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A multilingual Artist, gamer, freerunner, archer, mountaineer, student and reader; who has a questionable interest in smol horses.

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A bit busy, fully painted commissions unavailable for now! :twilightblush:

DISCORD: G-Haze#9176



All out painted, shaded as clean as I can with attention to detail.

'Quick' paint


Emphasize on quotated 'quick'. The proper expression may be 'rough'. Painted with less attention to detail, but still good enough for the eye to glance over, I hope.

Cell shaded


My take on lines and blocky shading. I still use the effects I use on painiting though. The sample price is up at 30 due to complexity.



For those who just want to see their ideas in another form, with little cost.


All prices are for something similar to the sample works, not for that specific 'style'.

- Price varies a lot depending on complexity, # of characters, the background.
- Art references would help a lot, and save you quite some time in the long run.
- I can draw non-ponies and/or nsfw but it'll up the price and the time.

If you're not up for a commission, I'd love some criticism. as much as it hurts

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Dude, this stuff is amazing. I may commission you soonish for some coverart. I'm collabing with someone and could use some art of our two pones.


Beautiful artwork. :scootangel:

Though I refuse to believe so myself

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