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ABC story contribution · 9:18pm Nov 11th, 2019

Hi all, just a short update. Sorry for the delay in getting a new chapter out, got a little muddled and distracted. Part of the delay was contributing to the Dangers of the Wasteland ABC story compilation thing the fallout group here did, so I was working on something! If you hadn't seen it or the group, check it out, hopefully you'll enjoy my chapter which I got stuck on for awhile. I

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Fog Harbor Fan Art! · 9:11pm Jun 2nd, 2019

Just a quick update/brag here. Was waiting till I had a new Fog Harbor chapter to put up and got distracted ending book 2 of the main story, but got this great bit of artwork from Tk4/Avastin4 and finally get to show it off. Will most likely try to speed up Fog Harbor chapters and get it caught up to the main story, so there should be more chapters soon, meantime enjoy the sweet artwork!

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Update and new story artwork · 10:40pm Feb 4th, 2019

Hi there, just a short update here while I'm working on the last two chapters of the current book. We're nearly at Chapter 100, a major milestone for an admittedly ridiculously long story that still has a good while to go. The last two chapters are probably going to be quite long, as making everything fit and covering the points I want to hit has been difficult. Hopefully it will all come together in a decent climax before reaching Book 3 at chapter 101, but just giving fair warning. I'm not

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More Fan Art! · 2:32pm Aug 25th, 2018

Just a quick post to show off this awesome piece of fan art by tk4 / avastin I got the other day. They took my vague suggestion in response to the generous offer of making something and turned out an amazing piece I really like, so had to share. Here's the DA link to show him some love there if you feel the same. :pinkiehappy:

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200 likes and pictures! · 7:22pm Jun 7th, 2018

Hi there! I'm not good at writing these, but figured celebrating the 200 likes milestone deserved some kind of comment so here we go.

First off, thanks to everyone for reading! It's encouraging to see comments and likes for what I rattle off randomly. Given the ever higher rating nearing the longest stories here and some comments, I thought I'd give a little warning for those daunted by a million word story that's still going and those still reading along from the beginning.

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Fan Art! (squee!) · 6:09pm Dec 17th, 2017

Happy holidays, just a short post to show off and update. Commonwealth got its very own fan art by TK4 so had to share first off, think it came out awesome and first I'm really aware of.

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Rambling test · 6:23pm May 8th, 2017

Made a post on the story page, then a few alerts from other authors I follow writing blog posts got me thinking I should try the same when I actually have something to say as I've never written a blog post. So copying and adding to it here, rather than clutter the story posts with fairly unrelated rambling.

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