• Published 6th Oct 2016
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I Am a Pet Changeling - Queen Sanguine Dreams

A simple Tunneler drone is catapulted from Equestria during the infamous Wedding onto earth. Confused, injured and alone, the drone must figure out how to survive with the whole world watching. (Changeling on Earth, Xcom, Men in Black and SG:1 Xover)

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Helicopter Ride

The 'helicopter' that Agent K mentioned proved to be immensely more terrifying than I could have even expected. It was called a 'Chinook', but to my eyes it was more of a flying titan of steel and blades, floating through the air without wings that had buffeted the grass around us in a constant storm of air. I didn't need to worry about debris impacting my eyes, but the humans with me had held an arm in front of their face to deflect the harsh winds. On its approach I had thought the ground near me was being broken through by an entire digging team of tunnelers from the rapid thudding of its 'blades'.

Entering the thing was something else entirely. Agent K had explained that I was supposed to go inside the impossible thing, as it was the only helicopter they believed would effortlessly lift my unknown weight and accompany my size. The mouth of the beast had slowly lowered down onto the clearing; the blades spinning worryingly close to my head. A human in an olive outfit with a bulbous helmet had greeted me and motioned towards a large seat with many straps waiting for me.

It was in that seat, strapped down with many restraints and chittering madly with nervous energy that I tried to stop myself from seeming terrified. Timid, Soft and Rough had come along with me on my request, as I would both enjoy the comfort of their company as well as my need for love and whatever other energy they provided me passively. I did what I could to stop shaking, but every turn of the beast made my wings attempt to adjust course to prevent a plummet to the ground that never happened. I was used to flying, but this was like falling forward and never hitting the ground.

"Hey Blue, are you alright?" Rough loudly asked, yelling over the roar of the beast and leaning forward in their seat that was amongst a row of many seats bolted onto its innards. "You don't look to good..."

"I-I am f-fine!" I stuttered, holding my limbs closer to my body. My wings wouldn't stop buzzing from trying to fly on reflex. I looked at the humans inside of the beast with me, and none were convinced.

"Blue, it's alright to admit you're frightened. We're all here for you." Soft provided with equal loudness.

"I feel like I'm falling!" I replied with a nervous shout. "Why aren't I falling!?"

"We're in flight, Queen Blue Sun. Human flight, I would say." Agent K explained, also yelling over the beast's blades. "We don't have wings on our back, so we have to improvise!"

"Couldn't I just follow this 'Chinook' myself? It would be far less terrifying!" I yelled back.

"Can you fly at nearly two hundred miles an hour?" Agent K replied with a sly grin.

I didn't know that unit of measurement, but judging from Agent K's smugness, I doubted it. "I don't think so?"

"Then how about we pass the time with a briefing?" They replied loudly, adjusting their sitting position to address everyone. When Agent K had our attention, they began their speech.

"First off, let's start with the mob that was outside of that hospital so there's no confusion." They shouted, somehow not bothered by the need for volume inside of the beast. "The crowd was peacefully dispersed by Riot Squads as well as a SWAT team in support, along with patrol officers. Thankfully, the arrival of a military helicopter drove the point home that they needed to leave. The Media are already picking over the conference footage as well as analyzing everything that was said in great detail. Some media outlets are taking a negative spin on all of this, like they normally do, but most remain hopefully optimistic. I know that a few media stations are going to portray all of this as a disaster for humanity, but its going to be up to your actions as a representative of your species as well as our government's interactions with the other world powers for how this truly plays out." Agent K then looked at a small watch on their wrist before continuing. "The location that we're going to provide for your hive is the lower portions of a place named Cheyenne Mountain. It was built during the Cold War from fears of Soviet nuclear retaliation, and if anything is going to protect you and your hive from human stupidity, it's going to be a nuclear bunker in a mountainside. Nothing short of a of nuke dropping directly on top of the door is going to put a dent in that thing, Queen Blue Sun."

I had no idea what a 'nuke' was, but it seemed like a good place for a hive. "Has any human lived in there before? Will it be like Titan One?" I asked loudly.

The beast took another turn that caused my wings to temporarily freak out from trying to adjust course, causing my heart to leap into my throat for a second. When I calmed down, Agent K continued. "It was the center for our space control and airspace monitoring before all of that got moved out. Right now it's being held in reserve in case of nuclear attack to protect the president, but that isn't very likely. When we heard of your existence on Earth we began clearing out the place for your stay, as we had no idea how long you would be on Earth and we wanted to provide the best protection we could as fast as possible. The fact that you're able to turn it into your own hive is just convenience."

Agent K then held a hand to their ear for a moment, listening closely. When they were finished Agent K yelled, "Alright, we've got a while before we land. Is there anything that you're going to need to get your hive... um, up and running?"

I didn't really know the answer to that. I was a tunneler before, yes, but Queen Chrysalis had always told us where to dig and how far for each room. The building of rooms was easy enough, it was just... well, I had the emotion for everything I would need as long as Timid, Rough and Soft were with me. Changeling construction wasn't very difficult, at least for us. "I'll have to figure that out when we arrive, Agent K." I replied loudly.

Agent K then addressed Soft, Rough and Timid. "As for you three, let me be very clear. You're going to stay with Queen Blue Sun as long as she needs. You're going to be inside a government facility, so we're confiscating your electronics." Timid was most verbal in their protests before being cut off by Agent K. "Listen! We're going to provide everything you'll need to cover any developments made regarding the Queen. Believe me, we're just as interested in alien life as the rest of the world. All we're going to do is edit out anything that could potentially harm Queen Blue Sun, yourselves, the nation, or compromise the location of the Queen. This entire operation is for her safety, and we're not going to place her or anyone else working at this location in danger for a selfie on Twitter. It's also going to be your duty to show the public that Queen Blue Sun isn't an alien invader out to destroy humanity. We all know that narrative isn't true, but with the media trying to sensationalize everything all the time for ratings, the rest of the world isn't going to know that."

Agent K then looked back to me. "Queen Blue Sun, I would advise that you continue to be yourself in front of any camera. You handled the media fairly well considering it was your first time with them, and they'll have very little footage to suggest that you're anything but good for the world. There's still that situation where you were apparently overwhelmed in the end of their recordings, but that can be easily explained away. As for... your hive, I would suggest that you explain to these three here, as well as the camera, exactly what you're doing. Humans tend to panic when something is happening that they don't fully understand."

"Like hittin' an alien in the face with a shovel... heh." Rough added with embarrassment.

Agent K gave Rough a cold stare and flatly stated, "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that."

"Where are... Maria, Ricky and Karol going to sleep?" I asked, interrupting the awkward moment before it could begin.

Agent K shifted in their seat to address all of us again. "You three will be staying in an unused section of the VIP suites. I'm under the impression that you will be... modifying the mountain to suit the needs of your hive, Queen Blue Sun?"

I noncommittally shrugged as best as I was able underneath my restraints. "I suppose?"

Agent K did their best to not roll their eyes at me and sighed, holding their hand to their ear once more. After a moment, Agent K began unbuckling their seat as the Olive garbed human from before with the funny helmet came from the front of the beast.

"Landing in three minutes!" The human called loudly, holding up three fingers. They then pulled a lever on a panel next to them, and the mouth of the beast opened once more to the furious whipping of winds as pressure went right out of the belly of this 'Chinook'.

"Get ready to see your new home, Blue!" Timid yelled with a smile, the three of them eager with anticipation.

I just wanted to get off of this beast with its impossible flying!

Author's Note:

Bit of a narrative jump to hop into the helicopter, but i didn't want to spend an entire chapter of just Blue and Co. going outside and getting into a Chinook .-.

Larger chapter will be coming soon; I've just been swamped with life in general recently and exhausted. I fall asleep every few hours or so.

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