• Published 6th Oct 2016
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I Am a Pet Changeling - Queen Sanguine Dreams

A simple Tunneler drone is catapulted from Equestria during the infamous Wedding onto earth. Confused, injured and alone, the drone must figure out how to survive with the whole world watching. (Changeling on Earth, Xcom, Men in Black and SG:1 Xover)

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Second Contact


Meanwhile, in Arizona...

Agent K had been forced to leave his supervision over Queen Blue Sun very abruptly due to the nature of his job; that job being classified and buried under mountains of boring paperwork that would make any human go insane from the sheer mind numbing nature of the documentation itself. In actuality, his job was much more straight forward: First Contact with extra-terrestrial life forms. With that job description in mind, Agent K's handlers had noted his exemplary work in creating peaceful first contact with Queen Blue Sun and summoned him for another call of his position.

"Second contact?" Agent K asked with a hint of incredulity through his earpiece. The agent, whom prefers the handle of 'Kay', was en route to another impact site in the Grand Canyon. More than a dozen separate reports had all warned of a meteorite impacting the canyon's inner wall and barreling through the hardened rock to leave a charred hole in the natural monument. Riding in the back of a standard government SUV, Kay was in the middle of a very rushed briefing.

"That's right," The clear voice of Kay's handler replied with practiced calm, "We're just lucky that we've managed to track down the target without any fuss so far. Your role in this is going to be talking the alien down; they haven't taken kindly to our attempts of negotiation so far, and they really don't seem the trusting type."

"You haven't been pointing rifles at them, have you?" Kay inquired with a tone of worry. He wouldn't be surprised if the situation he would arrive to amounted to a 1980's alien invasion flick with tanks in a circle around the 'evil alien invader'.

"Eh..." The handler hesitated, "Not exactly."

Kay's heavily tinted and black colored SUV rolled to a quickly fortified security checkpoint; a sandbagged and well armed tourist welcoming center complete with several more government vehicles and individuals in black suits. There was already a Chinook waiting nearby; the pilots running checklists in their front seats as an engineering crew double-ensured their work wouldn't cause the large helicopter to spin out of control from a loose bolt. The driver side window rolled down, and a quick glance confirmed the identity of Kay's driver to allow passage.

"What do you mean, not exactly?" Kay asked forcefully. "It's going to be difficult getting another alien to talk with us, considering we were so lucky that the first one ran into a group of harmless farm kids."

"I mean that our people have been the ones ducking for cover." Handler replied. "Large bolts of very hot and very angry orange have been flying out of that cave every time one of our agents gets too close to the entrance."

Kay blinked and considered the information a moment before replying. "You're sure it was orange?"

The SUV finally came to a stop in a forward post that amounted to a 'borrowed' trailer near the mentioned hole in the canyon. Dull clicks announced the opening of the doors and Kay pulled them-self free of the vehicle to land with a crunch onto the dusty gravel below. With hand still held to ear, he fast walked towards the post while keeping an eye on the impact site.

There were several agents around the entrance, like he had been envisioning, but most of them were hiding behind rocks or whatever other debris nearby. Already deep in the canyon, any noise made would echo upwards and along the walls and give the impression to whatever was within the cave that there were a great deal more humans outside than there really were. The agents were thankfully armed with sidearms at the least, some of them wielding shotguns filled with beanbag rounds; as if they would harm something remotely like Blue Sun.

"Definitely certain, Kay." The handler replied. The filtered voice soon gave way to one more gruff as Kay entered into the makeshift control room. "Thing has been in there a few days now, flinging all kinds of bad our way."

Kay tapped his handler on the shoulder, and with a startled glance the handler set his earpiece down on a coffee table. A very concerned old woman was looking between the two men in black standing over her as she adjusted her large glasses to see them better. The agents paid her no mind however, and they continued their conversation in person.

"Any idea if it can speak?" Kay asked.

"It's been chittering and buzzing something fierce, but nothing English." Handler replied.

Kay rolled his eyes. "We would be so fortunate." he replied sarcastically.

"You seem to have a special talent for this line of work, Kay. It's up to you to make contact with it in a way that won't get everything around here killed. No pressure." Handler responded with a smirk.

"Do you have a spare vest laying around? I'd rather not take a chance on the goodness of our guest's heart... or hearts." Kay blinked in a momentary sidetrack of thought. "If these aliens even have hearts..."

Handler placed a reassuring hand on Kay's shoulder, and shoved a vest towards him with the other hand. "I'm sure you'll do fine."

With a glance to the completely confused and even more concerned old woman, Kay slipped the armored vest over his black suit and exited through the same door he had entered. A few blurbs of echoed shouting came to his ears from the direction of the hole, and seeing no reason to delay despite his nerves and the instinct of self preservation screaming for him to run very far away, Kay moved towards the new 'visitor'.

Looks of weary concern greeted Kay as he moved through the fortified and barricaded sections of the Grand Canyon, a few agents giving an approving nod or silent gesture of good luck. The entrance to the alien's impact site was littered with freshly loosened rock and debris, most of which bearing scorch marks or hoof imprints. Kay moved with as much speed and quiet as he was able, the gravel crunching beneath his dress shoes providing him no favors in the area of staying alive. As he drew nearer, inching and cautiously advancing to avoid being surprised by the alien, he could hear chittering and scratching coming from inside the crater in the canyon's wall.

With a frown to himself, he poked his head over the edge and blurted out, "I'd like to have a word!" before ducking again. No sooner had he retracted his head did an orb of orange fire fling itself outward like a very obese tennis ball to cause a collection of agents to yelp in surprise and scatter from the incoming danger.

"Alright," Kay muttered under his breath to himself, "So far, so good."

The alien from the blackened hole hissed in Kay's general direction, followed by chittering.

"I'm not here to hurt you!" Kay called over his shoulder towards the edge of the hole. Thankfully, another orb did not fly out this time. "I just want to talk!"

Nope, wrong wording. Another orb of death was lobbed out of the hole towards some very upset looking Agents in black. Kay smiled nervously towards said agents and waved. Kay racked his brain for something that would calm down the alien, thinking on his interactions with Blue Sun and her farm friends.

Suddenly, as if a light had shone from his eyes, Kay had an idea. He edged closer to the entrance of the death tube that was the alien's hiding place and hollered, "Hey, If you stop trying to kill us, we can find love for you!"

Kay quickly ducked away from the hole, shielding part of his body in a vain attempt to ward off both bad luck and immolation by alien. After a few moments, he noted that there were no panicked cries of distress, nor flame based noises of doom screeching past. Inching to the side and closer to the alien, he listened closely for any noise coming from it.

To his great surprise, the alien had already been waiting for him to peak around the corner. A holed hoof lunged and grabbed him across the chest to pull him deeper into the tunnel and caused him to yelp involuntarily from the startling speed. The same holed hoof pressed down on Kay's chest, giving his eyes a line to follow towards the new alien's face.

She was large; around Blue Sun's size. This either meant that another queen had decided to grace this great blue-green ball of desperation with its existence, or seeing as how it looked different from Blue, it was another alien entirely. A somewhat shiny black carapace was seen for the majority of its body, followed by patches of yellow glow around the shoulders, midsection and thighs. Quadrupedal as well, with an erratically curved horn jutting from her head. The body was more angular and lithe compared to Blue's bulk with sharp edges accenting any holes rather than the soft curves that Blue had. A holed and straightened mane in the color of a flame drooped down from her head with eyes of an orange-red glow looking down on Kay, revealing a surprisingly nervous expression. If this alien was a queen as well, she was certainly from another hive. The glowing shoulders and thighs of the alien seemed to be armoring, though with a more functional design rather than regal. The only thing aside from the armor that would hint at a refined role would be the crown growing from the alien's head, glowing with four points of gold-orange light.

The large and presumably queen alien pressed her hoof into Kay's chest, causing him to wheeze. "Ssss-pee-k," She insisted in broken english. She seemed to be having difficulty.

Kay held his palms upwards in the standard human gesture of 'please don't kill me, I'm only doing my job here' and replied, "I'm Agent Kay, Terran Extra-Terrestrial Response, International Section of the United Nations! We've already made contact with another of your kind, and we know that you need love to survive; All I ask is that you speak with me."

The queen narrowed her glowing eyes at Kay, the only light coming from the distant setting sun that was seen from the entrance and her glowing body armoring. "Terran... love?" It asked, attempting to grab a hold of the English language.

"Terran means 'of earth'." Kay explained. "Would you mind letting me stand?"

The Queen's eyes narrowed, and she pressed harder into Kay's armored vest. "Yes. I mind."

Kay grunted, breathing and attempting to hold his breath in order to avoid his chest from caving in. "Got it!" He managed, and the queen relented in order to check the entrance. Kay had only been around this alien a few moments and already he picked up that this queen would need to be handled in a different way. So far, the only thing she had responded favorably to was the promise of love. That meant that she was likely hungry from having been pinned down the past few days, or that she had other mouths to feed.

"Can I ask--" Kay grunted, his chest thanking him none for being so mistreated by an alien hoof pressing down atop of it, armor plating between them or not, "--What your name is?"

The queen's attention returned to Kay as she considered him for a moment. Her glowing eyes becoming a thin line of suspicion before thankfully relenting. "Queen Catalyst." She replied in a cautious tone, releasing her hold of Kay and taking a single step to the side.

Kay quickly sat up and dragged himself to the side of the wall opposite the Queen named Catalyst to both catch his breath and coincidentally allowing him a spare second to scream if he was stepped on again. "Nice to meet you," he wheezed, "Queen Catalyst."

The queen's attention returned to Kay as she asked, "Where am I?" In a commanding tone. "What is this place?"

"You're in the center of what we call 'The Grand Canyon', on Earth. You don't remember coming here on maybe a ship or some other means?" Kay replied and asked cautiously. He was rewarded with a snarl.

"Chrysalis." Catalyst snapped, barring her teeth and fangs in a very concerning display.

"Is... that another Queen?" Kay probed.

"Queen!?" Catalyst shouted, her horn lighting in a golden glow to match her eyes. "Queen of nothing! Queen of failure!"

Kay held his hands out in an attempt to calm the very upset Queen. Her temper was starting to heat everything very quickly. "Tell me about Chrysalis; How can we help you?"

Catalyst regarded Kay for a moment until her horn snuffed itself out. With a huff, she regained her composure and explained. "Queen Chrysalis," She sneered, "Stole my hive from me." Kay's look of obvious confusion spurred Catalyst onward in her explanation. "Her own hive was usurped by a drone; one called 'Thorax'. The traitor was aligned with Equestrians that sought to rid themselves of Chrysalis' idiot behavior, and the result was her banishment."

"Equestrians?" Kay asked, though he was ignored and Catalyst continued.

"Chrysalis came to my hive, asking for a temporary place of rest. Like a fool, I assumed she would adhere to the old ways and cause no trouble for myself or my drones. She hid away in the recesses of my hive for weeks, tampering and tinkering with some strange device she had found in the deserts until one day, she asks for my presence." Catalyst explained, her tone quickly becoming bitter and resentful. "Look at what I've discovered, Catalyst!" The Queen said in what could only be a perfect copy of another Queen's voice. Catalyst's face fell into grief as she slammed a hoof into the rock beneath her. "What I fool I was!"

Having no real idea what was going on at the moment, or how to fully relate to Catalyst's situation, Kay did the only thing he could do. "Would you like us to take you to some Love for now, until we can work out... something?" He asked carefully. "I'm certain we can at least feed you."

The Queen looked ready to resist Kay's offer, if the glare was any indication, but her anger faded rapidly with a weary sigh. "There is little point in fighting, now that Chrysalis is free to use my hive with that cursed contraption of hers." Catalyst looked down to Kay before pointing a hoof towards the entrance to the hole in the canyon. "Lead the way, Terran Kay."

The agent looked upwards at Catalyst with a face that betrayed none of his need to groan at the Queen's probably unintentional rhyming while he focused his efforts on actually standing by pushing himself upwards along the wall. "As soon as I can stand, I'll get right on that." He quipped with a grunt. Catalyst took the momentary pause as an opportunity to peek from the hole towards the 'Terrans' outside, noting that they had come closer now that she wasn't throwing fireballs at them.

"A little help here, please?" Kay asked, having progressed to holding himself upright and holding onto his chest with his free hand. "I'm not used to being squished." He added in a light hearted tone.

Catalyst's raised brow and look of reluctance were followed by her standing next to Kay, allowing him to use her midsection as an uncomfortable crutch. A buzzing of her wings informed Kay that she didn't like being touched, so he kept his leaning to a minimum. The both of them progressed steadily from the hole in the wall towards the setting daylight into the semi-friendly and wary view of the waiting Agents. To Kay's amusement they were arranged like a bad sci-fi movie, except thankfully free of tanks. The wide eyed looks of the men in black waiting for them soon went from awe to caution, as they remembered that even if this was the first alien they'd seen in person, this particular alien had been lobbing fire at them for the past few days.

The noise of blowing winds and crunching desert lasted a short while before Handler approached the both of them with an armored vest of his own, his hands open and to his sides to show that he was not armed. "Welcome!" he called, "We apologize for any misunderstanding between our peoples over the past few days. We have transportation waiting for you if you're willing to accept our offer."

Queen Catalyst gave a suspicious look to Handler, noting the rotund man and his groomed beard. "You have a train?" She asked cautiously.

Handler blinked in surprise for a moment, looking to Kay for guidance. Kay gave a non-committal shrug that caused Handler to shoot a glare at him for a moment before he replied in a friendly manner. "We have much faster transport than that, and I assure you that it's completely safe."

Catalyst was surprised, though skeptical. "Faster than a train?" She muttered, now more interested than threatened by the Terrans.

"If you'll follow me, I can take you there." Handler offered. "Would you mind telling me your name?"

Queen Catalyst leaned her head down to Agent Kay. "Do you Terrans make a habit of asking everyone this question?" She whispered.

Kay nodded. "It's for our convenience, and a cultural thing."

"I am Queen Catalyst," She replied towards Handler, her subtly chittering and buzzing voice unnerving the few agents within earshot. Kay was finally relaxed enough to notice that her voice had a smoother tone overall, despite the alien noises accompanying it. "Whom would you be?"

"Call me Handler, Queen Catalyst. Thank you for taking the risk of speaking with us, by the way. I can't imagine how worrying this must be for you." Handler replied as non-aggressively as he could.

Queen Catalyst was apparently having nothing to do with social rituals and instead asked, "What is this contraption that you've created that claims to be faster than a train?" Looking around, she soon added, "I see no railway in this canyon."

The gathered Agents, Handler and Kay couldn't help but smirk as Agent Kay himself lead Catalyst past the barricades, scorched ground and scattered debris of the Queen's landing. They traveled with Handler in tow, along with several Agents that were keeping security and making Catalyst nervous from their proximity. Nervous chittering and buzzing warned the humans when they came too close, forcing them to keep a respectable distance. After some minutes of travel, they came upon the Chinook that had been waiting in a cleared out parking lot nearby.

"That, Queen Catalyst, is a Chinook. A cargo helicopter designed by the United States and made to lift... eh, People and equipment." Handler explained, while dodging the true purpose of delivering soldiers and equipment. She really didn't need to know that if things had gone wrong, that a team of highly trained and well equipped ex-special forces were waiting just out of sight. To Handler's benefit, Queen Catalyst was more taken with being absolutely confused by the aircraft instead of paying any attention to him.

"That?" She asked skeptically with a pointed hoof. She turned towards Handler and repeated the question differently. "You mean to tell me that that can travel faster than a train?"

Kay grinned and pointed the way towards the loading ramp of the helicopter. "You might want to buckle in; It's going to be the ride of your life if prior experience is anything to go by."

The few chuckles from the surrounding Agents did nothing to comfort Queen Catalyst, but if she was going to survive and feed then she was left with little other choice. With a slight scrunching of her face, she muttered, "I know I'm going to regret this decision."

Author's Note:

Welcome back, readers!

I've finally worked through my slump and I've taken the time to write out this chapter for everyone, though I'm concerned my writing style might have changed since last month. Let me know what you think of the plot development or what you want to read more of!

Thank you for reading, and I hope to release more chapters in the following weeks if Mood, ability and sanity permit.


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