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Rambling test · 6:23pm May 8th, 2017

Made a post on the story page, then a few alerts from other authors I follow writing blog posts got me thinking I should try the same when I actually have something to say as I've never written a blog post. So copying and adding to it here, rather than clutter the story posts with fairly unrelated rambling.

New sidefic recommendation poll up so thought I'd do what shameless self promotion I'm comfortable with and ramble a moment. It's Here for those who are interested. I'm unsure if it's ok to direct people to it, like I'm soliciting votes or something, but figure directing traffic that way can't be bad. Votes are nice of course, but it's mainly a good spot to see more stories to read for those who may have missed it otherwise. Personal picks would have to be Homelands of course, which took a bit for me to get into but is picking up nicely now. Speak is an interesting one with some ideas like FoA Heartmenders I'm tempted to borrow or mention at least, also Infinite Potential is one I just ran through up to current the other day and quite enjoyed so far, hoping it continues soon. Trying to make a dent on reading backlog and ran into the new poll, so got inspired and curious what others are reading.

Also, actually took a moment thinking about the handful of 111 survivors rescued quite a ways back and not touched on yet, since its so far away during the current chapters. Got to thinking of at least one group people playing pnp FoE who wrote in actually playing in the Commonwealth setting, (which is a really neat honor) and thought that would be a cool hook to leave out there to use or let others pick up. I realize I like world building more than anything else and tinkering with what I see as weak points in FO4, so it'd be interesting to see what others did with the world space being built. Using one of them, but the other 6 Stable 111 Dwellers could all have their own story, would all be starting a new game on their pods being opened. Have vague plans for the one mentioned, but be awhile even for that, not to mention the others so figured I'd remind they were out there if nothing else.

I like leaving side story hooks in to be picked up later anyway, piddling a Virescent in Fog Harbor story to cover that DLC for example. It's a separate little story area and was a good add on to FO4, doing it justice in just a few chapters of the main story seems difficult and I'd prefer spending that time in the main story on Sparkle World. Virescent gives a new character that's had a few appearances, and a redemption arc potentially, plus a hook to work in all the Church of Balefire (Children of Atom) quest lines in the DLC. After puttering around with a test chapter and trying out third person instead of first, may publish and see what readers think of a concurrent side story.

Finally, I received some gracious offers for help editing I should address publicly before trying to reply personally. I haven't forgotten and am not ignoring them, very grateful for the offers and flattered anyone would take time to help out. I have communication issues though, I'll probably spend all day worrying over writing this much and wanting to delete it actually. I have no idea how editors work here on FiMfiction or what they do. I've read other stories where the author profusely thanks their editors for apparently helping to change the story before being published though. So kind of wary about working closely with others, I'm just not very reliable. Do I give them access to make changes on their own? Chat with them and brainstorm changes? Do I need to start doing these on Google docs before importing them here? This has all essentially been stream of consciousness as it comes to me, so actually working at it with others seems weird and a little nerve wracking. I'm going to reply to the offers I've received anyway and see, but just throwing my reservations and questions out there.

Glad everyone likes the story and thrilled we broke 100 likes :pinkiehappy:, writing again has been really enjoyable and happy others enjoy what's been pouring out. Making my meandering way through the story as it comes, probably going to end up being the longest on site as I treat it like a serial adventure series or comic, so interested in seeing where it all leads. Thanks again as always to Kkat for making this brilliant and weird combination and world, and to Somber for expanding it with Horizons of course.

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