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This story is a sequel to The ABC's of Fallout Equestria

In celebration of the Fallout Equestria groups 4.500th member did we gather 26 people to tell about the dangers of the Fallout Wasteland, made in the spirit of one of our first and original projects the The ABC's of Fallout Equestria

This is their stories, so please enjoy the many tales, read the ones you want, or stay a while for all of them.

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Uhhh, by who xD? You put the wrong author mate.

Gave me a good spook, plenty of vibes from stuff like Pitch Black, Aliens, and Metro, but a number of errors. For example, it's "comms" not "calms" short for "communications"

Uh maybe they have calm-minicators >.>;;;

XD yeah messed that up lol.

I have been sick a lot lately, so haven't had a change to actually read the stories properly before posting them. Will give them a look over and fix typos like that when I get better.

Hey happens to the best of us

Looking back on this, pacing seems a little quick. Whatever, hopefully you folks enjoy it.

Not sure I've seen a Zonkey in FoE before. Good job!

Thank you! They aren't depicted much at all in the fandom, but I'm hoping to help remedy that hehe cx

I'm glad my chapter made it into the story. :twilightsmile:

Very nice work in writing the chapter. Really felt the emotion of the town as Jury went through all the ruins and read the notes they left behind. Jury ended up being a really good character.

Really enjoyed that. Tension and pacing were really good throughout most of the story. Really kept all the elements nice and relative to what we needed to hear.

Two minor grammar errors, but other than that a nice story. I suspected the mine was a trap, but hiding the rhyme till the end definitely worked in your favor.

A lot of grammar errors in this one, detracted a little from the story but it was still enjoyable. I didn't realize that the narrator was a female until the mentions of romping, it's sometimes hard to work in the sex of the narrator in first person stories but I might've established that earlier on.

This one was weird, everything from the writing style that seemed like it was out of an old fairy tale to the centered text, the hands thing made me think it was anthro or something (I personally do not like anthro). Hate to say it, but this is my least favorite so far.

Can't speak from personal experience, but I think you captured what it would be to be that starved rather well. The loss of the hat was a nice symbolic touch. Overall another gem.

Loved the short story.

Curious though. What is a Zonkey?

Its when a zebra and a donkey love each other very very much

Thanks for the answer. Really had to face palm after that.
Though what I really meant was what does a Zonkey look like? I don't really think there was enough description to picture Mikaella, or another Zonkey.

That extremely good. The journey was fantastic, as well as the lesson by the end. Definitely in my top favorites for this series.

The weird punctuation and grammar plus the constant shifting between past and present tense really threw me off. Couldn't finish this one because of it, sorry to say.

Here's what Mikaella looks like! Sorry, I would've replied sooner if I'd seen your comment before now ^^"

Really well done on drawing out Mikaella.:coolphoto: Really inspiring to see her in full form.

I really hope you expand her in future stories.:pinkiehappy:

Awh, thanks! c: She'll be an important part of my main story!

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