• Published 24th Sep 2016
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Nightmares - Sparkletop Rainbows

Sonata has been getting nightmares all the time. She can't take it anymore, she wants to end it all. It's not like there was anyone who cared for her, anyways.

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It was a beautiful, calm night. The moon shined and the stars twinkled in the sky. It was a perfect night. But not for Sonata Dusk. She slept in a warm bed in her room. Sonata tossed and turned. She struggled in sleep, disturbed by her dream.


It was cold and dark. Sonata was running, out of breath. A shadowy demon was chasing her, its big, sharp claws almost reaching her. Sonata closed her eyes shut, tears rolling out. She stopped for a few short breaths and opened her eyes.

The demon was gone, but it was still pitch black. Suddenly, random eyes appeared everywhere. All of them looked straight down at Sonata. Their stare was starting to make her want to hide away forever. But there was nowhere to hide. Whispers floated through the air. Whispers about her. "Stop... Stop it... It's not my fault..." Sonata said faintly. "Stop it..." The eyes turned bright red and their pupils turned into a fiery color. They were all angry. Flames reached up into the air and flooded everything red. Sonata closed her eyes shut, shielding her face from the vibrant color.

When she opened her eyes again, all she could see was the suffocating darkness around her. Whispers once more echoed through the air.




A pointed finger appeared from the shadows and jabbed itself at Sonata, causing her to fall down.

You are such a weakling, you can't do anything.

A disembodied voice said, matching with the finger. Many fingers like the first one appeared from the shadows and started jabbing Sonata which soon turned into beating. Red splotches of blood appeared all over her body.

Even a dummy is smarter than you.

Don't you know anything?

Nobody cares about you.

Go die in a hole!

You're such a pushover.

You're so weak.




The shadowy demon suddenly appeared right in front of Sonata and cut her with its sharp claws which were now inked in red. A large gash appeared right in Sonata's heart. Blood was leaking and spilling everywhere. She could feel the life dying from inside of her. Sonata clutched her heart. She attempted to get up slowly but failed in the end. She laid back down again on the floor and curled up.

That's when a thought appeared in her head.

Just end it. End it all. It won't hurt anymore if everything is gone.


Sonata jolted awake. Sweat was sliding down her forehead. She sighed, and rubbed her eyes. It was just a nightmare. Like all the other nights before, she kept having the same dream over and over again. So much that The Voice got inside her head.

Looks like The Weakling finally woke up. Let's what a useless good-for-nothing disappointment you'll be today.

Sonata dragged herself out of her bed and walked into the bathroom. Maybe she was a disappointment after all. She never helped and only caused trouble for her other siren sisters when they have tried to take over the world. That had been about a few months ago. Surprisingly, Adagio was able to gather up enough money to send them away from that horrid place. Now they were sufficiently living far away from Canterlot High, attending a new school. A school which Sonata secretly bunked which her sisters didn't know. She never cared about school, anyways. It didn't matter.

Sonata combed her hair flat down. She didn't tie it up into a ponytail like she used to. She didn't want to reminded of her past. But no matter how much she tried, she couldn't let go of her past. It kept haunting her in her nightmares. Sonata finally gave up her struggle and learned to accept it. She didn't care about anything anymore. She didn't care about the way she dressed or looked, even though the clothes she wore were usually dark colors. It didn't matter, anyways. Nothing matters anymore.

Sonata wore her serious expression while she walked down the stairs. She looked like this every single day. She never smiled, laughed, or even frowned. Her expression scared other students away at her new school. She never made any new friends. But her sisters had, and they all sit at the same table while Sonata sits in a lonely corner. It doesn't matter anyway, it's not like she ever cared.

As soon as Sonata reached downstairs and made her way into the kitchen, Adagio greeted her with a warm smile. "Good morning, Sonata! How are you?" Adagio's mood drastically changed in the past few months. Sure, she may still be a little bit bossy, but she's nicer and accepting. Sonata looked straight into her eyes for a few moments and didn't say anything. She walked over and took a plate of scrambled eggs and sat by herself at the other table in the living room. Adagio looked away to hide her disappointment. She tried to get closer to Sonata after the Battle of the Bands, but every time she tried, she got turned down.

Meanwhile, Aria sat at the table while checking her phone. She still was a big grump, but at least she didn't bully anyone anymore. And surprisingly she had friends who liked her for who she was. Aria was too busy to notice what just happened. She was checking the latest feed on the internet.

"Okay, everyone, time for school!" Adagio walked over to where three bags with matching lunch boxes were lined up. "If we want to get to school on time, we gotta move fast. Chop, chop!"

Aria moaned. "Do you always have to say that? Why can't you just let us take our time?"

"If I did, you would take a thousand centuries years to get to school. You're always so addicted to your phone, you never look up to see what's going on," Adagio replied.

"Oh, so I'm the addicted one? Says the girl who has an obsession with chipmunk music," Aria said.

"It's called nightcore! And it's not chipmunk music! You have a horrible taste in music. What kind of person would listen to barbaric and inhumane shouts and shrieks?"

"It's called heavy metal! And it's way cooler than your animal noises!" The two sisters continued to bicker back and forth. While this seemed strange to a few people, it was a typical morning in Sonata's house. But no matter how much they argue and fight, the two sirens always manage to get along later in the end.

Finally, in the end, Adagio was able to herd her sisters into her ca and on to school twenty minutes late. Adagio sighed. "We never make it on time!"

"I never want to make it on time, anyways. I'd rather miss all those boring lectures those nutty teachers give," Aria said.

"You know, you should pay attention more in class, Aria. Education is very important. You need to take more responsibility and think about your future. Without education, you can't get into a good college, get a good job, get a-"

"Blah, blah, blah, whatever. You sound just like those nutty, old teachers. This is a waste of my time," Aria said.

"Well, don't come back begging me for money. I don't think people like you use your brain very well," Adagio commented.

"Are you calling me dumb?" Aria asked, angry.

"... Yeah," Adagio replied.

"Do you want to die?" Aria asked, very irritated. The two started to fight again, making their way to their first class which they had together.

Meanwhile, Sonata secretly ducked out of their sight, and walked back through the door, leaving her bag and lunch box behind on the floor. Nobody noticed her, not even the lady at the desk. No one cared about Sonata, she was practically invisible. Everyone knew Sonata attend the school, but they never even took notice of her absence, not even the teachers or any adult. Sonata was forgotten, she was like a picture that faded into the background.

Sonata blew a strand of her hair out of her face. On the outside, she looked scary, not even the bullies would go near her. But on the inside, she was scared. Scared of her fears, scared of the outside, scared of everything. But what she was scared most of all was what people thought of her. Although she seemed like she didn't care, she took the matter into her heart. She could feel the pointing fingers aimed right at her, and the millions of eyes staring right through her soul, just like in her nightmare.

Sonata took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment. She told herself mentally to stop.

Oh, so you're trying to overpower me, huh?

Sonata opened her eyes wide. The Voice!

I can't deal with this right now, she thought.

What? You don't want me to call you loser, loser?

Just please leave me alone.

Like I'd ever do that, dumb head. You're a complete failure, the biggest disappointment the world has ever seen. You're brain is empty and filled with sand, you can't do anything right, can you? You're just a lonely creak who's always a crybaby every time!

Please, stop it. Just leave me alone.

You're a big weakling! Weak, weak, WEAK!

Sonata shut her eyes tight, a few tears leaked out. She closed her ears tightly, trying to block out The Voice, but no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't. It was all in her head. The word "weak" repeatedly echoed through her mind. Sonata hid behind a corner and sobbed, letting all her bubbling emotions loose.


Adagio walked through the halls after using the bathroom. Things were so nice at this school, she was glad she made a change and moved here. Adagio even met some friends of her own, and she and Aria and her other friends sat together at lunch. But no matter how much happy she was, she still couldn't stop worrying about Sonata. The happy , innocent girl she once knew drastically changed into this dark, quiet goth.

As Adagio was passing by, she came upon on of Sonata's classes. When she glances towards all the desks, she saw that Sonata's was empty. Well, that's weird, Adagio thought to herself. She knew Sonata wasn't in the bathroom since she was just there. Where was Sonata? As the older sister, is was Adagio's responsibility to look after her younger sisters, and if anything bad happened to one of them, it was all her fault.

Adagio was growing insanely worried. Sonata was strange, she barely ever responded whenever Adagio made an attempt to talk to her. Sonata was unpredictable. Something dangerous could've happened to her.

The bell rang, signaling that it was lunch time. If she had enough time, Adagio could quickly get to Sonata to check if she was okay. Adagio rushed out the door to the school before the halls got too crowded.


"Sonata? Sonata!" Adagio called into the air. It was nearly the end of school, and Adagio already missed most of her classes. She grew more worried and concerned every second. She searched everywhere, the park, the streets, the restaurants, the library, the shops, and yet Sonata was still nowhere to be found. Adagio felt like she was going to have a heart attack.

But suddenly, she remembered that each siren had keys to their house. Could Sonata have unlocked the door and went inside? No, no, Sonata would never do that, right? She must at least know the consequences of her actions, unlike Adagio's irresponsible other sister, Aria. But still, Adagio went to check, just in case.

She walked from the park to the house. It wasn't long before she got there. Adagio took her key out of her pocket and unlocked the door. She turned the knob with her hand and stepped inside. "Sonata?" Adagio asked.


Adagio took a few steps into the living room and found a familiar blue girl with flat, straight hair reading a book. She looked up to see Adagio with the same stony look she displayed all the time. Adagio was so shocked she stood still for a few seconds.

"Sonata, what were you thinking?! Running off like that could be dangerous!" Adagio yelled.

"Whatever," Sonata mumbled and went back to reading her book. Adagio was steaming mad. How can Sonata not know the problems of bunking school? Adagio snatched the book out of Sonata's hands and tossed it onto the table.

"WHY DID YOU BUNK SCHOOL? WHAT IS GOING ON?!" Adagio raised her voice even more.

"Hey!" Sonata got up, her expression maddening. "I was reading that! What is wrong with you?!"

"Oh, what's wrong with me? You're the one who went without telling anyone!" Adagio replied.

"I've been doing that everyday, so what?" Sonata replied with a lot of attitudes. As soon as she said that, she regretted it.

"You have been doing this everyday?!" Adagio was even more shocked. "That's it. You are grounded for a month!"

Sonata was beyond mad. She could feel her inner demon rising and taking control. Sonata's fists shook. She wanted to strangle Adagio for doing that. Her eyes were growing glossy, but she couldn't let Adagio see her cry. It would be weakness.

"WHATEVER, I DON'T CARE!" Sonata shouted in Adagio's face before she stomped into her room and shut the door loudly. Adagio was very pissed, but she let out a sigh and sat down in a chair. She held a hand to her forehead and massaged her temples, closing her eyes.


Aria was viewing the text message Adagio sent her. It said that she was going to check on Sonata to see if she was okay since she wasn't in school. At first, Aria protested that she wanted to come and look for her little sister, too, but Adagio gave her another boring, useless lecture about education and stuff. Adagio told her not to worry, so Aria agreed and went on with her day.

It was already the end of school, and Adagio still hadn't returned yet. She got another text from saying that she finally found Sonata- which relieved Aria- but she was too stressed out to come back to school to pick her up. So that was why Aria had to take the bus home.

After the bus had dropped her off, Aria walked a few blocks until she found her medium-sized house sitting on the ground. Aria unlocked the door and walked inside. It was quiet, which was something that practically never happened in this house. Aria found Adagio sitting in a chair looking tired.

"What happened?" Aria asked.

"Sonata's grounded. It turns out she was bunking school everyday, and I've never noticed it," Adagio responded.

"Wait,w hat, really?" Aria asked. "We've gotta pay more attention to her."

"Aria," Adagio began. "Do you think I went too hard on her?"

"I dunno," Aria replied. "Lemme go talk to her. I mean, she is the younger sis after all. Things may be hard for her, and she may feel like we're ignoring her."

"I just want what's best for her," Adagio said.

"I know, we all do. I should go check on her to see if she's okay," Aria said.

Aria walked over to Sonata's room. The door was completely plain, it wasn't plastered with heavy metal posters like Aria's or dazzled with tiny, glittery crafts like Adagio's. Aria knocked on the door three times. "Hey, lil' sis, open up."

No response.

Aria knocked three times again. Still nothing. She didn't want to barge in like Adagio would, she wanted Sonata to have her personal space. She knew exactly how it felt like to have someone critiquing her ways or snooping on her stuff.

Aria was a little bit concerned since Sonata wasn't opening up. Usually, Aria was always the chill one who wasn't in a panic attack no matter how bad the situation may be. She wanted Sonata to feel chill around her, so she never said anything about her stuff.

"Okay, if you're not gonna open the door, then I'm comin' in," Aria said, turning the knob handle. Everything was just how it was left in the morning. The bed was made, the table was neat and clean, the floor was spotless. But the window was wide open. Before doing anything else, Aria scanned the room once more and spotted a tiny, little note laying on the bed. It was a white sheet of paper with Sonata's hand writing on it. Aria read what it said in her mind.

Dear sisters,

I am nothing. I have always been. Nobody cared about me, nobody even noticed me. I can't do anything right. I'm completely useless. All I ever did was cause more trouble. I know I'm just a burden to you, and that all I ever do is bring you down. You probably want to get rid of me. So I'll do you the favor. I'm going to commit suicide. The voices in my head tell me to do so. Please don't come back after me, I don't matter to anyone.



Sonata walked onto the school roof. This was it, she was going to jump. Finally, finally, all the pain will soon be over. Then her sisters wouldn't have her dragging them done anymore.

Do it. Do it.

Sonata closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She knew that by doing this, she was going to loose everything. But she had nothing to loose, anyways, Her existence was completely forgotten. Step by step, Sonata was close to the edge of the roof. One more step and she'd be tumbling down.


Sonata stopped, her foot hanging in the air. The two siren sisters had come all the way to the school roof, huffing and puffing. It was pouring, and they were both completely soaked. Tears streamed down their faces from their red eyes. Sonata was shocked to see Aria cry, especially about her. Aria never cried, and that was a well-known fact.

"Please, Sonata," Adagio began. "Don't do it..."

"You shouldn't have followed me here," Sonata said. "I don't matter anymore. There is no reason for my existence."

"But, Sonata, you matter to us. Please don't go, we need you!" Aria said.

Sonata looked down from her sisters to the ground awaiting her. She knew exactly what choice she'd make.

"Goodbye," Sonata said, and let herself fall to her death.

"Sonata!" Adagio cried out, her hand out in the air.

As Sonata fell, she felt a hand grab her wrist. It was Aria. "Don't do it Sonata," Aria said. "We love you."

We love you.

Sonata looked into the sky, her mouth open, letting out a quiet gasp. She allowed herself to be pulled up by her sister. "I'm sorry," Sonata said. "I'm so sorry I forgot that you loved me. I... I was so blinded by everything that I forgot that."

Sonata felt two hands wrap around her. "It's okay, Sonata," Adagio said. "We love you."

Author's Note:

Know that you are never alone. Even though it may seem like that, there are still people who care about you. Don't ever think that you are alone.

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Comments ( 12 )

Nice story, although I would have liked it more if the ending wasn't over so quickly. What you have is nice, and it's sweet and all that, but you gloss over Sonata' realization in only a sentence or two. You could pack a lot more emotion into the ending if you expanded it a little bit. That's my thought, anyway.

You also do a lot more telling than showing. Things like:

Adagio was steaming mad.

Aria was a little bit concerned

Lastly, I don't know if this was intentional or not, but this sentence really bugged me.

thousand light years

Light Year is a unit of distance, not time.

So those are my thoughts. Not bad, but it could be better.

There were some typos, but other than that, this was a wonderful story. Very nice job! :raritywink:

Ayy, that's pretty good!

Wow!That's awesome and so sad!It's just awesome!:fluttercry::heart:

7589657 Thank you! And could you point out the typos, please? I would like to fix them.

7590733 Sure. ^^ Sorry if I sound too critical.

Sonata tossed and turns.

Um, it's supposed to be "turned."

All of them looked staright down at Sonata.


You're suck a pushover.

*Stuck or *Such

She never helped but cause trouble for her other siren sisters when they has tried to take over the world.

Uh, what? I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say here...? I think you mean "All she did was cause trouble for her other siren sisters when they tried to take over the world."

But no matter how much she tried, she couldn't let go of er past.


It doesn't matter, anyways. Nothing matters anymore.

To make it sound more like it was in the past (since it is, really), you might want to change it to "It didn't matter, anyways. Nothing mattered anymore."

Sonata wore she serious expression while she walked down the stairs.


But her sisters have, and they all sit at the same table while Sonata sits in a lonely corner.

You might mean "But her sisters had, and they all sat at the same table while Sonata sat in a lonely corner."

These are just a few of them, and I think there's more, but that would probably be too overwhelming for me to correct all of them and for you to fix all of them right now. If you want, though, I can give you more tips and help.
Again, sorry if I sound too critical, but I hope this helped. :twilightsmile:


Thank you for telling me! It helped a lot.

I'm not a big fan of the Dazzlings but this was amazing. I've noticed you focus more on Sonata than the other ones.

Also, as a curious note, I notice a lot of similarities with my story (Pictures in my Head) in terms of story elements. Inspiration?

Anyway, good work.:twilightsmile:

7593219 Huh, I never realized it had a few stories. Perhaps I was a bit inspired by it I didn't notice. Thanks!

Oww......my heart

Right in the feels. Ouch...

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