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I Am a Pet Changeling - Queen Sanguine Dreams

A simple Tunneler drone is catapulted from Equestria during the infamous Wedding onto earth. Confused, injured and alone, the drone must figure out how to survive with the whole world watching. (Changeling on Earth, Xcom, Men in Black and SG:1 Xover)

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Project Report: Hive 'Blue Sun'

Date: Redacted
Location: Redacted Redacted
Codename: Lamp Light
Subject: Life-forms designated as Changelings
Project Lead: Dr. Moira Vahlen
Project Assistance: Dr. Raymond Shen, Lieutenant Adrian 'Olive' Shepard, Colonel Terra Bunker.
Civilian Consultants: Richard Redacted, Maria Redacted, Karol Redacted.

Preface: Thanks in large part to the cooperation we have received from Queen Blue Sun, we have completed a series of tests and studies that will greatly improve our understanding of how an ideal hive is operated as well as the role that each classification of drone provides. Each subject will be chosen based off of their uniformity compared to others in their sample size to prevent outlying information that may tamper with the results. References to each type of changeling will be directed to the header photograph at the front of this report.

Each type of changeling is shown in order of appearance from left to right: Tunneler, Warrior, Queen, Caretaker and Infiltrator. This report will present findings a similar order, excepting the Queen for last. Additional data will be acquired and reviewed pending a trial invasion of Queen Blue Sun's hive at a later date. A report and conclusion will follow with recommendations after the encounter.

Changeling architecture and materials will be discussed by Dr. Shen following the assessment of Changeling types.

Height: 1.45 Meters
Weight: 70 Kilograms on average
Gender: 95% Female, 5% Male

Their level of intelligence is highly specialized. A tunneler's ability for communication is clipped, minimalist and rapid. When asked about tasks outside the realm of tunneling, construction or maintenance, a Tunneler is likely to repeat the words used or even the entire phrase in the questioner's voice. When asked to perform a simple task by their Queen, the Tunneler will waste no time until the project is complete. The Tunneler does not rest, it does not sleep, and does not have a stomach for storing nutrients. Any time the Tunneler is not performing a task, it returns to a centralized spire that contains a special chemical that fuels the efforts of the drone. Without this mystery chemical that the changelings themselves identify as 'Love', the Tunneler will slow to a literal crawl before being rendered unconscious. Results continuing past the state of unconsciousness through chemical deprivation were not allowed to continue due to protests from Queen Blue Sun.

Their carapace is uniquely grown, as shown in the photograph. The forehooves are specialized with digging surfaces at the ends of their hooves, making normal movement somewhat difficult and loud. For this reason and for expeditiousness, Tunnelers are repeatedly observed to simply fly to and from their destination, only touching down to the ground when needed. Their chest, shoulders and hooves are plated with a special kind of chitin that prevents scraping from rocks and other debris, as well as protecting from blunt and sharp impacts in those areas. Unarmored areas are more vulnerable to injury, though their viability as a threat is almost nullified by their self preservation instincts when confronted.

Height: 1.85 Meters
Weight: 135 Kilograms
Gender: 80% Male, 20% Female

Focusing heavily on armoring across their entire body and an innate ability for projecting barriers and plasma-based energy fields, this changeling type is not to be underestimated. Warriors are the main drain of a hive's chemical storage, spending much of their energy ensuring nothing enters or leaves the hive and requiring a greater amount of chemical to fuel their bodies. With permission from Queen Blue Sun, multiple conventional weapons calibers were tested against the carapace and chitin of the Warrior sub-type. The changeling volunteer was not permanently injured during testing and is now quickly recovering. The Queen was not happy in the slightest. We have promised to refrain from any further weapons testing.

For the purposes of ensuring the Warrior's injury was not in vain, the report recommends rifles armed in a caliber of 12.7x108mm or higher for most effective use of munitions. Anything below a 12.7x108mm round would be a waste of time and material, as lower calibers are prone to ricochet or framentation and may wound allied soldiers.

When presented with the main barrier to our soldiers success in the field, the form of a literal force barrier projected by a number of Warriors present simultaniously, the weaponry available to us at the time of testing proved insufficient. All standard munitions up to and including the 120mm L/44 SABOT round fired from an M1A2 Abrams Tusk 2 were defeated with zero casualties among the Warriors present.

Reviewing video footage of the tests revealed the cause of this phenomenon. As the Warriors stand together and project individual barriers there is a brief moment when the barrier fails after registering impact, and a single drone moves to the back of the formation to recuperate. Considering the size of the forces reported in China and now western India, this tactic can continue until all Warriors in the formation deplete their chemical storage, or our forces deplete their stores of ammunition.

The Warriors are not purely defensive; they possess an innate ability to hurl what appears to be condensed bolts of plasma from their horn. Warriors have demonstrated a heavy preference for disabling their targets which should provide at least some amount of comfort for the soldiers on the ground. In addition to their penchant for shielding, Warrior drones are likely to attack from above, diving onto encampments or towns in a meteor-like display. The shield the Warriors produce interacts with the air, causing a flaming effect as they descend upon their target with accuracy comparable to a laser-guided missile. The impact is enough to break concrete and leave the warrior unaffected by the descent, ready to engage targets a moment later.

Alternate methods of defeating a Changeling Warrior are being investigated.

Height: 1.45 Meters
Weight: 55 Kilograms
Gender: 80% Female, 20% Male

By far the least threatening type of drone in a changeling hive. Their intelligence is specialized in caring for young changelings identified as 'grubs, mending the injuries of the other drones in the hive and acting as a secondary warning system for any would-be saboteurs deeper in the hive itself. Their demeanor is obsessively helpful, acting as tour guides for those allowed by the queen to be present in a hive as experienced by Lieutenant Shepard.

Caretakers are mainly found next to or in the same chamber as the hive's chemical storage, ensuring all drones that pass through are uninjured and functioning optimally. They remain skittish when in unfamiliar situations and when presented with hostility. Caretaker drones seem especially sensitive to the emotions of those around them, often picking up on mundane things like rainy weather causing poor mood. Upon sensing this, Caretakers immediately acted on cheering up our Civilian consultants while inquiring about their distress.

Caretakers can be identified by their chitin existing only in the neck and chest areas, as well as their non-confrontational nature. When cornered, a Caretaker will resort to self defense by tackling in order to escape. If escape is not viable, the Caretaker will curl into a ball and beg for its life.

I greatly regret that experiment.

They are very likely to surrender when eggs or the hive's chemicals are not present. If eggs are present, they will attempt to disarm and disable anyone behaving aggressively near the eggs and seal them in a sticky resin to the nearest wall. If the hive's chemicals are present, they will fly off at incredible speeds until the Caretaker locates a Warrior drone. As such, it is not recommended to engage a Caretaker. Their main objective is the safety of the hive's eggs and chemicals, not attack.

Height: 1.45 Meters
Weight: 60 Kilograms
Gender: 50% Male, 50% Female

The most intelligent and difficult to study changeling type, next to the Queen herself. Their main purpose in a hive is reconnaissance, impersonation and infiltration as their name suggests. Despite their original appearance and size, they are somehow capable of shape-shifting into any creature within two meters of their size. This ability is not limited to living organisms, as the Infiltrators have demonstrated an ability to mimic everything from ammunition crates to cattle.

There is a limited capability for Infiltrators to mimic the human form, as they find walking upright to be a difficult balancing act. It is unknown as of the time of this report if Infiltrators in the field have discovered a way around this shortcoming.

Despite the assurances given by Queen Blue Sun, the Infiltrators that were interviewed were very suspicious of me, often copying my voice and changing my tone as if to study me. After being able to listen in on Infiltrators unknowingly to them, I was surprised to learn that the drones had been passing along my voice as well as the voices of others in the facility to the other Infiltrators. It is recommended to not base security codes off of voice recognition or finger prints any longer, as Infiltrators will be able to easily bypass those security measures.

In combat the Infiltrator will rely on a quick escape due to their chitin only covering their shoulders. They are built for maneuverability, scouting and quick response. Direct confrontation with an Infiltrator is likely to result with being rendered unconscious through bludgeoning and subsequent swarming by Warriors.

There is currently no sure-fire way to detect a changeling; However, they are unable to easily assume the human form. Do not assume your fellow soldiers are actually an Infiltrator.

The Queen: Blue Sun
Height: 2 Meters
Weight: 100 Kilograms
Gender: Female

The absolute most important part of the changeling hive. The Queen is the absolute ruler of the hive and all drones follow her command with a nearly religious zeal. Thus far, Queens are the only type of Changeling given or allowed to possess a name. The cultural significance of this is yet to be fully understood or documented and will be left for another report.

The Queen is capable of laying eggs insofar as the hive's chemical storage can withstand. Each egg holds fourty changeling grubs within it, and four eggs are laid at a time that are each designated as a section of the hive. A total egg laying takes about four minutes in total to complete and if the chemical storage can withstand the strain, the Queen may produce eggs continually when in the storage room. The Queen is also a surprisingly low drain on the hive's chemical storage when not actively moving.

The intelligence of a Queen is comparable to most humans with the disclaimer that most things need to be repeated or explained several times before a new concept is fully grasped.

The personality of a Queen has a very heavy role on how the hive behaves. The hive of Queen Blue Sun for example is accommodating, pleasant and actively seeking attention or even affection from the staff and military personnel present in the facility. This change in behavior became apparent the moment an agreement was reached between Colonel Bunker and Queen Blue Sun to work together for the betterment of both species and has not changed.

Drones are highly protective of the Queen. Even cowardly drones like Caretakers or Tunnelers will not hesitate to sacrifice themselves for the safety of their queen.

As a pointed note: No changelings were permanently injured in the gathering of information presented in this report.

As a closing statement I must admit the stark lack of concrete information available in this report. I would very much like to acquire an incapacitated changeling that is not currently allied with our own research efforts for experimentation or dissection, should the subject of capture be unrealistic. I am uncertain of a lasting alliance with the hive of Queen Blue Sun, as her terms seem to largely coincide with the amount of 'love' being generated by those she considers friends. If we are unable to provide adequate resources, it is very likely that alternative alliances will be forged behind our backs.

-Dr. Moira Vahlen


Briefing Room
Cheyenne Mountain FOB

"Alright everyone, I'll assume you read the report?" Colonel Bunker announced loudly to the rows of metal folding chairs filled with nervous looking soldiers. "Then you already have an upper hand on the Chinese and people of India. They don't know a damn thing about what you've all just read. You have Doctor Vahlen and Doctor Shen to thank for that."

The shaded tent of a room was silent as the blowing wind would allow, a few soldiers going over the report again and again while trying to keep their stapled papers from flapping out of control.

"We're going to be performing a mock assault on Queen Blue Sun's hive. This is for informational purposes and as such, you will not be issued live rounds. If you've read the report then you'll understand you're more likely to get hurt from a 5.56 than the changelings are," Colonel Bunker continued seriously. "The Queen has set up a demonstration base and confirms we're allowed to test various munitions on it in order to figure out what works, and what's a complete waste of time. I know, first time for everything."

A corporal raised his hand, pointing to the sheet of paper. "This thing says they hit a Warrior in the chest with a twelve-point seven? Isn't that like a fifty caliber round?"

"For that specific test, its closer to the rounds used for anti-vehicle and anti-armor on lighter transports. So yes, It's similar to a fifty caliber, Corporal." Bunker confirmed.

"Jesus..." The soldier whispered, rubbing his nose and sniffing loudly, re-reading the paper in earnest.

"What happened to the bug, Colonel?" A Private First Class inquired. "I mean, if we're allowed to know."

"The bullet cracked his chitin and he was sent to their Caretakers. Come to think of it, he should be fine by now. Doctor Vahlen is still putting together a whole bunch of reports, her next one happens to focus on what she calls their 'chemical' pool, and what the changelings call their 'Love Storage.'"

A few soldiers snickered at that revelation, a few asking for clarification that their ears were working and they heard correctly.

"It sounds crazy, I'm well aware." Bunker smirked, "The fact remains that the Changelings are alien, and what we know for a fact is very limited. If it's actually condensed love or a cocaine cocktail shouldn't matter much to us. What the people fighting abroad need to know is what works, and what doesn't work. That's where all of you are going to come in today, and for the coming months as our scientists cook up new ways to fight the bad changelings."

"Colonel, just how do we tell who the bad changelings are again?" A different Corporal inquired, testing partially to see how much he could push the briefing into dragging on to avoid getting trampled by alien bugs later in the night.

"That's easy, Corporal. They're who we say they are." Bunker replied jokingly. "In all seriousness, it seems like the forces overseas are lead by a single queen. It's a safe bet that if you're not stateside, they're probably the bad changelings."

"You were going to go over the operation, Colonel?" A Staff Sergeant spoke up, wanting to get on with the beating to be back in time for a smoke and a hot meal, and to crawl into his bunk for when Physical Training came around in the morning. This caused a few groans from those in his squad, and he reveled in it.

"That's right." Bunker affirmed, "We're using the test hive as the site for this operation, and most of Queen Blue Sun's hive is going to be present. We're sending in an attack force that would conventionally be able to secure the structures and hold the area for logistics to catch up and set up house. From this report, I doubt the operation will go that far, but as Vahlen would say, 'Information requires experimentation'."

Colonel Bunker took a moment to down some dirty bean water before continuing.

"You along with Bravo, Charlie and Delta squad will be with a recon company and arrive in Humvee's. You're to approach the hive from these angles," Colonel Bunker demonstrated the avenues of approach with a laser pointer on the map behind her that was hanging by pens used as paper clips, "You're going to effect entry into the spires and clear them. Once that is done, you will locate the queen and return her to the Humvee's for extraction."

A Private then spoke up, "How much of that do you expect us to actually accomplish, Colonel?"

The other soldiers in the room stare straight ahead, filled with the knowledge that the Private had just asked the wrong question at the right time.

"I expect you do to as much as you're able to, Private, and again, and again, and again for the next month until we can develop a tactic or some form of equipment that makes all of your lives easier." Colonel Bunker succinctly replied. "Now get moving, the Hummers are coughing fuel waiting on you."


"Can you believe they put Go-Pros on our helmets for this?" Muldaney chuckled, adjusting the small camera that fit in place of his night vision mount on the front of his headgear. "We're a grade-A science project, aren't we?"

It was now half an hour after the briefing. Lieutenant 'Olive' was leading the group effort to assault Blue's hive for this encounter and was none too fond of the idea. "Just be sure to keep that thing from getting smashed. It'll probably come out of your pay if it does."

"You know that's illegal, right? They can't just dock pay from us." Muldaney countered.

"You've never had an Article-15, Muldaney?" Olive verbally parried. "I'm sure they can file it under 'misuse of vital mission equipment.'"

"Ah crap, you're right," Muldaney grumbled, finally fixing his Go-Pro properly to his helmet. The driver of the Humvee rolled to a stop, the squeaking of the vehicles brakes and slow grinding of gravel accenting their halt.

"Alright everyone, last stop to bug town." Olive called out to the other noisy transport vehicles. "Get your gear ready and gather around for the go-ahead."

For the next ten minutes the soldiers milled around, secured the perimeter and placed bets on who would get glued to a wall first by the Changelings, or who would accidentally make a Caretaker cry from being too aggressive. They then shared a laugh about the idea of a fearsome alien crying when cornered, instead of lashing out and doing something Xenomorph-like. A few then pointed out that they'd rather be fighting Changelings than Xenomorphs any day and were promptly called a pusillanimous.

A scratchy tone and a voice was soon broadcast over the radio. "Alright soldiers, it's go time. Get it done." The voice of Colonel Bunker signaled, and the soldiers brought themselves to task and moved on the hive.


"Stay off that wall, Archer!" Olive whisper shouted to a nearby PFC.

Alpha squad, which Olive was directly leading, was now sneaking around the outskirts of the demonstration hive. The compound had a circular wall of dursine all around it that stuck to their uniforms if they happened to bump into it. Most of the squad had remained as silent as possible during their night time approach to the hive, as they didn't know how well the changelings could actually hear. It wasn't covered in the report, and Vahlen probably forgot around the same time weapons started to get tested.

So far no squads had reported contact of any sort which set Olive's neck hairs on end. The reports in India and China said that changelings would form a huge shield wall and overwhelm whoever they were facing, but they hadn't seen a single drone since the operation started.

"Hey," Muldaney whispered, "is it too much to ask that the drones all fell asleep?"

"Keep quiet, eyes open." Olive reminded his squad mate, waiting for the next signal to proceed into the Hive's courtyard.

Moments later, two blips from the radio came over and the next phase was cleared. Soldiers quietly stormed the center of the open air hive and secured the perimeter, still without a single drone to be seen. Heads searched for anything out of the ordinary repeatedly, remembering to look up as changelings could fly. Nothing moved and the only sounds made were of the breathing from soldiers as their gear weighed them down and their boots sucked to the sticky dursine floor.

"This is giving me the creeps. Where the hell are they?" PFC Archer whispered. "They knew we were coming right? I mean, as part of the test?"

"Contact! North side, five bugs, bearing two-seventy!" A voice shouted over the radio, most marines pivoting in the bearing given by the radio report. A few rubber rifle rounds went off, accompanied by panicked shouts, and everything went deadly silent once more.

Most soldiers were now breathing faster, adrenaline pumping through their veins as they scanned the pillars around them for anything that moved.

"Oh come on, that's a bunch of horse shi-!"

"Contact! West side, thr-- Aaaa!" Another voice shouted before being cut off. More rifle shots and silence dominated once more.

"I thought these things were supposed to attack in a swarm!?" PFC Archer panicked, backing into Lieutenant Olive.

"We just had to mention Xenomorphs, didn't we?" Muldaney added in agreement.

"Keep it cool. It's only a test encounter." Olive reminded them, "Nobody is going to get hurt in this, so keep calm."

"That doesn't make it not freaky as hell, Lieutenant!" Archer countered, his rifle leveled at the nearest spire.

All of Alpha squad remained untouched for the tense five minutes they spent watching each others backs, glancing around every corner expecting a changeling to leap out at them, and sweating from the unexpected and the truly alien landscape they found themselves in.

"All squads, check in." Olive voiced over the radio. Three blips came back.

"Bravo here, Lieutenant. All accounted for."

"Charlie here, Lieutenant. All accounted for."

"Delta here, Lieutenant. All accounted for."

"Wait, that can't be right." Muldaney pointed out, "We heard some of them get grabbed, didn't we?"

"Confirm zero casualties?" Olive transmitted, one hand on the grip of his rifle, the other holding the radio close to his ear.

"All is good with Bravo, Lieutenant. A bit jittery is all. These bugs give me the creeps."

"You said it Bravo, Charlie here and accounted for. Private may have put a few rubber rounds into a rabbit for all we know."

"Delta is sitting pretty, Lieutenant. Waiting orders."

"Oh hell..." Olive muttered. "Squads, regroup at the center of the square, over." The Lieutenant then received three confirmation blips that the order had been heard.

"Alright," Lieutenant Olive spoke suddenly, "If I remember right, their Infiltrators have the ability to mimic our people's voices. No way in hell am I taking that chance, so we're going to set up a line and wait for our squads to show. If they don't, we know the changelings have em, if they do, everything is fine."

"God, I really wish we were fighting Xenomorphs. At least they couldn't copy voices and shape shift!" Archer whispered loudly, aiming his rifle towards the center of the compound. The soldiers remained still and silent as the cold night blew past them. Gentle winds making the squad feel more uneasy as nature inadvertently tried to calm them, only making them more nervous that the wind might not be so benign, that it might be the wings of a changeling zipping past them while they were oblivious.

"Where's a flamethrower when you need one, huh?" Muldaney whispered, biting his lip to keep himself from blurting out more nonsense for the cameras to record and his later embarrassment about it.

"Flame won't work. They walked through melting concrete like it was nothin', remember?" Archer pointed out.

"Then what the hell does work, a cold shower?" Muldaney hissed back. "Keep quiet, they might know we're here."

The group went back to silently observing with rifles drawn and readied. They knew that it was all for a test run deep down, but that primal part of them made it seem all to real, especially with all the horror sci-fi movies they had watched growing up now seeming to come to life before their eyes.

Several minutes spent scanning the cold floor and compound passed with no additional radio chatter or other squads showing up. Presumably, they had either been taken or assumed the other squads were changelings with a radio and a stolen voice.

"Alright..." Olive breathed in a controlled manner, "We've got to get the queen."


After spending a fair amount of time navigating the moonlit darkness with rampant paranoia, Alpha squad managed to find a pathway that lead into a nearby spire. To their surprise, this spire lead both upwards and into the earth as far as they could see. Shining a light down with a mounted flashlight on their rifles, they noted that the tunnel reached a solid five meters down before turning off into another corridor.

"Anyone bring a rope?" Muldaney asked sarcastically. "I thought these changelings built vertically?"

"Ground must've been bad at their other hive. This one is closer to the mountain so it must go through rock." Olive reasoned, pulling off his backpack and searching through it.

"You're kidding, you actually brought rope with you?" Archer asked. "Do you go mountain climbing often, Lieutenant?"

"Of course, Private. I have to hoist your sorry self up to heaven somehow, don't I? Why not help you descend into hell instead?" Olive quipped with a devilish smirk, uncoiling the rope and placing it into an anchor to be held by the dursine flooring.

"Very funny." Archer mumbled, pointing his rifle towards the doorway entrance. Other members of Alpha squad were waiting outside, but the Private wasn't too certain they would last any longer than he would and he prized what few rhetorical seconds he had left in this 'test' that felt like the real thing.

"Come on, Lieutenant. Where are you? We were supposed to meet up, weren't we?"

"We'd get lost without you, Lieutenant."

"Come back to us, show us where to go, Lieutenant."

The three soldiers shuddered at the voices coming over the radio. "It's like hearing voices of the dead calling for you, man." Muldaney quietly stated. "That kinda crap is what gets in your head. The screaming, the mimicry, the freakin' ghost voices!"

Giving a few tugs on the rope, Olive was satisfied. "Alright, that should be good enough. I'll go down first, you all follow me with the rest of Alpha, got it?"

"You're going down first, Lieutenant?" Archer asked with surprise. "Didn't think you'd be the type for that kinda thing."

"He hosed down a queen with a fire extinguisher, private. He can take a rope down the rabbit hole." Muldaney smirked.


The rest of the squad had managed to travel one by one down the vertical tunnel until they secured the next room. It was very poorly lit with only sparse orbs embedded in the wall emitting a soft blue glow. The ceiling was cramped and low for most of the taller soldiers, and they were forced to inch along the ground at a crouch, their knees sticking to the floor and making them more annoyed as time went on.

They moved from hallway to hallway, strange doorway to spontaneously closing tunnel entrance until their patience was rewarded with a wide open room. It had significantly improved lighting on account of all the demonstration eggs present. They were made from beanbag material and duct tape, taking a bit of tension out of the situation.

"Lieutenant, look!" A squadmate whispered, pointing with a straightened hand towards a small changeling hiding in the corner of the room. From best guess, it appeared to be a Caretaker drone.

A few soldiers pointed their rifles at the drone, and it immediately flew off faster than they had time to blink in response. The accompanying gust of wind from displaced air shook them a tiny bit as the eggs deformed a bit from being stuck to the floor while moving.

"This mean we win?" Archer asked, turning around to watch the rear of the squad's formation. "I mean, we got to the eggs, mission complete, right?"

"We still have to get the queen, remember?" Olive replied. "Come on, she has to be nearby."

The group moved out of the mock egg-room and traveled onward through more of the hive, very tense from the lack of Warriors that they had seen after remembering that there should be about a hundred of them present in the hive, give or take a few dozen for the real hive back at base. Their worries weren't eased in the slightest when they heard muffled grunts of struggle from around the corner. Readying themselves and stacking up on the entryway, the squad soon entered the room and covered every angle before declaring parts of it clear with their best whispered shouts.

Soldiers had been glued to the wall in Dursine, their rifles dropped to the floor and bent at odd angles. Their mouths and most of their limbs had been coated so entirely in dursine that movement was an immense struggle considering how tough the resin-like material actually was.

"Archer, Muldaney, Get these guys freed from this crap." Olive ordered before directing the rest of the squad to cover the entrances into the room.

One by one, the soldiers were very forcefully pried from their place as heavy wall decorations and they fell to the floor, gasping for breath.

"Hoo, That slime is a real piece of work!" One Corporal quietly announced. "The hell is that stuff made out of, even?"

"Can you stand, Corporal?" Muldaney asked, reaching out with a helping hand to the soldier.

"Nah, I think my leg got messed up when they dragged me here. Can you hold my rifle? I might be able to use it as a crutch or something till we get back to base." The corporal replied, pushing against the wall and grunting as he made progress towards an upright standing position.

"How's the Lieutenant? Where's he at?" A private inquired, also pushing himself up the wall.

"The Lieutenant? He's right here, man." Archer replied, pointing a thumb behind himself towards Olive. "You get hit in the head or somethin'?"

"Nah, man. We just had to be sure which one to pounce first is all." The private replied with a comically evil grin, his face contorting before bursting into a blue-purple flame that revealed himself as an Infiltrator.

Soon after, all of the other 'captured' soldiers followed suit, each bursting into flame along with their rifles, which also happened to be even more infiltrators.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me..." Olive grumbled, setting his rifle on the ground and putting his arms up in surrender.

"Seriously? I thought they couldn't mimic humans?" Muldaney complained.

Soon after the real rifles were confiscated, Queen Blue Sun herself entered the room followed by several Warrior drones and the rest of the squads assigned to the mission. Bravo, Charlie and Delta squad all filed into the area that had seemingly grown in size since the Queen's arrival, and Blue seemed extremely happy.

"Hello Olive!" Blue cheered, bringing him in for a close hug with her right forehoof. "Isn't this fun?"

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>Grubs per egg has changed from 100 down to 40 for balancing purposes.

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