• Published 6th Oct 2016
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I Am a Pet Changeling - Queen Sanguine Dreams

A simple Tunneler drone is catapulted from Equestria during the infamous Wedding onto earth. Confused, injured and alone, the drone must figure out how to survive with the whole world watching. (Changeling on Earth, Xcom, Men in Black and SG:1 Xover)

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Complications With Love

The reply from the humans was taking quite a bit of time, which left me to assume that my hive was still too heated for them to enter. They made no direct attempt at communicating with me, so I decided I would care for my hive in the mean time.

Walking steadily back to the hive was cut short, however, when I noticed a very odd pattern on the granite flooring. There were thin lines in a regular pattern imprinted in the char alongside several sets of footprints. They lead from the main blast door all the way to the edge of my spawning pool, with the lines ending behind the footprints. One set was at the front, with the other three pairs waiting behind them. If these prints were from Jack and his team, as I had suspected, then whatever they were planning to do must have been cut short. I was thankful that they had only reached the outer edge of the hive itself, as small as it was, but with the help of my drones it would be a much more difficult task to walk into my hive; invited or not.

My mood was soured by the thought of intruders of any kind so easily making their way to my precious drones, though that was quickly interrupted by the tiny noises of complaining coming from the pool. Taking steps to loom over the edge of the pit, I noticed that my cocoon had completely deflated and covered the bottom of the pit along with the rapidly melting eggs of the drones themselves. With a quick buzzing of my wings I descended into the pit, my hooves causing small splashes of goop as I landed. Looking around, I soon spotted the groups of grubs wriggling about. Something about this caused alarms in my mind to go off, however...

They were all separate. They were sticking close to those they had hatched with. My eyes narrowed and I became upset at this. "What are all of you doing?" I asked in a harsh tone, moving nearer to the grubs. My voice was so sudden that a few grubs flipped onto their backs in surprise. They didn't have the size to actually reply to me in their current state, but I did notice that they had grown during my short absence. They would be the size of a human's thumb now, where before they might have been closer to a pinkie. "Is there some sickness that your hive-mates have been struck by?" I again asked in a warning tone. I put my face closer to the individual groups of drones as they inched away from me. "I had thought you'd learned a valuable lesson when you hatched from your eggs about cooperation, but it seems I was mistaken.' I explained, moving closer to them. "Why do you shun the other grubs of your hive? Are they not similar to you? Are they not your brothers and sisters?"

The Caretakers seemed the most upset by my words, looking amongst each other with worry. The Tunnelers were cowering in fear, huddled together in a sizable blob for protection. The Infiltrators were scattering, all of them fleeing for their own safety with complete disregard for another. The Warriors... assembled in a formation. I blinked a few times at them, their reaction being unexpected to me for some reason. I sighed at my grubs and myself most of all. It would do no good for the hive if I scolded them this early. They didn't know any better, and their entire world was likely those they had hatched with at this point.

I lowered my tone to one more soothing and used a hoof to scoop all of the grubs together in a large pile where they intermixed. They tried to find grubs like themselves almost immediately once again. "All of you, listen to your Queen." I softly demanded, my face lowering to be level with theirs once more. They lay frozen in my view, attentive as if their lives depended on it. "You must work together, as a single hive. You may have different roles, and you may work with other grubs from different eggs entirely, but it is the safety of the Hive and your Queen that you should keep at the front of your minds, always. I will provide for all of you, so long as you provide for each other. Understood?"

The grubs took a few moments to absorb what I had told them before looking to each other in a different light. I was their Queen, and I would provide for them. I would keep them safe. Their only requirement in life was to provide for each other and to ensure the continued safety of all, regardless of caste or hatch-mates. A few nodded, others smiled, and I noticed the Caretakers immediately going to hug other grubs once again. The Warriors seemed the most reluctant to receive them, and the Infiltrators begrudgingly accepted the Tunneler's attempts at getting along with another.

With that matter hopefully resolved, my mind drifted to my complete lack of love. I had been able to ignore the pain of starvation with the help of my cocoon, but If I didn't get love soon and feed my grubs, there wouldn't be a hive to worry about for long. I lowered my head to speak to my grubs once more in order to inform them of my plan. "Listen, my little grubs." I whispered to them, "Your Queen must leave for a while in search of love for you all. Keep another safe, and if anything comes into this room aside from myself, you must hide."

The Warriors were the first to nod, and the Infiltrators had already begun searching for tiny nooks and holes that they could squeeze into, pointing them out to the confused Tunnelers. I smiled at their efforts as they began preparing already, proving that they were able to work together so quickly. I readied myself for flight, and a burst of wing power sent me more gracefully from the pit this time and allowed me to land softly on my hooves. My own hoof prints were settled in the charred flooring alongside the strange lines and the footprints of the humans that had entered my hive as I became a Queen. I would have to confront them later on that subject, but for now it was Love at the forefront of my needs.

Walking again to the observation window, I tapped with force against the glass. "Colonel Bunker?" I called loudly. "It is urgent."

Suddenly to my left, I heard the latches of the blast door unsealing themselves with hissing air and the metallic grinding of metal. Apparently the room had cooled down enough. I moved away from the observation window to stand in the center view of the doorway for when it opened. There was a small rectangular window in the blast door that had been coated in char, along with everything else in the room, but I saw faint blurs of figures moving within the airlock behind metal door. At that point I finally noticed that I had indeed become smaller since becoming a full Queen; My horn came just below the top lip of the blast door's frame now, where before I was forced to duck my head down. The human researchers had noted my height earlier to be above eight feet, but with my new size I assumed that it would be closer to seven at this point, including the horn. I assumed I would still be able to rest my head easily atop a human's and looking into their eyes would be no trouble as far as height was concerned. It just meant that although I lacked the chitinous armoring of before, I would be able maneuver more easily in their facilities.

The door began to slide backwards, the loud noise of screeching metal hurting my ears until it stopped. It soon rolled sideways to reveal a few familiar faces that made me smile.

"Blue? Is that you?" Rough asked, Timid and Soft in tow behind him. There were no human warriors with them this time, which struck me as something out of place. Normally when I had been a Proto-Queen they would always keep two warriors with them at all times...

"What has happened to your escorts?" I asked in a neutral tone, standing my ground as they cautiously approached.

"They're... more than a little on edge at the moment." Timid explained. "You got really pretty! I mean, not that you weren't pretty before- you were- its just that... eh... you're even more pretty now?" Timid fumbled with their wording. I remembered that my smiles before usually upset humans, but now that my mouth was entirely different I chose to risk the action anyway. Thankfully, they didn't react with spikes of 'Eugh' this time.

"We heard that you cocooned again, but they didn't tell us much else beyond that. How're you doing?" Soft asked, the three of them now standing closely in front of me. Rough was the tallest of the three, and my own head was above his easily. The other two came midway up to my neck now, where before they came to my chest. "You're smaller now, at least..."

"I'm happy to see all of you." I said officially, before my smile grew very wide and my face leaned in towards them almost conspiratorially. "You should be the first to see them!" I quietly cheered.

"See who?" Rough asked, intrigued but concerned.

"My Grubs!" I squeed happily, already turning and quickly walking towards my hive. I turned my head so that I could see them over my backside to continue talking. "They all hatched after I came from my cocoon! They're very small now, So I ask that you not touch any of them, but they're just... perfect!"

Soft and Timid shared a glance of concern before Rough spoke up. "You laid eggs?"

"Four of them, right before I cocooned." I explained, and my body reminded itself of the need for love once more. "By the way..." I asked, turning to face the three of them. "I have a problem that you three could help me with."

"Did you need to 'eat'?" Soft asked, already anticipating my question.

"Yes! But, more importantly, so do all of my grubs. I can use the love you offer me to feed them, but it would be a good idea to stand clear of the grubs until they're more fully matured as well. I don't think they're going to be able to control themselves if you get too close." I explained in a cheery tone.

The three were worried at this, but they refrained from voicing it. "How much do you think you'll need?" Rough asked.

I bit my lower lip, my mind filling with the logistics of how much love I might need on a daily basis. "I think the best answer would be 'more'." I replied with an uncertain smile. My eyes already searching in hunger for the flames of love, I instead noticed something else...

The multi-colored flames had vanished.

I took a closer look at Rough, with him being the closest, and confirmed that there was still the bright pink flame of love at least. The other flame had eluded me however.

"Something wrong, Blue?" Rough asked with concern.

I placed a hoof carefully on his chest. "The flame is gone." I stated. "The flame of different hues is missing!"

"What do you mean?" Soft asked, "What flame?"

Was this a fluke? Was it from not being in contact with the three of them for so long, or the fact that I had become a full Queen? I was no longer able to so easily sense what emotions they were having now, though from my starved state or my new form I wasn't certain. The only things to have changed since my last encounter with these three had been my cocooning and my grubs... though the loss of that ever present flame was going to complicate things considerably. During my time as a Proto-Queen, it had kept me constantly fed without having to worry about love at all, and now it was gone!

"Blue?" Rough asked, placing a hand on my head. "Are you alright?"

I looked into Rough's eyes, searching for anything out of the ordinary or wrong, yet I could find nothing. The flames had gone for some reason, and it would be my highest priority to figure out what had caused them to disappear.

Rough suddenly embraced me in a tight hug, his arms wrapping around my chest and neck. Soft and Timid were caught off guard, but they too soon joined. My mind soon became distracted from thoughts of disaster and doom as I felt trickles of love flow freely into me from them, soothing my thoughts and steadying my heart. I lowered my neck to return a hug to Rough as well as I could, though his body tensed up when my smaller fangs accidentally poked him roughly in the back.

"It'll be okay, Blue. It just takes some getting used to you looking so different all the time." Soft explained, petting my mane.

I looked towards Soft, and noticed that the multi-colored flame had returned once again. It was small, but it was still there. Perhaps it was something to do with humans than my own body? I suppose they operated like ponies in that way; They become accustomed to certain others and their appearance, so when you suddenly change your looks they don't know how to respond.

Hopefully for the sake of my hive, I wouldn't be changing how I looked any time soon. Queen Chrysalis hadn't changed her form in however long I had lived in her hive, so it would make sense that my own form wouldn't change for quite some time either.

"Nice crown, by the way." Timid noted with a smirk. "I like the glowing bits."

"Oh!" I blurted suddenly, backing away from them. "I have to show you my hive!"

The three of them recovered quickly, soon taking up positions behind me as I lead them to the lip of my spawning pool in the center of the room. They peered over the edge expectantly, and soon became worried.

"Um, Blue?" Rough asked.

I waved a hoof at him with a shooshing noise. "My grubs, you can come out now. It is safe." I calmly stated, and soon a great many tiny holes opened up within the Dirsime and the slime in the walls. Tunnelers opened the sides of the spawning pool to allow the others to squirm their way free, with Warriors taking up the front.

"Eugh." Timid blurted before quickly covering her mouth. "I mean, uh-"

"Too late, Karol." Rough interjected. "Now you gotta adopt one to make up for that little outburst." he chuckled.

Timid looked down into the pit as more grubs revealed themselves, and then sheepishly towards myself. I raised an eyebrow at her in response, and she quickly looked away. "Y-yeah, sure! I'd love to!"

I leaned my head closer to Timid's ear and whispered, "You'll have to wait until they're grown, Timid. They have work to do first. Besides, It's up to me if I give away my drones, isn't it?"

"I think they're cute." Soft said, laying on her belly on the charred ground and extending a hand towards the nearest grub, which happened to be a Tunneler. "They look like little Blues in pajamas!"

I placed a hoof in front of Soft's face, causing her to back away. "For the safety of both my hive and yourself, please stay away from my grubs. I have no way of knowing how they'll react to you yet, and I'm still... learning." I explained, before offering my hoof in assistance for Soft to stand up.

I looked towards the observation room over my side once again, attracting the attention of Rough and Timid. "Have you heard anything from Colonel Bunker?" I asked.

"She just told us that you needed us here as fast as possible. We haven't heard much else for the past day or so." Rough explained. Soft was crouching next to the edge of the pit, smiling at the small grubs that waved back at her.

"I need to speak with her." I replied in a serious tone.

"Wait, did you just say 'her'?" Timid asked.

I looked to Timid with a curious glance. "Yes?"

Timid smiled, "You've never said 'her' before! This could be huge!"

My eyebrow raised. "How is that?"

Timid waved a hand at me dismissively. "It's more of a human thing, but I can write a paper on it if you want. I'm just excited!"

Rough rolled his eyes and went back to watching my grubs, and Soft wasn't paying attention in the first place. "If you really want to, Timid." I sighed. "For now, I have to feed my grubs. Please find Colonel Bunker when you're able and tell her that I need to speak with her as soon as possible."

Timid gave me a salute that I had seen the human warriors give to Colonel Bunker. "On it, Queeny Blue!"

Author's Note:

Another chapter! Huzzah!

Feeling a lot better recently, probably due to getting good sleep and stuff. Let me know what you think of the chapter!

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