• Published 6th Oct 2016
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I Am a Pet Changeling - Queen Sanguine Dreams

A simple Tunneler drone is catapulted from Equestria during the infamous Wedding onto earth. Confused, injured and alone, the drone must figure out how to survive with the whole world watching. (Changeling on Earth, Xcom, Men in Black and SG:1 Xover)

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It had taken almost an hour for Agent K and their allies to 'wrangle the media' downstairs, setting up folding chairs made from steel in neat rows and allowing the camera 'crews' to 'setup'. There was a podium with a small cylinder on a stand in the center of the room, apparently recovered from a 'first contact readiness van' that was waiting outside. As Agent K described it, they had to be ready for anything, anywhere, so bringing an official looking podium with their van had become standard practice. Agent K disliked the 'Hollywood notion' that 'they'd just assume we'd be so unprofessional as to hold a meeting without some kind of official airs to it'.

A construction 'crew' had come buy to install a very dramatic looking drape that was held in place my small metal things drilled into the ceiling. It was a pleasant shade of muted red with the podium itself bearing the symbol of Earth on it. I hadn't seen a flag with so many stars and stripes, but then again I hadn't seen any flags before. Perhaps they all appeared that way?

"Hey Blue," Rough whispered in a hushed tone, "I think there might be an issue with your disguise."

I looked myself over quickly, trying to find a flaw that I had overlooked during my transformation. Well, aside from the mane. There was no way I was going to be able to get all of that strange flowing-ness correct.

"No, not that kinda wrong. I mean, your name is Queen Blue Sun, right?" Rough asked rhetorically.

I nodded, uncertain as to what they were meaning. Rough then pointed to my flank.

"That sun ain't blue."

I blinked, looking to my own flank like it was a small decaying Gouger. How did I overlook that? That! Of all things!

"What do you suggest I do?" I asked Rough, my head drooping low to become eye level with theirs.

"Make it blue?" The shrugged.

Well, I suppose that made sense. The coloration of my disguise would be off then, however. A blue sun with gold and amethyst decorative armoring and a pink mane? No, that would clash and be unbelievable for a Queen of anypony. The ponies highly prized those with good colors. Granted, I wasn't about to speak to ponies, but I had to make preparations in case the humans valued matching colors as well.

"Do you have a mirror?" I asked Rough. They tapped Timid's shoulder and informed them of my need. Timid reached into a pocket and pulled out a small circular mirror.

"I meant a large mirror." I grumbled, my ears folding down in annoyance. "I have to see my entire body or this isn't going to look right."

At that moment, Agent K parted the drapes to make way for themself. "Queen Blue Sun, are you ready?"

"I need a large mirror, Agent K." I stated seriously, as if lives depended on it. This shook them a bit, but Agent K didn't question for a moment. A quick conversation with their ear and not minutes later a very large standing mirror was presented to me. With a short nod, Agent K went back to their preparations of the meeting.

"Perfect!" I quietly cheered, still in the same room as the murmuring media only a spell's cast away, hidden behind the soft red curtain. I stood sideways towards the mirror, getting a look at my entire body from an angle.

"Mane? No, Pink won't do." I fretted, a teal-blue fire washing over it and turning it into a garish light teal. "Aah!" I blurted, and another fire of my magic washed over turning it into a deep sapphire. "Much better!"

I looked to my flank at the golden sun on it. "No, I'll have to make that blue as well." A puff of fire, and it was a sapphire color throughout. "Hmm... maybe a dash of teal?" I turned the tendrils of fire into the lighter blue that normally accompanied my magic, giving it a two tone motif.

I paused, suddenly very confused. "Wait a minute," I blurted, "What the shell is happening to me? I don't normally know a single thing about color coordination or fashion or... any of this!"

"Blue, are you alright?" Rough worried, coming closer to reach a hand onto my back.

"I... I don't know... but I blame my new form. I'm suddenly aware of a great deal of things I had no clue about before. I'm able to state a human's name, I'm able to speak clearly without the use of my wings for once, and I think that has to do with my new body... I'm able to break through solid stone doors with ease and... I'm less afraid of everything." I looked with anxiety to Rough. "Is this supposed to happen to a Queen?"

"Hey," Soft cooed, scratching behind my disguised ears, "We're here for you, Blue. No matter what."

I looked into Soft's eyes and found the multi-colored flame had grown in size once more in response to my distress. It was comforting to me to see, even though I had no idea what it really meant.

I took a deep breath and sighed. "You're right. Thank you, Soft." I smiled, my disguise making that action pleasant for them instead of worrying.

"Hey, Blue." Timid butted in with a playful nudge, "You might want to change those eyes of yours."

I looked to the mirror again, noting the very pink eyes of Celestia staring back at me. "Oh." I blurted, and my eyes lit on fire for a moment before returning with a sapphire blue coloration. I noticed that my adornments were still golden as well. In another burst of fire I changed them from Gold to more of a silver, matching the white stripe on my mane. For the amethyst gemstone in the center, I changed the look to a sapphire as well to match my new blue sun cutie mark. This would work fairly well!

"Blue, do you think you could make your mane all... fire-y?" Rough asked, scratching their neck. "It looks really cool when you shift certain parts of your disguise, and it would look really neat since you're Queen Blue Sun after all."

"Yeah! It'd be like solar flares!" Timid agreed excitedly.

I looked to the mirror. "Well, it's worth a try I suppose." I didn't really know how I was going to do it, but... I figured I would just have my magic replace my mane, right?

I attempted to do just that, but soon Timid, Rough and Soft were all shouting at me to return it to normal.

"Put it out!"

"Turn it off!"

I returned my mane to its original Celestia-minus-fancy style, with blue coloration and a single white stripe along the middle this time, just for class. "What went wrong?" I asked. "I thought it looked nice."

I looked at them and found they were all sweating, pointing to the roof. It was scorched black, small embers of blue-teal fire eating away at the ceiling tiles where it had made contact. "Oh. I suppose that is a no on the magic mane?"

Agent K returned at that point, pausing in the open portion of the curtains to look at the ceiling. "The hell happened?" They blurted, a confused look on their face at the immolated interior.

"Eh... dress up?" I replied with a bit of embarrassment. Agent K shifted their gaze to me and did a double take.

"Well damn." They acknowledged. "That's a good... eh... change? I mean, It fits your name perfectly so the media won't question it." Agent K then looked to Timid, Rough and Soft. "We do have a problem, however."

"What do you mean?" Timid asked with slight nervousness.

"Those videos you posted to the internet? The Media saved copies of all of them on private servers. Tumblr is all over this story as well, a large number of the crowd outside is from all over the world to see Blue here. Youtube took down all the videos relating to Blue but people just constantly repost videos of it, and we've decided that we'll need a story to explain your change in appearance, Blue." Agent K explained calmly, though their emotions spoke of great anxiety if this were to blow up out of proportion.

This left me confused. I had never been able to tell why something felt the way they did, only that they had felt that way... was this a part of becoming a Queen?

"I might have an idea for that, Agent K." Soft replied, patting me on the back to gain my attention. "Okay, here we go. I've been thinking about this ever since you needed a disguise. When you came to us, you were a drone, right?"

Agent K's intrigue spiked at that, giving me a curious look.

"We made a video of you feeding off of Ricky's love, and Timid posted that. Then the next video was of you in a cocoon, and then emerging from that same cocoon as a Proto-Queen. Everybody on the internet is going to know about you being a bug-alien, not as this Princess Celesti-blue or whatever."

My brow furrowed in interest. "What do you suggest?"

"Tell them that you're a shape-shifter-- but!" Soft held a hand up to interrupt the others, "But! Tell them that this is your... political form. That you have different forms for different purposes. Your 'normal' form would be what they saw on the internet, and that you use it to conserve energy, right?"

"Well, that isn't even a lie..." I answered.

"Exactly, but it'll help your story if there's truth in it. As for your form right now, you have to interact with the other species on your planet and they're... skittish, I guess. They don't trust your species so you evolved to... disguise yourself in order to make friends better."

That was more or less what had probably happened originally, minus the friend making part. "Alright..." I conceded, waiting for more of this idea.

"So, since we're making first contact and everything, how about you explain that you were uncertain about your chances of survival, so that's why you used your energy conserving form?"

"That's.. basically the truth, minus the whole 'I need love to survive' portion. What do I say when they bring that part up? I know it was in the 'videos'." I asked with concern. If the humans didn't like their love being taken, like so many other species, then it would be fairly bad for relations.

"Well, do you even still need love?" Timid asked, "You haven't needed to feed in almost four days now, and you said yourself that something else was keeping you... eh, full."

"Well I can't just admit that I don't know what's happening. I'll appear weak!" I rebutted.

"Just do some lawyer dodging. Explain it away by distracting from the topic or answering it but not really." Rough butted in helpfully. "Here, let's do some practice. Queen Blue Sun," Rough addressed me, holding an imaginary cylinder in their hand, "What do you have to say about your need for love to survive? We've all seen it on Youtube and various other social media, but we'd love to hear your explanation."

"E-eh, um." I stuttered, my ears folding backwards in nervousness.

Rough sighed, dropping their arm. "Come on Blue, it's just pretend for a moment. How can you answer the question without directly answering it, or how do you avoid it?"

"Uh..." I blurted. "W-well... I don't think I need love anymore?" I replied in a rising pitch of uncertainty.

Rough covered their face with their hand. "Agent K, are you still here?"

The Agent came from nearby, having never actually left. "Yes, Ricky. I am here."

"Could you help teach Blue how to artfully dodge questions?" Rough asked.

"Alright. Blue," Agent K abruptly asked, addressing me, "I ask that you request sensitive information about my government."

My lips seemed to suck themselves into my Alicorn mouth. "Hmm?"

I couldn't tell what expression their eyes were making behind sunglasses, but their mood was more than enough. "Ask me something I wouldn't want to answer."

My lips popped after freeing themselves to speak. "Ah... what kind of..." Oh great. I can't even think of something that a human would... Oh, Idea! "Agent K," I asked officially, "Do you sleep naked?"

Agent K then sputtered profusely, completely caught off-guard by my question while Rough and Soft burst into laughter. "W-what!?" Agent K quietly blurted in absolute befuddlement. "What kind of question is that!?"

My mouth was open a bit in fear of having offended Agent K, but they were more embarrassed than anything. "A-ah... an honest one?" I replied meekly.

Agent K simply stared at me with a stony face, though their emotions were a burning fire of embarrassment and shame. "I can neither confirm nor deny allegations that I may or may not sleep in the buff." They stated plainly, without their emotion showing in their face or voice.

Rough covered their face." Oh come on, that's so cliche!"

Agent K was very grumpy. "Oh? It's worked for years!"

A new human pulled the curtains away, looking at Agent K, Timid, Rough and Soft. Somehow their sight completely missed me. "Agent K, the media are getting antsy. How long until Queen Blue Sun is ready?"

Agent K's head swiveled to look at me. "Are you ready, Blue?" They asked, their professionalism returning as their embarrassment waned.

I took a deep breath and ruffled my wings. "Now or never, I suppose."

Author's Note:

Hurray, it's gonna be media time! Will everyone's questions be answered? I dunno! I'll try to answer as many as possible, as well as questions that I think a concerned media would ask an actual alien.

Chapters have been a bit slow going as of late, as I've caught a cold that is making it very difficult to focus on writing. Combine that with the 3 - 4 hours of sleep I get every day and my work schedule... yeah.

Well, I might be able to pump out the media chapter today, but if not, within the next few!

Let me know in the comments what you think of Blue-lestia, or Celesti-Blue as I call her. It sounds vaguely French.

"Oui, I would like some Celesti-blue with my... er... French meal. It is very French, do not question me!"

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