a few more weeks as a Proto-Queen at this rate, but apparently tunneling and securing this pit of Dirsime had been the event that triggered my next cocooning phase.

Then I felt something in my midsection and lower regions shift.

I looked with with wide eyes and an open mouth as I rolled onto my back, my hindlegs coming apart on their own.

"Are you serious!?" I exclaimed, my body shifting again with a gurgling noise. I watched with a mixture of fascination and horror as my carapace warped and moved along with the odd sensations coming from my body; what felt like four distinct objects coming into alignment.

"Queen Blue Sun, where are you?" I heard Timid ask over the intercom.

"I think I'm laying eggs!" I yelled back, my voice shrill from another sudden shift and a pain in my chest.

"Wait, you're what!?" I heard Soft yell, their loud voice overloading the speakers.

I felt a pressure at my lower end and witnessed my legs parting a ways outward, what was most definitely an egg making its way out of me.

"This is so weird! Why does this feel so weird!?" I yelled more in panic than in any pain. It didn't actually hurt, but just the immense suddenness, the overwhelming feeling of strangeness and the pain in my chest, combined with the knowledge that the chamber wouldn't be able to be opened for a few more hours at least all combined into a general anxiety and panic.

"Are you okay?" I heard Rough ask. "We're here for you, Blue!"

The first egg forced its way free of me, a very uncomfortable sound accompanying its exit from my body as it slid onto the Dirsime flooring. "I have no idea what 'okay' is anymore!" I yelled, another egg shifting into position. I used my forehooves to push myself away from the last egg, not wanting to be buried in my own drones. I had noticed that my midsection was far less... bulky than it was before. Was that the reasoning for my large figure?

In an almost perfect repeat of the process, accompanied with panicked yelping and immense confusion, the other three eggs were eventually laid in a neat pile next to me. Breathing heavily and laying on my side in the pit, I could feel a bit of slime from my insides pooling beneath me. With weary effort, I pulled my head up enough to see that my hooves had also joined in the creation of slime.

"Oh, you're kidding me!" I complained, the mannerisms of the humans I had come to know better over the past week having already made their way into my vocabulary. "I wasn't even a Proto-Queen for a full week!" I complained.

"Wait, what!?" Colonel Bunker asked with alarm over the intercom, "A Proto-Queen!?"

"We'll explain later!" I heard Timid retort. "Blue, what's going on?"

"I'm cocooning again!" I yelled, pushing myself up and away from the slimy resin that was beginning to cover my body. "I don't know how long this one is going to take, but I don't recommend coming into the room while its happening!" I shouted in order for the intercom to hear me. "The last time I rambled for a minute, but as a Queen I have no idea what will go on when I become soup again!"

The slime was beginning to interact with the bits of magic that I had left, creating the walls of the cocoon around my legs. I took one last look at my body and noticed that my midsection had thinned considerably, nearly like Queen Chrysalis' own lithe figure.

"Hey, maybe you'll look even prettier as a full grown queen!" I heard Soft hopefully voice.

I took a deep breath as the cocoon raised over my head, sealing me away in a protective shell from the rest of the world. Letting out my breath, I noticed that this cocoon was much sturdier, with no way to see out. There was no transparency, no gaps... only hard shell. Tapping on the side of it I noticed that it was becoming harder still, Dirsime coating the outside as my magic continued its work. The blue-teal glow of my magic illuminated the interior of my cocoon. From my nethers, I noticed a differently colored slime beginning to fill the inside of the cocoon. It was a blueish purple in color this time that glowed softly.

"Well," I said to myself, my voice coming back to me very quickly from the enclosed space. "I guess it's time to be a queen after all..."

The glowing fluid eventually flowed over my chest, up my neck, to my mouth and above my head as well, eventually leaving me in a glowing pod of ooze to float. My eyes were already open like last time, and I took a deep breath once more. As before, I could still breathe.

"Does this mean I dissolve again?" I asked myself, tapping my forehooves together at regular intervals.

It took only minutes before the tap tap tapping of my hooves became a crunch, once of them snapping off and floating around in the blue-purple soup that I was suspended in.

"Yep. It's one of those days." I again said to myself, a bit of Jack's personality having 'rubbed off on me' from my interactions with them.

Author's Note:

Things might be a little sped up in this chapter, but after nearly a week long break from writing I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. Most everything I had planned to happen with Queen Blue as a Proto-Queen had already happened, and with the beginnings of the hive already laid out, there could only be empty chapters that would've been more easily explained as narrated memories than full fledged chapters. So, rather than keep a bunch of fluff pages around for that, I decided to go with this instead.

If you're wondering, I'm using the break between chapters as a de-facto "Blue hung out with humans during this time and did some background character development."

If you'd want me to have slice of life chapters with that kind of thing in the future, let me know in the comments so I can plan around having a few of them in the future. For now, however, I'm mostly happy with how this chapter turned out after the lack of food that I've had the past week causing my brain to not work correctly and perform the job of writing. I'll get back in the groove of things again, don't worry.

Thank you all for reading, and for your patience!

*****Unrelated directly to story; Personal Drama ******

Also, if anyone lives in Arizona and would like a platonic cuddle buddy, let me know. I am very lonely and starved of affection, which makes focusing on writing that much more difficult.

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