• Published 6th Oct 2016
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I Am a Pet Changeling - Queen Sanguine Dreams

A simple Tunneler drone is catapulted from Equestria during the infamous Wedding onto earth. Confused, injured and alone, the drone must figure out how to survive with the whole world watching. (Changeling on Earth, Xcom, Men in Black and SG:1 Xover)

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Doctors, Grubs and Cocoons

No sooner had Timid turned in search of Colonel Bunker than three figures cut her off. Colonel Bunker herself, flanked by Doctor Shen and a newcomer in research clothing. A longsleeved white labcoat as usual except with a green stripe going from the shoulders down to the cuffs. She held a clipboard that had a large stack of papers secured to it as well as a pen in her other hand. The clipboard was kept close to her body as she approached, worry and nervousness radiating off of her despite the appearance of controlled calm. Shen was joined by Colonel Bunker in a sense of dread as they drew near along with the newcomer.

"Queen Blue Sun," Colonel Bunker began, halting a fair distance away from me and holding her hands at her sides in a rigid stance. "I owe you an apology."

I raised my eyebrow. "For attempting to steal one of my eggs, correct?" My head tilted as I looked once again to Doctor Shen and the female newcomer while they fidgeted like guilty pony foals.

"Y-yes." Colonel Bunker stammered, caught offguard by the directness of my reply. "I think that Doctor Vahlen will be able to explain the situation, since she is the one that the order came from."

The newcomer, apparently named Doctor Vahlen, shot a dirty look at Bunker before her previous mask returned. She took a single step forward to address me. "Hello, Queen Blue Sun. I, as you have just learned, am named Doctor Moira Vahlen." Her voice was different than that of Bunker or Shen; possibly meaning that she was from a different part of Earth. "You have questions, no doubt. The foremost being why I ordered a team to take one of your eggs."

I nodded, moving a bit closer to Vahlen while Timid, Soft and Rough moved to my sides. I noted that it looked somewhat like a standoff between myself and my friends against Bunker and her own people, but it was amusing more than anything. I was concerned about why they had entered the hive during my cocooned state, but in all honesty I wasn't entirely sure they were trying to take one of my eggs until now.

Doctor Vahlen continued her explanation. "You had already been in stasis for several hours with no sign of movement or life-- quite possibly from the hardened shell of the cocoon which you broke free of. I was concerned that the video feed I was receiving from my own department's monitoring equipment about your love-starved state upon entering the cocoon, and not having roughly any idea about your physiology or lifecycle, I made a reactionary call to secure one of your eggs in the event that you never... hatched." She adjusted her stance to favor the other leg before continuing. "Hindsight, of course, is always perfect. I asked Colonel Bunker to take me down here to apologize in person, and to ask a favor of you."

Both Shen and Bunker gave each other a nervous look before Rough spoke up. "You tried to take her kids and now you want a favor?" He asked harshly.

Vahlen was not impressed by Rough's tone, sending a look of contempt his way before choosing to ignore him altogether. "Queen Blue Sun, as I said before we know nothing of your kind apart from the fact that whatever field of energy you use to manipulate matter around yourself causes a massive spike of thermal energy. The more we can work in tandem to identify the causes of this phenomenon, the better we will be able to understand and co-exist with one another. Doctor Shen has already hypothesized a thermal generator that might be able to harness the raw heat that comes from your hive simply existing, let alone the temperatures from your 'remodeling'."

Shen seemed worried by his idea being mentioned, but remained quiet when I replied. "I already know what this 'energy' is; It's my magic." I stated simply.

Vahlen gave me a blank stare for a moment before blinking. "Magic." She deadpanned.

I tilted my head. "Yes, magic."

Vahlen looked to Shen and Bunker, whom both returned a helpless shrug. She then regarded my friends and asked, "You three have had the most contact with Queen Blue Sun. Do you have any insights on the subject of her 'magic'?" She asked skeptically.

"Well, it scorched the floor when she was a drone..." Soft provided helpfully. Vahlen wrote down a note of that on her clipboard.

"When she was smaller there wasn't as much heat as there is now. Maybe she uses more because she's larger?" Timid added, and another note was written.

"I'm standing right here, you know." I pointed out with a tiny bit of annoyance.

Vahlen looked from her clipboard towards me. "This might be going too far, but I have to ask: Would I be allowed to examine one... 'grub' from each of your eggs? They would not be harmed in the slightest and I would return them to you as soon as my studies were completed."

My first instinct nearly made me snarl at Vahlen, but I held it in check and let out only a grumble of annoyance. My narrowed eyes and serious expression were apparently enough to get my feelings across.

"Perhaps another time, then." Vahlen amended, backing away from me and holding her clipboard to her chest like a shield.

For a tense moment I held a staring contest with Vahlen while I tried to figure out her intentions. Obviously she wanted to study myself and my hive, but I had no idea where that would lead. Did she actually want us to co-exist, or was there some other motive? I couldn't risk any harm coming to my grubs, as every one of them would be needed to expand the hive into something that could support generations to come. They were barely out of the egg, and already this Doctor Vahlen was thinking about experimentation and study. There was also the fact that she was higher in the social hierarchy than Colonel Bunker, since she was able to order Bunker around. That meant she wasn't a typical human... so she must be a Royal, right?

"Queen Blue Sun?" Shen asked, breaking the standoff while adjusting his glasses. "About my idea that Doctor Vahlen mentioned earlier..."

I broke my glare with Vahlen to neutrally address Shen. "Yes, Doctor Shen?"

"If you would be willing, A space could be excavated within your hive to allow for a thermal generator to be constructed and adapted to withstand the enormous temperature that your 'magic' generates. This would provide a proof of concept that could help all of us in the long run as well as provide some assistance with our day to day operations. We have significant power draw from other projects within Cheyenne Mountain, and I know they could use the energy that our funding simply cannot allow for."

A generator? "How large would this 'Generator' be?" I asked, my interest and suspicion peaked.

Shen looked to Colonel Bunker and Vahlen a moment for support, yet finding blank faces he turned to speak with me instead. "Well, the problem is that we-- I, don't know that yet. There would have to be a significant space for tinkering, engineering, other kinds of machinery needed to move the building materials in place as well as safety barriers set up to avoid any harm coming to your... offspring." He explained, his voice a mixture of excitement from the possibility of discovery and worry that he might offend me.

I took a moment to stare at Shen, as I had with Doctor Vahlen to consider. I had no issues with Shen, as he mostly stayed true to his word and was nothing but polite to myself and my friends. He seemed to fill the role of a father figure more than a scientist, and something about him made me give him the benefit of doubt.

"Very well, Doctor Shen." I said calmly, nodding my head slightly. "You may build your generator within my hive, so long as you ensure no harm comes to my grubs." I turned to Colonel Bunker to address her specifically. "Colonel Bunker, what has happened to Jack O'Neill and his team?"

Bunker bit her lip a moment before replying hesitantly. "They were... reassigned to a different project within Cheyenne Mountain. I doubt that you'll be seeing them again."

I raised an eyebrow of suspicion. "Reassigned?"

Vahlen and Bunker shared a look before the Doctor spoke. "I decided that it would be best for both parties if the team I had sent to take your children from you was no longer within the same sector to avoid... incidents."

I had little issue with that personally, but my friends had more than a few favorable interactions with Jack and his team. "What of my friends? Will they be allowed to see them?"

Vahlen regarded my friends almost in surprise before replying. "I very much doubt that, Queen Blue Sun. The specifics of their involvement in their new project would be detrimental to the possibility of your friends from seeing the light of day again, were they to find out."

"What, and being friends with an alien queen isn't grounds for that already?" Timid snarked.

Vahlen's tone was sharp. "The entire world has seen Queen Blue Sun, child. Be thankful of that fact, for your sake."

A single step from me was all it took to make Vahlen cease her hostility, the Doctor retreating another step. "W-well," She stammered unintentionally, "If there is nothing else to discuss, we all have work to be doing at the moment." She looked to me specifically and made a short bow. "I apologize for my rash actions earlier, Queen Blue Sun. I wish you good luck for the future of your hive."

For some reason I hadn't been expecting that compliment, but even less so the fact that it had been a genuine wish. "Thank you, Doctor Vahlen. Good luck in your own work as well." I replied with measured patience.

The Doctor used that as a cue to leave the hive as quickly as possible, turning around on her heel before fastwalking towards the blast door and leaving Shen and Bunker in the figurative dust.

"I don't like her." Rough grumbled.

"I think she's cute." Timid replied without thinking. Our stares attracted her attention, and then she gave the three of us a reply of, "What?"

Soft rolled her eyes and Rough smiled in response, but the moment was interrupted by a collective chittering from the spawning pool. My attention was immediately focused on my grubs as I quickly moved past my friends and ignored everything else. Looking down into the pool, I noticed that the grubs were larger even still, though they looked hungry.

"Whoa, they got big fast!" Rough commented, remembering to keep his distance from the edge.

"They must be the size of my palm by now!" Soft cooed.

"You might want to leave the room. I have to feed them, and I don't want to place any of you in danger." I stated, moving down into the pit as my now larger grubs swarmed around me. They were halfway up my legs from the density of them as well as their size, the group of them becoming a wiggling blob.

"Still gross." Timid whispered, stepping away from the edge.

"We'll be outside if you need us, Blue." Rough replied with a wave, a hand on Soft to pry her away from a very wide eyed grub looking back at her. "Stay safe, okay?"

I nodded and carefully sat down, moving a few grubs from my path as they came to my neck. "I will, Rough."

I watched them leave the edge of the pit, and after a few minutes the loud noises from the blast door's closing had ended in a metallic slam. My grubs were huddled around me, crawling on me and a few were taking a spot on my crown as well.

"Well, my grubs. You are hungry?" I asked in a soft voice, nuzzling a few of them and receiving happy squeaks in reply. "Well then; let's feed you!"

My horn lit into a blue-purple glow as before, bathing the interior of the hive in its light as the grubs looked toward me in awe, their eyes wide and hungry. I channeled the love I had as well as the strange multicolored flame of emotion into my horn and caused an orb of it to condense on the tip before lowering it towards them. They swarmed over each other, climbing and pressing against another to be the first to get to the love.

I raised my horn out of reach, a displeased look on my face. "What have I told you, time and again?" I scolded. "What comes first above all else?"

They were frozen for a moment, looking at each other and a few shrinking away. After a short time, a Caretaker started pushing a larger warrior that was unable to move on its own towards my horn. I smiled as more grubs shoved the oversized one ahead of themselves, helping those that were too fat for their own good to get food as well, rather than starve them.

"The hive comes first, my tiny grubs. Selfishness will see the death of the hive. If you do not look out for another, none will look out for you. I, as your Queen, will always place your best wellbeing at front of my thoughts. You should do the same for everyling else. Without unity, we are pathetic. Together, we are unstoppable!" I said with vigor, noticing that a bit of Chrysalis' own speeches had come to mind. She wasn't wrong, and if not for the unexpected re-uniting of the bride with their groom, we would've been successful in taking Canterlot where so many others had tried and failed.

I lowered my horn to allow all of them to feed, now that the larger ones had been pushed to the center. The smaller grubs were riding on the backs of the larger ones-- the smaller ones being mostly tunnelers-- and they again looked out for another. It would remain to be seen if the lessons they had learned would carry over to when they cocooned and hatched into their roles as drones, but I was confident that I could teach them regardless of the outcome. I was a full Queen now; my duty was to my hive above all else, just as theirs was to the hive and myself. I would have to introduce them to my friends and the humans in the future, though they would be able to control themselves much better when they had taken their new forms. As grubs, they were capable of little more than assisting another and basic speech, but as a drone... well, I had become a queen, hadn't I?

As the grubs fed, the larger ones were pushed towards the rear to allow the other drones to take their fill. Many streams of magical mist were coming from my horn down to each grub, creating a web of 'energy' that made my hive glow like a lighthouse in the night. I hoped that I wasn't damaging anything else of the human's, though I doubted that any technology they thought to bring into my hive would survive for long; unless I worked with Doctor Vahlen, that is.

The grubs in the back were already beginning to cocoon, their tiny forehooves leaking the ooze that would create their temporary shell that would be shaped by their small horns. The look of absolute confusion on their faces was amusing, but I didn't want them to be distressed for long. I made soft cooing and chittering noises to them, reassuring them that everything was fine, and that this was a normal thing to happen. I had completely forgotten my own transformation from grub to drone, though that was possibly from it being so long ago. There was no way of keeping time in the hive, so I had no idea how long I had been alive to begin with. I knew that it was long enough to see a once thriving hive turn to desperation with the Gougers constant attacks and our dwindling supplies of love, and I was determined to avoid the same fate as Chrysalis' hive did.

The grubs in the center were cocooning now, noting that it was the Infiltrators that were next to transform. The fat ones in the back had been the Warriors, so I assume it made sense that due to their need of harder carapaces and chitin that they would need more love. The next two would be the Caretakers and finally the Tunnelers, so my mind drifted away from that as the grubs began stacking atop of one another and cocooning.

I still had to figure out what that multi-colored flame was, and what Vahlen wanted with my drones. She wouldn't be able to get her hands on my grubs now at least, until I laid more. Colonel Bunker needed a talk as well, in order to determine how far I would be able to construct my hive to avoid these other facilities that Vahlen had mentioned, and to prevent unintentional damage to their 'technology'. With Doctor Shen... I wasn't entirely sure how he was going to prevent his materials from melting. Maybe Vahlen might come up with something...

I sighed, interrupting a few of the grubs and causing them to stare at me. I cooed at them again, petting them with my hoof as they absorbed more love from me. "It is alright, my grubs. Your queen is just... thinking."

This placated them, and they resumed their previous activities of cocooning. I would probably have to work with Vahlen in the end, though anything they did with my grubs or my drones would be monitored closely by me. If she harmed any of them...

A tiny grub made a sound of protest and drew my attention. Looking down, I found that my forehoof had been accidently squishing them while I was upset with the thought of Vahlen. I picked up the grub in my magic and rested them on my hoof, leveled to my face.

"Are you alright?" I asked with worry. They were slightly deflated and it made me feel terrible to see them.

They gurgled, and nibbled on the edge of my hoof. I gave them a bit more love than the others to make up for my mistake, and they soon re inflated to their regular grubby self.

"I didn't mean it, little one. Are you better?" I asked, holding the grub in both of my hooves now with their lower half dangling down, their midsection between my hooves. It smiled at me, its forehooves reaching out towards me. I pulled it close and gave it a hug, careful to not squish it again. "Your Queen will protect you, tiny grub. No matter what." I whispered reassuringly.

Author's Note:

Here's a chapter and a bit of explanation, as well as a Semi-antagonist!

Luv Doctor Vahlen!

Anyway, I hope that my short break wasn't too long for everyone, but I was distracted by some Fallout 4 and spending time with friends that I hadn't been able to see in years ^.^

Let me know what you think of the chapter in the comments below, and thank you for reading!

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