• Published 31st Jul 2016
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The Therapist - durtydan

Everyone has secrets, and it's my job to listen them; no matter how twisted they may be.

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I didn't expect it to end this fast.
Or like this.

I'm really not sure what to make of this story. The tone and pacing feel off. I feel like the story was going somewhere and now we're at the end and I missed something. It seems like one conversation and bam, everything's better. This seems to be similar to the problem others kind of had with the Celestia conversation and making her break down. Something about it just feels off. It feels too sudden and too contrived to a certain degree.

This is just my immediate response to what I just read. TBH, I'm not giving this story an up or down vote. It was an interesting concept with some interesting moments but overall it doesn't feel like it came together in all the right ways with things flowing well into each other and having the right pacing while also having the right tonal ending.

So the pony horses gets to him and then the story dies (ends).

Saw the complete status of story:


Oh well. Lets read it.


After reading this i feel some disappointment, but i am still sated. The story is about man who keep everybody else at distance. And the story ends when this man changed and stoped keeping himself at distance. I feel he was slightly ooc compared to earlier chapters, but it is still a good story.

More or less the story has begining, end and fill in between which brings as to the end rather nicely.

All what left is to follow author in case he post more stories.

Just one thing, about crystal beth 2.

breaking a few ribs and making it hurt to breath

Should be breathe, just a pet peeve of mine.

I took in a breath
I struggled to breathe
I breathed out slowly
I was breathing heavily

Should cover most uses of that :D

Don't know about this chapter really. Love the story, but this chapter seems abit "odd" for me. Can't really say why, it just is. Shame its over tho.

Well, this is a little disheartening.

I was not expecting this story to end as soon as it did, and I kind of think that in a few ways it fell short as a result of that. Hopefully you do decide to continue writing a sequel of sorts, because I feel that it sorely needs it. :applejackunsure:

Nevertheless, the story you wrote up to this point was an interesting one, for sure.

Great story! I loved it through and through. :pinkiehappy:
And if you can think of a good plot for a sequel then I'd be up for that! But only if it actually has a plot. None of that writing-a-sequel-just-cause bullshit. :moustache:

Great story, ended off pretty quick but I guess it worked out ok. Especially for our poor displaced soul.

I feel like you sort of just ran out of ideas. At first, you had something going, but towards the end you slacked off and rushed to end the story. If you must end the story so soon, I think you should at least make it seem more progressive instead of forcing the character go from a complete douche(pardon the language) to a reformed, understanding guy. Otherwise, the story was well written aside from a few spelling errors here and there.

A real shame to see a good concept go to waste, but a good read nonetheless.

I’m a little mad you did say anything to me


Oh, it's over.
I'm still going to call him The Therapist...

So ends TheRapist's journey.

a refreshingly different take on a HiE

Damn good. What else you got?

7610145 Step 1: Prepare a jug of brain bleach and/or some tissues
Step 2: Search up "netorare" on your preferred H-manga site on your preferred private browser
Step 3: ???
Step 4: End up with either a new fetish or a crippling sense of guilt, depression, sympathy, and fear

Is this story kill now - I was really enjoying it

Wonderful story, if there is a sequel will you give us a link?:twilightsmile:

I was hoping you would go for the angle where's he's upset not because he believes he doesn't deserve it, but because it's one of the few things he still has from Earth and while he's kind of happy here, it's still one of the few things that is his. nice story, but I agree that the story jerked to a stop here

I didn't even notice it was over till I read the author's note.

I hated this chapter, but live the story. :twilightsheepish: You got it in my fav.

I felt like you pulled up the backstory out of nowhere, and it honestly doesn't fit at all. and the reason he disliked his name being changed was an okay reason for that backstory, but for this character i feel it would work better if he disliked it because they literally just decided to change his name for their own sake

Comment posted by Orrm deleted Dec 26th, 2019

Yeah, started out so good too, then it turned out like a standard shitty HIE

Real shame too. Damn dish was definately darkly good.

I can still taste the NTR sause on the back of mi tongue.

I mean they realized they didin't know his name when he pointed it out and instead of trying to get to know his name they decided to just change it as a "reward"

I'd say he would see that for what it is and lower his opinions of them as a simple observation

i never saw him as a douche, just a guy that had lived with people talking to him but never want to hear what he has to say, can't say I saw one moment where he was legit a douche to anyone, just apathetic

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