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I Am a Pet Changeling - Queen Sanguine Dreams

A simple Tunneler drone is catapulted from Equestria during the infamous Wedding onto earth. Confused, injured and alone, the drone must figure out how to survive with the whole world watching. (Changeling on Earth, Xcom, Men in Black and SG:1 Xover)

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That One Time I Was Soup

"Oooh, this is awesome!" Timid cheered, adjusting their camera on me once again. Rough was being tended to by Soft as they sat cross legged on the floor next to my cocoon, Rough huddled in a pile of blankets with Soft holding 'cocoa' for them. Timid was a beacon of excitement that never stopped as they looked around me from every angle. "Alien life cycles, caught on camera!"

"How are you holdin' up, Blue?" Rough asked, pulling the blankets as close to themself as possible.

I looked around on the inside of the cocoon while suspended in glowing green fluid. "I um..." I pressed a hoof onto the side of the cocoon experimentally and felt my hoof... bend. "I've been better?"

"What's it like in there?" Soft asked, handing the 'cocoa' to Rough in order to stand up and get a closer look at me.

I was pressing my hooves together now, to see if they would bend. "It's..." I pressed a little harder and--

"OH BY THE FIRST EGG!" I shouted in panic, my voice muffled by the cocoon.

"What? What happened!?" Soft shouted back, drawing closer to me but also refraining from actually touching my cocoon.

"My... my hoof snapped off." I stated in a daze, staring at the quickly dissolving hoof in front of me as it drifted lazily in the goo. "Why didn't that hurt?"

"You're seriously asking that!? We have to get you out of there!" Soft said with alarm, moving closer to me before a hand from Rough held their ankle.

"Hold on, Maria! What if this is supposed to happen?" Rough reasoned.

"Yeah, It doesn't make sense for an alien to turn into a big protective chrysalis thing and then self destruct. Maybe Blue is like a butterfly?" Timid reasoned, trying to place the 'camera' as close to the cocoon as possible without touching it.

Soft reluctantly backed away, crossing their arms. "I'm the one training to be a vet... but I guess that doesn't really cover insects, I guess."

I tried pressing my non-dissolved hoof into my chest, and that too snapped off. For some reason I felt a compulsion to keep doing that. "I have no idea whats going on." I admitted, pressing my hindleg onto the side of the cocoon until it came off with a muffled crack. "This is strangely satisfying though."

"What are you doing in there? It sounds really gross." Timid asked, following the glow of my eye.

"I'm snapping my limbs off and watching them dissolve." I replied plainly. Then I blinked, realizing what I had just said. "Why am I snapping my limbs off?!"

"Maybe you're supposed to?" Rough asked rhetorically, sniffling.

I tried to feel my chest and find out where that pain in my carapace had come before remembering that my limbs had all been snapped off at this point. I was a floating torso with a head and wings now. "Well... I can't even say stranger things have happened to me at this point. I don't have limbs anymore, nothing about this hurts, and I'm feeling fairly at ease with everything happening."

"It's probably the point of all that goo you're floating in." Timid theorized. "Why else would you be inside of this thing?"

"Hey, is it getting bigger by the way?" Rough asked with worry, scooting away in a heap of blankets from my cocoon.

"Oh crap! What are we gonna do when Mom comes home!?" Soft loudly worried, running from my sight to probably keep watch through the nearby window.

"Uh... Halloween decoration?" Timid suggested halfheartedly, still observing me with the 'camera'.

"What is?" Rough asked.

Timid pointed to my cocoon with their free hand. "Blue is, obviously."

Rough and Soft shared a look of disbelief. "There's no way that's gonna work, Karol." Soft replied.

"She can barely see as is, right? Just tell her its a really fancy one that you got as a gift from... oh, what's that one rich douche's name?"

"Cynthia? Also, Swear Jar." Rough provided and reminded.

"Darnit." Timid complained, reaching into their pocket and tossing a silver coin at Rough's pile of blankets, nearly missing their head.

While their muffled voices continued to discuss things, I took stock of what was happening to me. My lower half had begun to dissolve as well now, reaching to my lower abdomen. My torso had begun to dissolve as well, and my wings were starting to fray as well. None of this was actually painful or as distressing as I thought it should be...

A meaty crack came from my chest, drawing the attention of every not-minotaur in the room as well as myself.

"The heck was that, Blue?" Rough asked, attempting to stand and quickly failing, falling into a heap of blankets again on their back.

I looked down and saw that my chest had split open down the middle, the carapace frayed and being eaten away by the glowing green ooze that held me aloft. What looked to be a smaller... chest was coming out of my old one, floating ahead of me in the glow of my own magic. Was I doing all of this without even thinking about it?

Another crack, and my view of the world started to turn upside down. "Aaah!" I blurted in confusion.

"Holy shi-ih, um. Criminey!" Timid recovered, preventing the swear jar from collecting its taxes. "Blue's head just came off!"

"This is distressing but at the same time, very relaxing." I replied non-chalantly, everything going upside down. "I blame... um... I'm not actually sure what to blame for this right now."

Timid flipped the camera to their face. "You heard it here first folks: Aliens are weird."

"I don't actually know how I'm still talking right now." I said in monotone, my view drifting towards the top of the cocoon. Another crack sounded from me, a lot closer than before. At that point, I realized that my head had come apart. "Okay, seriously, how am I alive?"

"Well... when caterpillars go into a cocoon, they basically melt into a floating brain and re-build themselves. Maybe that's what you're doing?" Timid suggested, tracking my torso as my view drifted around again towards the group.

"Then what about that other torso in here?" I asked, motioning with my glowing eyes towards the... the growing chest that floated in the exact center.

"Maybe that'll be Blue 'Two Point Oh'?" Rough replied, sipping 'cocoa'.

"But it's not even part of me." I retorted as another crack and crunch caused my vision to split in two. "Aaah!"

"What happened!?" Timid blurted, trying to focus on two different points of light moving away from each other.

"I think my head split in half! I'm seeing in two directions!"

"Oh, that is so coooool!" Timid muttered under their breath.

"Are you okay?" Soft asked, worrying next to the cocoon.

"I'm... I feel weird." I replied honestly. I felt the urge to scratch my head or my chin, but... those were all goo now. What was even happening? Is this real life?

"Just hold on there, Blue. I'm sure everything will fix itself soon." Rough offered in support, now able to stand up as a blanket monster with only their head poking from the heap of fabrics.

"You're sure?" I asked nervously.

"Nope. But I thought it sounded good." Rough said with a smirk.

Then everything went dark. "Uh oh. Um, hello?" I asked nothing.

"We're still here Blue. You okay?" I heard Timid reply.

"I can't see."

"Are you in pain? Soft asked.

... "No?" I said with uncertainty. "I'm not even sure I'm alive right now.

"If you were dead, then how'd you be talkin' with us?" Rough reasoned.

"I don't know, magic?"

"Yeah, magic. Sure." Timid scoffed.

"No, I'm serious. Maybe it's my magic at work?"

"What, like your shapeshiftin'?" Rough asked.

"No, like... don't you have magic?"

A pause came from them before Soft replied with, "We don't have magic, Blue."

That didn't make any sense. "Then how do your beasts move? And the doors of 'Wal-Mart'?"

"Hey, you didn't copy my voice when you said that!" Rough said with excitement.

"I didn't?" I asked in disbelief. "But I don't know how to translate 'Wal-mart'!"

"Try sayin' it normally, just like any other word." Soft suggested.

"... Wal-mart." I replied, and in my own voice!

"Hey! The cocoon of dissolving strangeness is working! I think..." Timid cheered hesitantly.

"Try saying 'Maria'." Rough asked, their voice sounding distant for some reason. "Blue?"



"Maria?" I asked, though my voice was strange. Looking around, I noticed that things felt... off. I wasn't in my cocoon anymore. It felt dream-like.

I looked down at my body, noticing that I was simply standing. My hooves were very angular, almost ninety degrees facing forward. The holes in my hooves had moved towards the rear of my leg instead of all throughout as they had been before. I looked behind myself to find that my wings had grown in size as well, extending past my flank. My shell had become a blueish-white tint instead of the teal-green it had been before, and my carapace was still the same charcoal grey.

"Hello?" I called out into the nothingness. I received no reply.

I looked again to my body, discovering that my shoulders and flanks had become armored with plates of chitin. My view around myself was more commanding as well, despite the dark void I stood in.

"Is this a dream?" I asked the nothingness, not expecting a reply.



"Blue, are you there? Answer me!" I heard Rough shout, pressing on the side of my cocoon.

"Rough? Where am I?" I asked in surprise. What was going on?

"Oh, thank grief. I thought we lost you!" They replied with relief.

"Your cocoon started twitching like crazy and you were mumbling non-sense for a solid minute!" Timid chirped, giddy and still recording.

"I what?" I blurted, looking at my hoof and finding the same angled design.

"Maybe you had a dream?" Soft reasoned. "Like, I don't know how Caterpillars do it, but it must be really weird being rebuilt, right?"

"Yeah! Maybe your brain shut off or distracted itself while you... turned into a butterfly or something!" Timid added on with excitement.

"How are you feeling in there, Blue?" Soft asked through the membrane of the cocoon, their figure shadowy and barely visible.

"I feel... different. I'm a lot larger than I used to be..." I looked at my rear again. "And I've got a lot more armoring now."

"Armoring?" Timid asked in confusion. "What do you mean by that? Did your shell get bigger?"

"No, I mean that my flanks and shoulders now have chitin on top of them. My hooves are very angular and sharp; I haven't been able to see my face yet, but my fangs are smaller too." I listed off the changes that I could observe as well as I could, sensing nervousness coming from the other side of the Cocoon's wall.

"Blue... You aren't hungry are you? Like for... meat?" Rough asked, backing away.

I paused to take stock of myself. I wasn't particularly anything at the moment. Perhaps I still had enough love to sustain me, or maybe it was from the cocoon? "I don't feel hungry..."

"Cause if you come out of that cocoon like a freakin' Xenomorph, all bets are off." Rough explained, though I had no idea what a Xenomorph was. Odd, I didn't even think of that word in quotations now...

"That's facehuggers you're thinking about, Ricky." Timid explained, adjusting their glasses with a free hand.

"Nerd." Rough replied jokingly, earning a slap on their blanketed shoulder from Soft.

"How long was I away again?" I asked.

"About a minute? Is somethin' wrong?" Soft asked.

"I feel... older some how. Maybe smarter? I don't really know, but I don't feel like I'm who I was anymore." It was like I had lived a very long time and all of my experiences finally caught up with me, giving a bit of weight to my thoughts.

"Told ya, Blue is gonna be the prettiest alien butterfly anybody's ever seen." Timid smugly replied towards Rough and Soft.

I looked through the ooze at my wings. They were still changeling wings, though much larger. "I don't think I'm going to be a butterfly, Timid."

"Oho, What's this? Is that sass coming from Blue?" Soft smirked. "Now I'm even more interested in seeing what you look like, Blue."

"How long till you think you're ready to come out of there, do you think?" Rough asked, adjusting their blankets.

I poked the side of the cocoon, a hard shell greeting me. "Not yet, I suppose."

"Hey, we can use this as a chance to upload these recordings I have! Then we could have a Question and Answer stream!" Timid cheered, quickly shutting their camera and weaving around Rough's blanket mountain and Soft, running up the stairs.

Soft and Rough gave a look of nervous concern to another. "You think this is a good idea?" Soft asked.

Rough looked at my cocoon. "What do you think, Blue?"

I observed myself, looking at my new long angular legs, my armored body, my larger wings and... and my old forelimb as it drifted past. It was tiny by comparison.

"I don't think I'm going to be able to shift into a dog anymore." I replied seriously.

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