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Sky Sunset shimmer

I am brazilian, and i love mlp and mlpeg, my favorite charater is Sunset shimmer.


Aria was going to die and she knew that.
Before Aria died, Sonata started to cry ,and tell to her sister that she cannot live without her.
(My first featured story!)
Amazing proofread by Sparkletop Rainbows !

Chapters (15)
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Comment posted by goaway deleted Jan 9th, 2017
Comment posted by Jarvy Jared deleted Jan 9th, 2017

All in ll it was pretty good. A little ruff around the edges but good.

And I'm always up for a good romance.

7943066 Thanks, but because I'm Brazilian I don’t know what ruff around the edges mean,can you explain to me?
And romance is so cool to write, I'm anxious to write the next stories.:pinkiehappy:

7944619 It was good but have a few place it can be improved. The way some of the things ere phrased weren't quite right. But if English isn't your first language It's understandable.

And who do you plan on writing about next?

7945861 Oh,so that's it.
Continue on Winter and Adagio,I got a whole story to them,but maybe write an one-shot romance about Sunset and Blitz,I know it's a weird shipp but I really like it.

7945974 If you like the ship do it. There's is no right or wrong ship.

7947641 Yeah we can be friends. I'm up for making more.

Deleted comments and wangst. Not very encouraging signs for this site.

8068694 That is the first step to recovery: admitting there's a problem, or that you made a mistake in this case.

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