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Watch out. This has potential to be sure, but the excessively long sentences make reading a chore.

7362129 Thanks, will work on that and edit, have a habit of doing it when working fast and don't realize.

good story, i like it

Not bad, not bad at all keep up the good work my boy

I haven't read it but considering the front page and the fact that fallout 4 is the only game in series I have played I'm guessing this is based on that.

7377213 Yeah, it's what I'm currently playing still though there were some aspects I didn't care for as much as previous entries. Hence the mixing up of perks and such from earlier games.

7377264 Same here, I actually did a lot of research into both Fallout Equestria and Fallout when making my story because my only experience with it at the time I started was some of the side stories.

Everything about this is amazing, fallout equestria has gotten a little stale for me but this feels like something fresh.

Nice chapter, I have to agree with snowy67 most FoE stories have been pretty bland ive tried my own but failed but i hope this keeps going, I am interested on how things will trun out for fast in the comming chapters, once agin keep up the good work my fellow brother, ad victorium

Amazing work yet again.

Well finally a story that can keep me interested more than two chapters (been reading since yesterday) which is quite unusual. Keep up the good work.

This story is great, love the characters! Please write more!:ajsmug:

Thank you for the chapter, keep up the good work!

Ah another good chapter :pinkiehappy::heart:

At least that mayor is dead, never really liked that piece of shit. Thank for the chapter mate!

Why did you make the chapters so long?

I like long chapters personality, still a good read keep up the great work

Eh, 10k or so seemed a nice round number, noticed most of Kkat's original FoE chapters are divided up like that and made it enjoyable to read. Tends to work out well enough for me, plenty of room to work without trying to cram things in. Sorry, pretty much all stream of consciousness so I just picked a basic length and try to get near it.

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I am loving this so fas.:derpytongue2: and don't you dare stop.:twilightangry2::flutterrage:

Wounder how the overmare is gonna react when she finds out all of her crops have been destroyed cause since the flower was pre-war assuming it gone extinct, shes not gonna be getting anymore caps at all

Well Fast sure did something quite shocking.:trollestia:

The Institute has our own.... limited stock of such, but we would not use them until we could be sure of the results

They are thinking about experimenting on the ponies from Stable 111.:twilightangry2:

They are not 'supplies' you fucking radroaches! You dare do any harm to them or experiments, I WILL ERASE YOU!!!:flutterrage::pinkiecrazy::twilightangry2::flutterrage:

You will be left to the radroaches as a chewtoy!!! I WILL END YOU!!!

Let her, I learned my lesson about just blinding trotting up stairwells

That should be blindly. Blinding refers to something giving a bright light thats blinds you and blindly refers to someone moving with no sight or being blinded and stumbling around. Like under the effects of a flashbang for example.

Quest Perk Added!--------------------
Pony Sutra-------
------You are experienced in the art of giving and receiving physical pleasure. You are more likely to have sexual encounters with specific characters.



I lost it completely!!!:rainbowlaugh::trollestia::scootangel::ajsmug::derpytongue2::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss:

I will sit with you and your new friend, you know I spending time with you

Between these words you should place the word 'like'

And i look forward for more:twilightsmile:

Somehow I get the feeling the head of the guard isn't gonna be against them himself. And a knife like Fast's... Fancy is too easy a target to blame on actually doing it.

I find myself hoping that he keeps the next power armor he finds, even if he just leaves it at sanctuary for them to use. the game has a few scattered around, including one i found in the middle of a lake so I would reason there might be some sitting around in your FoE version

I cant believe how little time it took me to become completely invested in this story. I hope to see it through to completion.

Won't lie, was kinda sceptical when I first saw this story. Now it's easily in my top three FOE fiction stories, thank you for sharing.

Ok, so I'm not going to get into reading this NOW but I probably will eventually, the reason being that I usually like to listen to audiobook versions of things. Still, I realy got caught because I wanted to know how much you used the silver specter, since I had thought of having a companion with the silver spector outfit in a story where the main charecter is the actor for swordmare XP.

Ah thank you for feeding my habit, makes me feel good inside. Loved the update and it made my friday even better, thank you.

This is another great chapter, great work, I definitely love the approach you're taking on this story and on the FOE and FO4 lore, and you're doing it right, in my opinion. Keep up the good work.

Also, I'm loving the rate that these chapters are coming in, try to keep it up.:twilightsmile:

My god! Sailor moon reference much! Just loving it how you played it out though.

That was awesome, though if the armor had to be specificly moded to work on unicorns, why didn't the t45. Just a question not criticism.

7587683 It was, Sturges makes passing mention that it's unicorn compatible, thus one of the T-45s they started with. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! =)

Another great chapter, I like it, it's good to see the rest of the Brotherhood has shown up.

I was thinking that Fast should collect on kellogg's bounty when he killed him, nicely done.

Hello darkness my old friend.

You were doing so good on the frequency of these chapters c'mon when's the next update?

The Stable-Tec Assisted Targeting Overcharge System, also known as "Critical Hit". Nice.

Also, another great chapter today. I am pleased.

Ah yes the undead robo suits from the Big MT, I hate them as well. Thank you for another excelent chapter.

Should have added a perk in at the end there. 'Daddys little girl'. Have your bartering go up 10% when glitter is in your party. Although i'm only up to chapter 11, you may have added something similar later on. Love this Story so far though, KEEP IT UP! On to the next chapter.

7640646 Ha, I like that, have to add soon or retcon that companion perk in. Thanks!

Why doesn't this story have more views and support!?! This deserves to be in Equestia daily!

7643187 Right? This story is great! I think it really deserves more recognition than from what it looks like up front!

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