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Fan Art! (squee!) · 6:09pm Dec 17th, 2017

Happy holidays, just a short post to show off and update. Commonwealth got its very own fan art by TK4 so had to share first off, think it came out awesome and first I'm really aware of.

Really excellent work and got featured on EQDaily even! I especially like how Glitter came out and got inspired to make sketches of other characters not on the cover image, hoping to wrangle more fan art to share. Have to get motivated to actually make a few, maybe like illustrations for previous chapters even, so if I make some and edit them in I'll be sure to share.

Working on chapter each of Commonwealth and Fog Harbor atm, hoping to have up before xmas so sorry for the delay. Thanks for reading, merry christmas, happy new years and all that! :pinkiehappy:

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Comments ( 6 )

that is not right... why Fast Times is so big?

Looks great :twilightsmile:

Well, Jade's lying down and Witchy is sitting, so the scale is about right. Only Val throws it off a little I think, but still looks good.


Are you sure? Surely a hero with such accomplishments can't be that short... right? 🤔
... yeah I was a little concerned that I drew him too tall, too. The hat might be making him look a bit more taller as well, haha

well... Littlepip also was smaller than the average and it didn't stopped her

wheres the like button on this blasted page.....

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