• Published 6th Oct 2016
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I Am a Pet Changeling - Queen Sanguine Dreams

A simple Tunneler drone is catapulted from Equestria during the infamous Wedding onto earth. Confused, injured and alone, the drone must figure out how to survive with the whole world watching. (Changeling on Earth, Xcom, Men in Black and SG:1 Xover)

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"Any word on Queen Catalyst?"

The constant buzz of caretakers surrounded the spire and echoed around the walls. Colonel Bunker, Doctor Vahlen, Doctor Shen, Ricky, Maria, Karol and Queen Blue Sun were all present. None of them knew what was going on.

"It appears the Caretaker drones know more of what is happening than we do," Vahlen replied, scribbling notes onto her digital clipboard with rapid, wild lettering only she could decipher. "However dramatic the circumstances, this presents a unique insight into the changeling hive..."

The doctor trailed off, thoughts taking priority over voicing them as she wrote more notes down, her eyes following the rapid movements made by the drones around the comatose queen.

"So..." Karol toned in, "What do we do?"

Blue pointed to the orange queen with her horn, "Give her love and she's all better, right?"

Ricky shook his head, "If it was that easy, why would she still be knocked out while floating in a literal pool of love?"

"Pool of love..." Vahlen muttered, underlining the words and placing a large circle around them before continuing her work.

"I'm not sure there's much we can do for Catalyst, Blue." Maria softly suggested, "Maybe it's something she has to get through on her own?"

Karol had an idea, if her chin strumming was any indication. "What if the problem isn't that she doesn't have love, but that she doesn't want your love?"

Blue was confused, her head tilting to the side.

"Okay, think of it like this:" Karol began, her hands aligned in parallel to another in front of her chest. "You," She stated, raising her left hand, "Have your own hive, with your own friends to give you the love it needs." Her fingers spread out from her hand like a claw and faced the right hand. "When she tries to get love from your hive, maybe there's something preventing her from taking the love to use for herself?" The right hand moved to the left, with the clawed hand fending off the imagined assault.

"What, some kind of defense system?" Ricky suggested, nodding with understanding. "So you're saying that there could be a whole grain silo filled with love and she wouldn't touch it, all because Blue has a claim on it?"

Karol shrugged, "I don't really know, I'm just throwing out suggestions. Maybe it has something to do with changelings and being weird aliens- no offense Blue- or it could be some kind of personal thing with Catalyst."

"Do you think we could ask a Caretaker?" Maria replied, "Maybe they know something."

Blue waved her hoof at the three conversing friends. "I exist too, you know."

"Well, do you know what's happening to Catalyst?" Ricky asked kindly, "We really don't want to see one of you die because of a lack of love. It just seems beyond cruel, like if you didn't hug a puppy enough and it died."

Maria smacked Ricky's shoulder with the back of her hand. "Don't say things like that; it makes me sad!"

Karol snapped her fingers, "I've got it!"

The group turned to her expectantly, and also questioningly.

"Queen Catalyst needs love, right?" Karol suggested with dramatic pause, "What if we find more people to love her?"

Ricky rolled his eyes, "Yeah, that's gonna go over well." He raised his arms like a stage announcer, "Come one, come all, to our secret military slash alien mountain fortress in the middle of nowhere's-ville to give your love, that's right, your love, to an alien creature desperately in need of affection!"

Maria shrugged, "I dunno, there's a lot of sci-fi fans, right?"

Ricky's arms dropped with a deflated sigh. "No, Maria, I mean that Bunker is never going to allow that kind of thing. Besides, how are going to know we can trust whoever we let into the base?"

Vahlen's head shot up from her focused writing to turn towards the loudly conversing group. "Are you discussing the idea to let people know the location of this facility?"

The three students and Queen shook their heads quickly, "No! Not saying that," they replied with guilty unison.

The doctor's eyes narrowed with suspicion of the highest order as she secured her stylus to the clipboard she held. "If you're going to suggest things like that, it should be with Colonel Bunker."

Blue was curious, "Weren't you in charge of the Colonel before?"

Vahlen's face was a mask of neutrality hiding a storm of annoyance. "That position was retracted after a certain incident with a Queen's eggs, if you recall."

Much to the group's surprise, Colonel Bunker chose that moment to arrive and confront Blue Sun directly.

"Queen Blue Sun?" She asked officially, her stance rigid. "There is a call for you."

The blue queen looked to her friends with confusion. "Is that a good thing?"

Bunker interjected in order to explain, "It's coming from the United Nation's Security Council. They have some... friends that would like a word."

Suspicion rose in the queen. "What kind of friends?"

The colonel shook their head slightly, "I was only told that it was a new kind of alien. Colorful, some with wings, others with horns and one with both."

The Queen's eyes went wide at that. "Ponies? Here!?"

Blue Sun, along with her friends, were lead to a secure room with a great many cables running through the area. A large camera sat upon a Tri-pod, staring at a blank white wall.

Looking around the room Blue questioned, "You said I was called, but the room is empty."

"A video conference!" Karol explained with some excitement. "Aliens talking to aliens over the internet; awesome!"

"The what?" Blue asked.

Ricky replied first, "Haven't we told you about the internet before?"

The queen blinked a few times. "Not that I remember."

A few soldiers moved into the room headed for the Camera and other technical looking equipment while the friends brought Blue Sun up to speed. Cables were reconnected to gain a better connection and test-runs of communication were sent out to confirm that the signal was working properly, and that there would be no interruptions from either end.

After a few minutes of setup time, Blue had been briefed on what she was supposed to do.

"I just stand here and look at the camera?" Blue asked skeptically. "This is silly. I'm not talking to anyone, just a camera on a stand."

"Screen coming up." A technician announced, spinning a laptop to face Blue Sun. "Everything should be good to go."

"Hey," Karol whispered to Blue loudly, "Are we still gonna find people to give love to Catalyst?"

"Not now, Karol!" Maria hissed, backing away from the Teleconference so she wouldn't get in the way.

"Going live in five... four..." The technician counted down, until eventually a screen flickered to life with a suited human on the other end.

"Hello, Queen Blue Sun." He announced in a deep, rocky voice. "The Security Council needs your help in determining the threat that these new aliens represent."

The camera on the man's end panned over to a group of fuzzy figures before refocusing. A blue pegasus with a rainbow mane sitting in the corner with her hooves crossed; a pink earth pony with even pinker mane bouncing happily in place; An orange earth pony hiding their head from the lighting in the room with a hat; A white unicorn that looked all around the room with an expression that flitted between impressed and disgusted; and finally a yellow pegasus that took shelter from the humans in the room behind a certain purple pony that Blue had seen before.

"Twilight Sparkle..." Blue whispered. "How did you get here... and with the rest of the elements, too?"

"What's that?" Pinkie Pie called out in the distance, pointing directly to the camera. "It looks like a big changeling queen!"

"Changelings!?" Rainbow Dash shouted, leaping to her hooves. "I knew there was something weird about you guys!"

Blue Sun almost swallowed her own voice before replying with haste, not wanting the humans on the other end to be blasted with the same magic that had struck with enough force to catapult her to Earth. "Wait!" The queen shouted, "Let's talk!"

The group of ponies were practically in a standoff against the metaphorical wall of security agents with drawn firearms.

"You want to talk?" Twilight asked suspiciously.

"Do you know these aliens?" The rocky voice asked, turning the laptop to face himself once more.

"Yes," Blue admitted, "I may... I may have been a part of an invasion of their capitol in the past."

Ricky almost visibly cringed at that, remembering the conversation he had with Blue when she was still a drone in the diner. "That's who you invaded?" He asked with some alarm.

"They're so cute though!" Maria protested, "Just look at the pink one!"

"Who is that?" The gruff voice asked, "Is this line not secure?"

"Excuse me," Blue Sun announced while raising a hoof to halt her friend's questions, "I have a great many things to discuss with Twilight Sparkle, the winged and horned pony, and her friends."

When things began to spiral out of control, something inside of Blue snapped to the front of her mind. A need to restore order, an official nature that she normally would lack. Now, however, there was more at stake than just herself. She knew the power the ponies had, and that they were able to easily defeat changelings in most circumstances. This could be a major breakthrough for everyone involved if she played her cards right.

Blue smiled at that, realizing that Ricky's mannerisms were slipping into her vocabulary.

"Uh, why is she smiling all of a sudden?" Applejack pointed out, adjusting her stetson. "It ain't a good sign when a queen smiles, ya know."

Blue's expression wiped itself into neutrality in the blink of an eye. "I need you six here, in Cheyenne Mountain."

The technicians, along with the rocky voiced official, covered their foreheads with their palms.

"What?" Blue asked, confused.

"The point of a secret base," A technician pointed out, "Is to not tell anyone where the secret base is."

"Eheh..." Blue stammered, "Secrets among friends?"

"You vouch for their trustworthiness, then?" The official asked, adjusting his suit to look better in the camera's lens.

"Wait," Rarity huffed, "We're the untrustworthy ones?"

The blue queen nodded. "Yes. I declare that ponies are not a source of conflict..." the queen paused for a moment, "For now, at least."

Blue figured it was good to have a backup plan, despite the cries of protest that rang out from the ponies on the other end of the teleconference. The official closed his line of the conversation after a showing of thanks for the information given, as well as the de-escalation between the security forces and the previously unidentified aliens.

"That went well," Blue smiled. "Nopony even cast a single spell."

Ricky raised an eyebrow of skepticism. "What, we're talking about spells now?"

Blue nodded, "Ponies are... unique with their magic."

Walking through the halls of a rapidly reconstructed mountain base, the group ducked as a Tunneler drone flew overhead with a pile of rocks in magical tow behind them.

"Unique how?" Karol asked with interest.

"Well, the purple one for instance," Blue replied, "You might want to stand back. I want to shape-shift for this."

"In here?" Ricky warned, motioning at the still melted walls. "Not the best idea, right?"

Blue waved off the concern, "It'll be fine. It's not that much magic."

Regardless, the group of three moved away from Blue Sun in order to take cover. A flash of heat akin to opening an oven later, and a new figure stood before them.

"The purple one!" Blue announced in the voice of another. A purple pony with wings, a horn and a strange mark on her flank. "Loves books, loves magic, loves her friends... loves loves loves."

"That's a good thing though, right?" Maria asked, standing up from her box of cover.

"Well," Twilight-Blue replied, "It's only good in low doses."

"You said you invaded their capitol, right?" Karol reminded everyone. "Why'd you do that if you just need love?"

The disguised queen sighed. "It's a bit more complicated than that. You see, my queen- well, my previous queen- Queen Chysalis, the one leading the whole invasion over in India? Yeah, she decided it would be a good idea for our entire hive to assault the main capitol of Equestria and seal all of the ponies in cocoons so they couldn't escape while we forcefully drained the love from them."

Blue noticed that her friends were behaving differently, looking at her oddly. "What?"

"Your personality like... entirely changed just now." Maria pointed out.

"Oh!" Blue blurted in her shifted voice, "It's a side effect of the shape-shifting process. Helps us fit in better with ponies when we mimic everything about them," She finished with a bookish giggle. "Mannerisms, habits, quirks, you name it, we copy it."

Ricky rubbed his head. "I feel like I've heard you talk more in the last minute than I have the entire previous time I've known you, Blue."

The queen looked at her purple hoof like a foreign limb. "Eh... It takes some getting used to. I remember the first time I shape-shifted into a pony! I was going to-"

"Blue, please." Karol interjected, "Focus. The invasion?"

"You're right! I completely spaced on that." Twilight-Blue replied with an apologetic smile. "So, I was part of the invasion of Canterlot, the capitol of Equestria, when everything was going well. Ponies were being cocooned, the streets were covered in drones- Most of them tunnelers and caretakers; we didn't have the love for many warriors then- when all of a sudden this big, massive wall of pink magic expanded out from the palace. I didn't know what to make of it at first, but I realized all too late that it wasn't anything good. I was struck by the giant wall and sent catapulting through the air and when I landed later, I found myself in a field of plant stuff and wandered until I found Soft and Rough!"

Blue-sparkle leaned in, a hoof covering one side of her mouth as she whispered to Karol, "Rough hit me in the face with a shovel."

Karol snorted with unexpected laughter, covering her face with embarrassment.

"What, what'd she say?" Ricky questioned.

"You hit her in the face with a shovel?" Karol giggled, "That's hilarious!"

Ricky sighed, "I swear I thought I got that out of the way already. Didn't I tell you about that?"

Karol shook her head, "Nope!"

"So," the disguised Blue announced with the academically inclined smile of Twilight Sparkle, "Any other questions?"

Vahlen, who had gone unnoticed in the background until now, raised her stylus in place of her hand. "I have many questions."

Not-Twilight's eyes went wide as she whipped around to face the stealthy scientist. "Doctor Vahlen!" she greeted with a nervous voice, "What a surprise!"

Doctor Vahlen's eyes narrowed with intrigue and a bit of suspicion. "Why have you never used this form before?" Her stylus moved to her electronic clipboard with speed, waiting.

"Uh," Blue blurted, "Didn't need to?"

"Is it because the disguise is weaker than your original form? Does your physical properties change with your shape shifting ability, or is it cosmetic?"

Blue grimaced at that. "Weaker physically, maybe. Magically though? I really wouldn't want to be in a fight with a pony ever again, especially the pony I'm disguised as now."

"Magically?" Vahlen questioned, her interest peaked once more about the subject seeing as there were multiple instances of this phenomenon, rather than the singular case that the changelings presented on their own. "In what way? Are they able to change their forms at will?"

Twilight-Blue shook her head. "They can't shape shift, but they're way better at magic in general than we changelings are. Queen Chrysalis even had her throne built from some magical artifact we found while tunneling that cancels out every kind of magic except changling magic just so we wouldn't be wiped out if the ponies ever found us."

Vahlen's mind swam with possibilities. Could there be such an artifact on earth, preventing humans from achieving the same kind of otherworldly prowess? Could the fables of dragons and wizards be not myths and legends, but historical fact? She blinked, writing down even more of her speculations about what all of this implied. What if the gods of Olympus were not a dead religion, but history...

Coming to a halt in her note taking after a lengthy pause, she asked, "You stated that the other aliens should meet you here, correct?"

Blue nodded. "It would be for the best. Maybe their magic works differently on Earth as well?"

Vahlen gave malicious grin. "I'm certainly hoping so. If they're as dangerous to you as you allude, then they might be able to help us design a weapon or some other device capable of removing the threat in India and China."

Turning on her heel and abruptly excusing herself from the conversation, Vahlen continued to scribble and scribe her thoughts down onto electronic pages, all the while muttering and whispering to herself at a pace that would be blistering to the mind to keep up with.

Blue blinked. "Now that I think about it," She voiced slowly, "Doctor Vahlen is like an emotionally terrifying version of Twilight Sparkle. All science and study, no charm."

Calling from over her shoulder Vahlen loudly shouted, "I heard that!"

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