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Black diamond

I like the show and I love the fandom I like a wide variety music everything from flight of the Valkyries to Five Finger Death and I like a wide variety of stories and often lose myself in the o I lik


Hello fimfixion · 3:47am Dec 18th, 2015

Hello fimfiction Black Diamond here I'm new if you couldn't tell. I'm A 17 year old guy from a small town in Western Kentucky I like good stories and good music doesn't matter what kind whether it be classical or hard rock or a slow budding love story for an action packed adventure novel my taste in characters varies as much as my taste in music the characters can be whatever the author wants them to be and I won't complain much as long as its good .I love

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2268536 ... Yeah, that's a good enough reason. Thanks for the follow.

2267431 I like your name I like the storys u like and I like your picture.... Plus the emporer commands it!

Who are you and why are you following me? I don't recall reading your storys, or yelling at you in the comments section.

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