• Published 7th Oct 2016
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Bloodborne: The Endless Nightmare - MadMaxtheBlack

Can you survive the treacherous night to see the morning once more? Or will you fall into the Endless Nightmare?

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Well it looks like Celestia may end up being a villain. I wonder what will happen next?

Comment posted by badninja deleted Oct 22nd, 2016

He did very well using his dex to dodge those attacks.

Although, he fucked up his dex build by having a blunderbuss instead of a pistol.

OMG please update soon

You might be happy about being in this situation

I would be to if I had immortality dream powers.

Listening to "Necer wake again" when I stumbled upon this :pinkiehappy:
Saving for a later read

So I'm reading this on my breaks at work, and I've got to say, I'm really liking it so far
Can't wait to see how this goes !!!:pinkiehappy:

I suppose I'll just make a list here to keep track of the cast, and update it as we proceed. If I miss any, I hope someone will correct me.

You AKA The Bearer as The Good Hunter
Burgundy? as Iosefka
Celestia as Gehrman
Possibly Luna as Lady Maria, and therefore her look-alike as The Doll?
Shining Armor as Father Gascoigne
Cadence as Viola
The Guard as The Healing Church Hunters

Does all that sound about right?

I am loving this story by the way. I may be tying the strings together but I do feel that this diverges enough on its own, and provides a great insight in to the protagonist's mind. Also I love the descriptions of the fight scenes. It manages to capture the frantic, frenzied pace of bloodborne's combat without being to gamey and confusing for the reader. Great work!

Loving this so far.

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