• Published 6th Oct 2016
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I Am a Pet Changeling - Queen Sanguine Dreams

A simple Tunneler drone is catapulted from Equestria during the infamous Wedding onto earth. Confused, injured and alone, the drone must figure out how to survive with the whole world watching. (Changeling on Earth, Xcom, Men in Black and SG:1 Xover)

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When Aliens Meet

Queen Blue Sun was bouncing on her hooves, wings buzzing with anticipation. The ponies would be coming here, to her hive! She didn't know whether she should be frightened or overjoyed. They had love in them and they were going to be staying at the base. If everything went well, then they might offer their love to Queen Catalyst and save her life.

Blue had instructed her drones to be watchful of the six, not wanting any of the ponies to wander around her hive or to have the upper hoof if things became violent. She didn't expect many well wishes coming from the ponies that had been present during the Canterlot Invasion.

"Hey Blue, you alright there?" Rick was standing next to her, watching the tall queen twitch and buzz. "You're acting crazy."

The queen bit her lip and stopped moving, her wings chittering. "I really hope this goes well. Do you think it will go well?"

He shrugged. "I've never seen aliens before a few weeks ago. Now there's even more coming and I really don't know what to think."

"Are they nice?" Karol asked while readying her returned camera's tri-pod. "Like, should we wear Kevlar vests or..."

Blue's hoof wavered, "They can be nice sometimes. Not usually when you're invading them, though." The same hoof soon raised, "However! If they choose to attack, then they will be invading us!"

"You still have to tell us about that invasion of yours at some point, Blue." Maria added, scratching behind the queen's chitinous ear. "That, and any other stuff that might cause even more aliens to drop by on earth."

Blue nodded, enjoying the ear scratches while her drones zipped around Cheyenne Mountain. The Tunnelers had continued their work on excavating the base as Caretakers managed Queen Catalyst and tended to any injured drones that flew through the spire. Infiltrators had taken their places along the top of the mountain and the surrounding terrain to act as a first warning to any approaching newcomers to the base and the Warriors had gathered near their queen, right where fighting would be if magic started flying.

"Do you think they'll arrive by noisy flyer, or ground monster?"

Blue looked to her warriors nearby, overhearing their conversation.

"Probably ground monsters. I can't imagine being in either of them would be nice, but the ground ones tend to be less noisy. Do you think it would take longer than a train?"

The other armored drone chittered noncommittally, "Could be. These tall-hosts have a lot of fast and noisy things. Maybe their trains are even bigger than in Equestria?"

"Please," the first warrior buzzed, "These are tall-hosts we're talking about. They don't even have magic!"

"Um, excuse me?" Karol inquired, pointing her now assembled camera towards the conversing Warrior drones, "Would you mind explaining what a 'tall-host' is? It's for research purposes."

The two drones looked somewhat guilty; their eyes avoiding all contact with the camera's lens. "Ah, well... you see..."

"They're... um..."

Blue nodded her head, "Come on, you can say it. The more the humans learn about us, the better."

Both drones mimicked a deflated sigh with their vibrating wings. "A tall-host means any thing capable of love that's taller than us."

Maria giggled at that, "So what, does that mean anything smaller is a-"

"Small-host." The second drone grumbled.

"That's both cute and disturbing at the same time," Ricky commented.

"Do you have any other unique names?" Karol asked while focusing her camera's lens, "What do you call Ponies, for example? The other aliens that are coming here to meet us?"

"Annoying." A drone further away from the conversation replied.

The other two warriors nodded. "They're mostly annoying. Way too cheery, way too pleasant and most of them are insane."

"How do you know about ponies if you've never actually seen one?" Ricky asked. "Hey, you're gonna give this tape to Vahlen, right?"

Karol nodded, "She said we could help where her scientists couldn't. Who knows, maybe they'll let us post this on the internet."

The warriors chittered to each other, each attempting to figure out how to phrase their reply in vibrations that would make sense.

"Well..." The first drone replied hesitantly, "I'd guess the best way to say it would be Chzz'itst'kzz."

The three humans blinked. "Um, mind running that by me again?"

The drones shrugged. "There's really no word for it that we know of."

"Can you describe it?" Maria suggested.

Both drones looked to their queen at a loss. "Could you help us, Queen Blue Sun?"

Blue nodded. "I think the best way to describe it, is like a family lineage." The large queen chittered and buzzed to her drones, assembling them for a visual representation. There was six drones in a line, one branch splitting off from the rest that contained another six.

"Each drone," Blue explained by pointing to the first warrior in line, "Will have their own experiences. When they eventually die, their body is returned to the Caretaker spire and given to the grubs for them to grow into drones." She then pointed to the next Warrior in line. "The new drone will have some of the shared knowledge as the last drone that they ate from, taking bits of that drone's absorbed love through their lifetime like memories."

She then swept her hoof to the branching drones. "Sometimes, drones might not have the same experiences. A tunneler won't retain the same memories as a Warrior would, for example. They don't have a need for it with their role in the hive, and the hive's overall roles are strengthened, each drone type becoming better than their predecessor with each generation."

"Hey Blue," Karol asked, "When did you get so scientific?"

Blue shrugged. "When you're taught a crash course in human history by Doctor Vahlen?"

Ricky vented air through his teeth in a hiss. "Oof. What did you think of it?"

Blue shared a look with her drones, the whole group chittering in a unified discussion. "Could be better. More love, especially." The queen eventually replied. Her drones nodded in agreement.

"More love always better." A drone added.

After a few more minutes of recorded conversation an Infiltrator drone flew to the gathered group. "My queen!" The drone buzzed, "The ponies arrive by blackened SUV. They will be here soon!"

Some warriors raised their brow, "S U V?"

The infiltrator rolled its glowing eyes. "Ground Monster."

The warriors nodded with understanding.

"All right everyone," Queen Blue Sun announced, "get to your places and try not to fire the first bolt of magic!"

The drones assembled themselves by caste. Blue Sun hoped that a greater showing of force would deter the ponies from behaving insanely while she spoke with Twilight Sparkle. She had never met any of these ponies personally.

Warriors were placed near Blue Sun herself, followed outward by Caretakers, Tunnelers and Infiltrators at the far end. Warriors would defend her, Caretakers would mend any broken chitin or carapace, Tunnelers would excavate an escape route and the Infiltrators would swarm them. Blue was really hoping it would be a wasted precaution rather than necessary.

Three large and black colored SUV's pulled in to the base's entry road, each stopping a few meters away from the assembly of drones. The vehicles drivers popped out, each moving to the rear door to open it. In each, two of the six ponies hopped out.

Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and finally, Twilight Sparkle. None of them looked too happy to be where they were, the blue pegasus being the most wary.

"What is this?" Rainbow complained while gesturing to the army of drones. "I thought she wanted to talk!"

Blue Sun couldn't help but chitter nervously. Perhaps the assembly was a bad idea?

"Easy Rainbow," Applejack warned, "We don't want to go upsettin' anypony now."

The pegasus crossed her hooves while hovering next to her friends. "This looks like a big trap to me."

"Let's see what she has to say first," Twilight interjected, "If its all bad then we'll fight our way out just like Canterlot."

"You know we lost that fight, right?" Applejack countered. "These changelings don't look like normal ones neither; all armored and scary lookin'."

Blue decided to get their attention by waving a hoof. She wouldn't be able to talk with the six of them if all they did was converse with each other, after all. "Over here, ponies!"

Fluttershy flinched a bit at the queen's double-voice, memories of being captured by Chrysalis coming to mind.

Twilight took a deep breath. "Well, time to see how this goes."

The six ponies cautiously approached the gathered swarm, each staying more than a limb's length away from the drones as they walked down the center of the assembly. Queen Blue Sun was waiting at the far end along with her friends. Doctor Vahlen and Doctor Shen were either busy reviewing research material or organizing the reconstruction of Cheyenne Mountain and would review the encounter through video footage and interviews and Colonel Bunker was organizing the rest of the operations in the base.

Maria squatted down to eye level with the approaching ponies while whispering to herself, "They're even more cute in person!"

Karol kicked Maria to get her attention. "Focus. This is a pretty big moment and we can't mess it up by giggling at fuzzy and adorable aliens."

Queen Blue Sun loomed over Princess Twilight Sparkle much in the same way Chrysalis did, though Twilight found Blue more menacing. She was armored and commanded a powerful presence. Her drones were even more threatening, each chittering and buzzing as Twilight and her friends passed them. This hive wouldn't need to hide like Chrysalis' had, she worried. They looked ready to launch themselves into an all out conflict.

"Princess Twilight Sparkle?" The changeling greeted diplomatically, "I am Queen Blue Sun. We spoke over the video feed?"

The alicorn nodded respectfully in return, "The small square on the table?"

Blue's smile unintentionally caused a spike of worry through the six ponies, causing her to second guess her own facial expressions. "Y-yes," she stuttered, becoming a bit flustered with how the meeting was already going having a hiccup. "I said that I needed your help?"

Twilight was a bit suspicious, "Help with what?"

The tall changeling motioned to the Caretaker Spire behind her. "Inside is a friendly queen, Queen Catalyst. She has fallen ill recently and is in desperate need of love, or she will die."

Rainbow Dash and Applejack grumbled at that, while Fluttershy seemed genuinely concerned. "Is she a nice queen?"

Blue shared a look with her human friends. "Eh... not most of the time. She means well, though."

"How bad is it?" Rarity inquired, taking a single step away from a Warrior drone that seemed a bit too close for her comfort.

"She's starving," the queen explained, "The love that my hive gathers doesn't work for some reason, and she has recently lost her own hive to Queen Chrysalis and fallen into a coma."

Rainbow lowered herself to the ground, now feeling a bit worse for having been suspicious of the Queen. "We saw what happened to the other hives back in the Crystal Empire before we came here. They weren't doing so well, but I didn't really think about what the Queens would be going through."

Blue Sun nodded, "I was hoping that you would be able to offer some of your love and assist the humans of earth in defeating Queen Chrysalis. I know that your magic is potent against changelings, but I doubt you six would be able to defeat the might of a few dozen combined hives alone."

Twilight scratched her neck and awkwardly replied, "Well... we kind of came here because of King Sombra. I may have accidentally opened one of his phylacteries and released his spirit onto 'Earth'."

Pinkie Pie nudged her friend while grabbing one of Blue's Warrior drones by the neck, pulling him closer as he angrily chittered. "Come on Twilight, just look at these friendly faces!"

The drone's armored head was pressed against two pink hooves, its forked tongue flicking with annoyance while its eyes narrowed with cold menace.

"How could we not help a friendly bug like that?" Pinkie concluded, mercifully releasing the drone.

Twilight looked to the rest of her friends, "What does everypony think? Should we help?"

"Well if we don't, one of the queens will die." Fluttershy pointed out. "I might not be that comfortable with normal changelings, but Thorax isn't that bad..."

Rarity nodded, "I have to agree with Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. We don't know where King Sombra is, but we can help everypony here while we figure out where he's hiding."

Applejack pointed to Rick, Maria and Karol. "Rarity, they ain't ponies."

The white unicorn rolled her eyes. "Everybody, then."

"Rainbow, Applejack?" Twilight inquired.

"I don't much like the idea of trusting changelings, but on the other hoof I don't want anybody to die on account of bein' stubborn. I say we help 'em."

Rarity's eyes narrowed. "Is that going to be a constant thing, or can we just say everypony with all of us knowing what we mean? It rolls off the tongue better than anybody anyway."

Fluttershy patted her friend on the shoulder while Rainbow Dash voiced her opinion. "Well, we're pretty much stuck here on 'Earth' without any idea where anything is. Might as well stick around and help out."

Blue Sun had a steadily growing grin that now broke into a smile with the groups decision to stay. "This is wonderful!" The large queen rejoiced in her double-voice.

Twilight was still a bit skeptical offering an unenthusiastic, "Yeah, woo."

Author's Note:

A new chapter!

Now that I've finished Necromancy for Foals, I have more time to finish up this story! You might want to expect a new chapter each day until this story finishes, as well!

Let me know what you think in the comments, as this chapter is mostly me switching gears from tiny foals using necromancy to Changeling queen on earth story sets. I'm sure as the days go on and I sleep on it that the word count will pick up.

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