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200 likes and pictures! · 7:22pm Jun 7th, 2018

Hi there! I'm not good at writing these, but figured celebrating the 200 likes milestone deserved some kind of comment so here we go.

First off, thanks to everyone for reading! It's encouraging to see comments and likes for what I rattle off randomly. Given the ever higher rating nearing the longest stories here and some comments, I thought I'd give a little warning for those daunted by a million word story that's still going and those still reading along from the beginning.

I started this after finding FOE and the top spinoffs pretty late in the fandom, but was inspired by them and somewhat let down by FO4, wanting to take what was there and use it to offer something new to a niche fandom that actually made me feel passionate about writing and pick it up again after a lot of years. So I've greatly appreciated comments praising both the story itself and the changes made from the game that inspired the it.

I do have a basic outline of where I'm going with the story and we're nearing the end of book 2, which I'm having to slow down and plot out to try making it align with the 100 chapter mark. I often get distracted exploring the world as it unfolds and tend to ramble however, so it's a struggle to stay on track and I often think of side stories I'd like to do. Maybe ones covering the Automaton and Nuka World DLCs, as well as a rough epilogue I kick around as a goal.

If you're bothered by the length of the story or chapters, all I can say is I only have so much control over that. I treat the story more like a comic or the show itself, a long running serial with fairly self contained story arcs or chapters where possible. Fallout 4 is a big game with a lot to explore and do, translating it to a story tends to take a lot of space, even with me trying to not cover everything in one shot including all the DLC and other bits I'd like to change.

I also get to like characters and a world, so I wander along with them and see where it goes, the story and characters become constant mental companions I'm reluctant to let go of or rush. I do have a basic plan, but I enjoy seeing where things go on their own and getting distracted, a cardinal sin for writers I know. The main point has always been I write this because I like writing it, I write what I feel like and only give a little consideration to things like word count.

While I have considered asking for editors, I feel strange enough publishing things into the ether of the internet. The thought of having someone prereading and picking things apart makes me anxious, so I still haven't pursued it despite several kind offers. I'm simply not very good at dealing with others and wouldn't know how to go about it. Hell, I'll probably spend the rest of the day doubting and regretting posting this blog post, but I'm trying. All that said, I'm still chugging along and enjoying the process, so the story goes on.

Also, to celebrate and as promised, I've been piddling around with drawing again which I've been on hiatus from. They're rough sketches and illustrations, but I've been going back through early chapters and adding a pic here and there. I've only done this a little, but there are four images stuck in the early chapters now. Longtime readers should recognize where they come from, but here they are as thanks for everyone helping FOE: Commonwealth reach 200 likes, despite me not really advertising or shilling for it.

That's been another part of this experiment I've been very gratified by, I wanted to see if I could write something people would like and find on their own, that could stand on its own merits and spread naturally. Thanks to you guys it's managed to do just that and I'm flattered and grateful to all you fine folks that made it happen!

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Comments ( 8 )

Congrats man!
Any advice on writing or drawing for a writer that has been out of the game for roughly five or so years?
I was also inspired by Foe to get into writing again after some major changes in my life kind of drain the muse from me, I'll spare you details, but suffice to say that my family is not what it was
I've started my own story of this universe, albeit it's slow going, but I was wondering if it was all right if I made little references to yours in it
If you would rather not I understand
Also where did you learn to draw!? I mean those are amazing!
Again congrats

Hmm, not sure I have any good advice, mainly just do what you like and enjoy it, try not to let it be dependent on what others think and just have fun. Pretty much self taught on drawing, used to do a lot more but got caught up in writing as a change of pace and trying to get back into practice, so look for more eventually. More than happy for you to reference my story and look forward to reading yours. :twilightsmile:

Psh, maybe YOU haven’t been shilling, but I try hard to shill this amazing story to anyone who is will listen! Keep it up and you’ll be one of the greats of the fallout equestria universe, up there with horizons and hero’s and all that.

I will take that to heart
I myself have been looking into drawing
Pinterest has been a great reference for both that and writing prompts
And thanks! I'm not sure on how far my references will go but I hope not to overextended that

Sorry that this is sort of our of the blue but was just curious about how Jade may have been when the Goddess Trixie was still around and influencing her. Unless that has been stated in a chapter I haven't gotten to yet. Just wondering cause I thought I might have a moment where some of my characters ran into her during that time period. Only if that's ok of course

Well, been working that out and planning to use it at some future point, so no spoilers or anything yet. When under direct control of the Goddess you could have her do pretty much anything acting as an intermediary of course, and blues were tricksy, sneaky agents of hers. The most I could say would be she wasn't always a pacifist, so I'd be interested to see how you wanted to have her show up. It could be a simple nod to the character, and there's plenty done during their time under the goddess that most alicorns don't remember anymore, She could have shown up anywhere and just have no memory of it, so worrying about remaining canonical is no biggie.:raritywink:

Very understanding about no spoilers as for when/how I'm going to have that happen in my own story I still need to figure that out.
I have soooo many ideas but trying to get it on paper/typed is extremely daunting.
Plus YouTube, Fallout, new God of War and reading your story and others doesn't help my easily distracted mind
I so hopeless
Oh vey

I’m kinda late to the party lol but as a long time reader I greatly appreciate everything you’ve wrote, I am actually happy you have stay with the store for so long were others just gave up. There have been many times where I find a great story only to ended up disappointed because the author just disappeared, I understand you must deal with a lot but just know that your story has actually helped me with the days that I’ve fell into a depressed state and every time I’ve seen a new chapter come out I get a bit more happier, anyway just trying to show abit of love and just keep doing what your doing.
P.S. love the sketches

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