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Welcome to main page readers! my name is Floral Essence (aka NinjaMare), and here you will find mostly HiE fics, among other kinds of fics. hopefully you all enjoy what I have to offer.

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i'm not sure. i did think about, but i thought this made a better 1-shot type of fic. but, if more people want it, i might add more crazy dreams for the ponies to witness. but i don't think it'll happen.

I wasn't expecting the all dogs go to heaven for this.

It would be great if there was a chapter where everyone has to deal with what they saw in that dream or how they would react to Anon now.

“I’m in!” Pinkie Pie immediately said as she bounced in her chair, which wasn’t all that surprising.

“Eh why not, this sound like it could be fun.” Rainbow said nonchalantly as she leaned back in her chair.

This is so unethical hahaha

Ah yes. The dreams where you get mangled. My dreams usually run on cartoon logic.

-Begin Comment-

This reminds me of all my weird, violent outright and creepy dreams. 7/10 would recommend.

-End Comment-

If you make another dream dive sequence (if), how about Anon witnessing the horrors of war, being plunged into something like a WW1 trench battle, the Battle of Stalingrad, D-Day, etc before finally culminating in the sheer destructive power, terror and hopelessness that comes with a nuclear bomb detonating over a major city. Just an idea.

It sounds like anon got a first person experience of hell

A sequel would be nice but more than that maybe just a prologue? Tiny lil chapter of what happened that morning with how the ponies reacted and anon trying to explain his dream or something to that effect.

Regardless of if there is a sequel or prologue I liked this chapter and I have a niche like of ponies experiencing human dreams as being much more extreme or chaotic than they thought possible so here’s a favorite and a like! :twilightsmile:

If you do a follow-up, it should be an even more truly random dream. Not even necessarily horror, comedy or whatever.

well they should consider themselves lucky it wasn't a wet dream

The sheer amount of body and existential horror I've experienced in my dreams...

What Do Human's Dream About?

Well little moonbutt, it all depends on if the food we ate before bed has gone slightly bad or if it was spicy food night. If the answer was yes to any of those points, welllll.....things are gonna get freaky. And not in the good way.

i have actually been thinking about making a sequel follow up, or just post new chapter to this story about this topic. if people want this, then i will make the attempt to write said chapters

for me my dreams blend things from what i've watched or seen all day, and blends them together. some in awesome ways, some in strange, and some in nightmare fuel.

............you have given me a spark...........we shall see.

i was going to have like a brief explanation on who Anon is as a character, which starts when he walks into the dining hall, but i cut it off shortly, because i want to leave his character up for debate. is Anon mentally ill, does he just live in nightmares and puts a brave face on?

thank you for the comment! and YEAH! that's what i was going for, cause from the show, ponies have a VERY Vanillia and control dream state, un-like humans were our minds twist everything we seen or experience in x-amount of days, into whatever dream our mind decided to make up.

if enough people ask for it, then i will gladly obliged to their desire to see where this goes.

that's whats fun about dreams, you either get one with a random genre, or you just sleep with a blank mind.

I also seem to have dreams that tell my future by like 6 months. Nothing life changing. Just a situation will happen like a certain conversation. The weird thing is in my dreams I feel like I am remembering the moment like I will say "I had a dream like this a while back." while in the dream and I end up saying the exact same thing when the dream becomes the future.

Comment posted by Queen Mendica deleted Jun 18th, 2020

I can sympathize with Anon. There are mornings where I wake up with aching muscles and joints. I believe those are the nights I fight back against the night terrors. Sadly, I never remember If I won or lost, or perhaps it's for the best that I don't remember.

but, did that happen to Anon? i left it that it seemed Anon was un-aware of what happened in his dream, but is it an act, or did he actually feel all of that?

we got a winner! you guessed the scene right.

It definitely needs a sequel.
Or at least another chapter to show how the girls were affected and how they are treating Anon after that dream. Because right now they are completely irrelevant to the story at large, you can easily throw them out and leave only Celestia and Luna, nothing will change.

This is some advanced level woah posting

The Human's in the title should be Humans.

I mean, I don't think it really matters on Anon's part. Either way it's just a dream, I think the only ones really affected were the ponies sneaking in to watch since that level of violence seemed beyond their comprehension.



You know it'd be funnier too if the girls start describing the dream to him and he just goes "oh I remember that, scared the heck out of me as a kid" and then refuses to explain anything else.

so far i've had at least seven request for a squeal, or a continuation with a new chapter. and I've actually began jotting down the ponies reaction to the dream. mind if i use:

"oh I remember that, scared the heck out of me as a kid"

when Anon remembers the movie the scene is from.

Most of my dreams are either in Skyrim or a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk Southern California. The few that aren’t there land me in a haunted pizzeria where I have to play hide and seek against an amalgamation of Slenderman and the Fazbear animatronics. I hide because they keep pestering me to give them twenty bucks or prep me into their suits.

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