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Just out of random curiosity (I'm not reading this yet because I'm not caught up on the main fic), are you doing anything similar with Automatron and Nuka-World?

8166580 Covering Nuka-World (Sparkle World) definitely, probably in the main story, like that dlc the best. Left hooks for Automatron in the main too, but it can go either way.

8166624 Ah, nice, personally I prefer Far Harbor over Nuka-World, but that's just me.

I actually plan to cover all three in my own fanfics, I look forward to reading your fics eventually and see how you approach them.


personally I prefer Far Harbor over Nuka-World, but that's just me.

Its not just you, i like it due to it bordering the supernatural (why do you tease me so Fallout 4) :raritydespair:

But the feeling of an island wrapped in fog just feels so mysterious and that draws me in :pinkiecrazy: (and teases my desire for the weird and the strange) :pinkiecrazy:

8167309 Oh I really liked Far Harbor, lot of missed opportunities though, was hoping for more of the creepy Lovecraftian vibe like the quests in FO3 concerning the 'black book', a lot of threads kind of fell flat when they had so much potential. Have to play through it fresh again before continuing, but why I started with it and used a fresh story for it, it deserves fully exploring and tinkering with on its own, in some areas I'd put it above Nuka World actually. A close call on personal preference between the two, so looking forward to playing with it here, just trying not to get too distracted from the main story.

Of course it was only natural for such a puny and weak pony to be intimidated in the presence of the mother's perfect form, her every glorious inch was a testament to the power and majesty of the superior species of... No... 'Be Better Virescent'. Fast's worried plea was annoying all right, but forced her to try adjusting her thinking. She was bigger and stronger than the old buck, not better. She had needed his help after all, and he had given it for some reason.

:moustache: Excuse me for a moment ........ :yay: YES YES YES :yay: FINALLY, she is finally starting to understand that being more powerful does not mean that you are "better" than others, it just means that you can do more things :yay:

The burly, bigger buck thrust his chest forward to shove at Longfellow, who may be old but seemed to be carved of Stubbornonium, not giving an inch to the stallion.

Stubbornonium huh, i guess he has some apple in his blood (since they have a monopoly on the metal)

She wanted to toy with him... stomp forward and watch him skitter back in fear, push him around as he had pushed so many others by his memories, maybe sit on him... That was probably wrong though... good ponies didn't torment others, even if they deserved it. On further reflection, she didn't want to draw attention to herself here either, better to just get rid of them quietly...

:moustache: Excuse me for just one more moment ........... :yay: YES YES YES :yay: GROWTH, GLORIOUS GROWTH WOOOOOOHHH :yay:

"I... I don't want to change merely because of one stallion though, it's just another reason. It's not merely to 'get in his pants', he also told me the truth, tried to help me, cared about me... He made me realize I've done wrong, been u-used by evil ponies for wicked deeds, and that not all ponies are bad like them, that some are good like you and... deserve a chance, could even be my friends.

Do i even have to say it at this point ...... :yay: Growth :yay:

Longfellow worked her hard, but didn't ask anything he didn't do himself, without all her obvious advantages over the smaller earth pony. Watching him easily manage chores that frustrated her just added to the idea slowly seeping in, she wasn't automatically superior to normal ponies...

I am going to keep it simple from now on ..... :yay:

Sending the rugs and curtains out the window to shake vigorously in her magic, Virescent floated the tiny statue up to her eyes and glowered at it. "This is all your fault... why couldn't you just cooperate and do your job? Why do I have to jump through hoops to mate? Act how you want just for you to care about me?"

'Be Better Virescent...'

Her own little statuette.... how nice :twilightsmile:, and with the echos of his mind it might actually work a bit like the statuetts we know of :raritystarry:

Do they teach classes on being preachy agents of chaos?

Nope, that´s ALL natural :trollestia:

Ok serious time :coolphoto:
I really liked Vira´s (great nickname) growth and how you handled it, and i would personally really like to see more of this every now and then :twilightsmile:
And in case my previous comment did not make it obvious, i really liked how she finally understood that she is not inherently "better" then others just because she is an alicorn :moustache:
Ps. love how you made her focus so much on what Ivy told her about having a big flank :trollestia:

First haw yeah, Virescent redemption fic !
Second : oh, she get he own Pip... if she get quest notifications, effectively she will have something to talk about with Fast ! XD
Would be fun if she ever come back in the Main Story, after this DLC story, that if she joins the Team Fast, Fast and her bicker because of conflicting quests... XD


Second : oh, she get he own Pip... if she get quest notifications, effectively she will have something to talk about with Fast ! XD

That would be an interesting conversation :trollestia:

Would be fun if she ever come back in the Main Story, after this DLC story, that if she joins the Team Fast, Fast and her bicker because of conflicting quests... XD

That would very fun indeed :trollestia:

Comment posted by Mr pancake800 deleted May 26th, 2017

This is looking pretty good, I like it.

You mentioned a pink tinge to the fog in the previous chapter...makes one wonder.

"I do NOT have a big ass!!!"

:trollestia: Still so focused on that :trollestia:

She didn't sense any malice out of him though, just more of his weird inner monologue and the surprising image of herself shifting from vibrant color to grainy black and white. He was messing with his artificial vision to go along with the movie detective noir...

Well when you go noir, you go all the way :moustache:

"That's the thing about the weird cases... never know what you'll run into or where it will all lead. This one had started with a letter from another of her kind, which led to a certain hospital and a waiting identity crisis, which of course led to a lot of drinks...

Ahh the letter from Fast, yeah that hospital visit would give him an identity crisis :fluttershysad:

Being a detective should be foal's play for a telepath, how hard could it really be?

While you would have an advantage, there is still the matter of stringing the information together :moustache:

Though she had no idea where he'd ever find a trenchcoat in her size.

He knows a guy (Fast), who knows a gal (Sassy) :moustache:

a tall alicorn or a synthetic pony.

Replace the "or" with "and", and that would be the beginning of a great joke :pinkiecrazy:

I.... I can force answers out of them if you want, I don't think I should do that anymore though... unless I have to, but you're the boss, I... I trust your judgement more than my own at the moment."

:pinkiecrazy: Growth... wonderful, glorious growth :pinkiecrazy:

Vira gave a little whinny of pride at the praise, that felt good... being a good pony wasn't so bad, she liked playing detective and helping anyway.

We have a future detective on our hooves (since she wants to find Fast enyway this wold be a good line of business for her, and she is telepathic ++++ all around) :twilightsmile:

She was going to be a good pony, for herself...

:pinkiecrazy: EEEEEEEEHHHH :pinkiecrazy:
(In case no ones noticed it yet, i love when these ladies experiance personal growth, it makes me feel like some of the Goddess´s potential is being used like she could have used it :twilightsmile: )

The alicorn and the synth walked side by side down the creaking docks, into the unknown and following the case wherever it led.

please don´t end it here, please don´t end it here :duck:

A tall alicorn and a synthetic pony walk into a bar... (what happens next ?)
.....:applejackconfused: oh wait, that´s what´s going to happen in the next chapter isn´t it :applejackunsure:

oh... so this is where is the new chapter went... You got me worried for a second :derpytongue2:

I am very much enjoying this side story to Commonwealth. :pinkiehappy: lots of character growth for Vira. I also like Vira as a nick name. :twilightsheepish:

A Lannister Islander always pays​ their debts.

Any hope on seeing more of this?

Working on another chapter atm actually. Have to play a little far harbor again, but shouldn't be too long.

Great to hear that, I will be looking forward to seeing it, I will be looking forward see the three of them interacting again. The only issue I have was in chapter three where you seemed to be shifting the narration between all three characters at once in their internal monologue toward the end and it was rather getting really confusing when they are in the same in the same locations. I I know that Virescent is a telepath and that we are hearing their thoughts but it doesn't always sounds like we are hearing what bleed through her. By the way did you take a look at my DA gallery yet?

I had a feeling there were similarities to this fog and the infamous pink cloud.

I think the chapter was much more clear about the POV part being entirely focused on Vira's visions of things. I like that this Dima shows signs of being superstitious to with what seems to be preying on the Nick and Vera are but especially with manipulating this Sume in thinking that she might be a symth and to get her to go join the symth community there, even if this might actually be. I would have though that Vera wouldn't really get what Dima question meant as she previously didn't actually had a real sense of self being little more tool of the goddess I don't think she would have that much issue having her mind subverted if influenced like that because her life had been mostly like that, and it would have been funny to have a synth of all beings having to explain the issue about identity like that to her.

So far I like the mystery of the fog so far, wonder what the institute has to do with all of that?

Lordy, a side fic @ the same time as Commonwealth? You're one of the most prodigious writers I' ve ever seen on this site.

I'm kind of hoping this gets fused with the main story. Having references in there of his story, and perhaps a couple characters would be pretty cool. I always did feel bad about the Mariner. Wanted to use that stable cure on her, but though Curie knows how to make it, she wasn't programmed with the optional quest of hunting down ingredients and tools, so I can't get it to her without sacrificing the kid with a deathwish. This story though has the option.

This was an interesting chapter, it was nice seeing Spoiled Rich in the story and Ms Polo too, which I like the take on her business personalty. It was nice to see that Fast's favored comic book artist is still alive, of a sort. it was perfectly understandable that he lost interests in doing more of the Shrouded Stallion and moved on to other, I hope that Fast will understand that when he meats him finally, I wonder what happened in the castle that got him so spooked and how. I thoughts it was interesting that Vera has taken an interest in investigation and taking on a persona of investigator, can't wait to see when she will tell about Cane to Fast. Great chapter.

I loved this chapter. Just as I loved this part of thr Far Harbor DLC. I especially liked how you made use of Vira's tallents with out over powering them, after all just be cause you can read minds doesn't mean you have all the facts.

Im currently in Far Harbor in the DLC, almost finishing tho (probably).

interesting chapter keep it up.

I don't think this perk makes sense in alicorns...

Yeah, still need to work on it I think. Wanted to use the Lead Belly perk considering where it ended, but have to tinker with it more for alicorns. :facehoof:

Okay. Three things.

First, drunk Vira is best Vira.

Second, that Glass of Water remix was absolutely brilliant, I had great difficulty stopping laughing xD

Third, ouch. That last sentence. Certainly stopped my laughing dead cold in its tracks...

Her long horn lit up brightly and she waved a hoof before their stunned, upturned faces, using a simple alicorn mind trick to plant a suggestion in rather simple minds to begin with. "You decided you didn't want these condenser things after all."

"Didn't want 'em after all..." All three chorused back, a green glow lighting their eyes while she had them.

"You don't want to bother Longfellow anymore."

"Don't want to bother..."

"You were never here and certainly never saw me, did you?"

"Never here, never saw anyone..."

Nodding to herself with satisfaction, Virescent finished with "Go Home." in a deep, rumbling growl and turned back to the barn, flopping down tiredly as the three uninvited guests marched off obediently.

This made me think of this⬇

Once again late on following another story but I hope to catch up soon

I am curious if Nick will be in this story, he was somewhat pivotal to the story unless you are planning some major/minor differences. Guess I'll half to read further to find out.

Same boat here kind of wonder if some Zebra magic has been sitting around for a few centuries

Though she supposed now that she had a few emotions under her wings, the good ones wouldn't mean as much without the bad ones.

I know this wasn't quite a Doctor reference but I think he'd be proud of Vira

A frog? Yes, some kind of mutated frog apparently, about half the size of a normal pony, thick, rubbery grey-green hide, a stubby, finned tail slapping the ground as it hopped. The thing's pale throat ballooned out with a deep croak and it suddenly spit at her, thick, viscuous gunk arcing through the air Virescent dodged away from in a panic and then froze, literally....

If these things are in any way like the damn Anglers Vira is not going to have a fun time because those things were probably the hardest things to kill in the game (DLC and vanilla) aside form Fog Crawlers

I know some people dislike him for the choices he makes/made but I always liked him and sympathize with him. After all he just wanted peace plus going his way let me kill that annoying high confessor.
Freakin homicidal nut job

"But memories aren't all that reliable, are they? They can be put in magical orbs, fiddled with by the proper spells, shuffled and rearranged. Some of my friends tell me others of your ilk can read them from a pony's mind directly Vira. Barring all that, memories are just recorded data one's senses report, those very signals can be falsified easy enough. All of us do it every night after all, are you sure this isn't a dream right now? Or perhaps a memory orb, or sufficiently advanced simulation if you're of a more technical mindset like Sumi?" Dima answered jovially enough, but the things he said were making her flustered and struggling to keep up.

And here's the part where all of us started to question our own play-throughs(different wording of course)

I think this video sort of sums up the whole thing with Dima's theories, especially at the end
same feelings always wanted to help Mariner and now speaking about her, I can't help but wonder about the Red Death and if it will be a real challenge or a joke like in the game course there's always Shipbreaker

Vira gave a wide, genuine smile of happiness and followed behind cautiously. "Ok Nick, you're the boss. Thank you..."

Vira, your Val is showing

Staring at the shifting fog blocking her view, Vira frowned in thought and allowed Sumi to keep playing with her pip-buck while she considered. The Church of Balefire had been started by the Institute and a faction of her sisters in the Commonwealth six or seven years ago now, not long after the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows. Virescent herself had helped spread the quasi-religious order to help the mad scientists experiment on willing ponies, but only throughout the hidden realm of Trotson.

Was just curious but when does these stories take place again? (Commonwealth and this one)
Only ask because I remember reading the description and thought it said two years after the "Day of Sunshine and Rainbows" but part of the quote above makes it sound like it has been nearly a decade.
Sorry if you've been asked this before I'm just not if I am remember or reading things clearly.

She had never heard of a Stable with so few residents however. Well... she had once heard a rumor about a mythical 'Puppet Pony' wearing the double 7 that had become taboo in certain parts of Equestria. According to legend, this Stable 77 was only one pony and a box of puppets, but she doubted that was true.

An interesting comic related to this

"Yes, yes... I'm Bobbing Cane, writer and artist of those silly old things. Don't tell me you're a fan Miss Vira? I didn't think anypony nowadays read them." Mr. Cane trotted over and shrugged to the faded poster, pulling out a box of the comics themselves from the corner, all preserved in yellowed plastic bags.

There's your path to Fast's heart Vira, though she may enjoy those comics herself. Can't believe I missed the fact of who Cane was until I got to this part

The mare looking back this time wasn't Virescent the dark child of the Goddess, or Virescent the fanatical priestess of the Church of Balefire, it was Junior Detective 3rd Class Vira... A much kinder, happier and brighter version of herself than she had ever seen. Her deep purple hat was cleaned and broken in to set atop her large head stylishly, the wide brim slightly hiding her smoky eyes and their new lilac eyeshadow matching the streak in her silky mane, lending her an alluring, mysterious air.

This needs to be put into art form. NEEDS to be!!

The young buck's eventual pained reply dried up Nick's annoyance, stunning the synth detective into eerie silence shared by all the onlookers giving matching sad looks. "You wanted to know about the Mother of the Fog Detective... She's, She was ... Longfellow's wife..."

With the small hints I kinda saw this coming, but still...damn. Also good way to make it different from the game plus him having had a kid at some point. Yeesh!
Also a little bit of song for Jar Head and Vira to set the mood for next time:trixieshiftright:

Through the limited window, they watched as the sun sank to the waters of the Celestial Sea, reaching the horizon and nearly lost behind it. The last glimmers of Goddess Celestia's fire were swallowed by the waters, disappearing with a bright green flash that made both Vira and the ghost of Longfellow beside her gasp.


The alicorn had gotten to know the cute little animal and it was too adorable to not form some attachment to, even through mere flashes of memory. Scraps and Emerald were constant companions, the filly and the scruffy brown and white puppy explored all over the woods and beaches together. Now Longfellow remembered the day he buried the brave pooch with regret and remorse tinging the sky of the imagery.

Reminds me of Dogmeat. Will he be making any appearance in these stories?

While Kelpie gave an unconvinced snort as she tugged Vira's coat tail away from her flank, Vira was heartened to feel the wary hope and relief carefully masked by her gruff answer. "We'll see... like you said, once we're out of here bitch. Er... Vira... We're stuck together for now, so shut up and let me do what I can. I got a lot of experience fixing boo boos, so... hopefully you'll be ok. Can't have you dyin' on me till you fly me back, right?"

"R-Right..." Vira sighed and let the mare dig the bullet from her flank gratefully. The roar of the beast below reminded her they were still in a bad situation, but ponies working together could do amazing things. If they could put aside their differences, be better... maybe they'd get out of this yet.

Glad to see some hope of these two possibly being friends
Looking forward to more

Love the new cover pic and outfit

is there an archive of the cover pics from both of the Fallout Equestria: Commonwealth stories? It has been awhile.

Gotta be honest I really have no idea
Maybe on derpibooru? But it may be limited

Nope, definitely not fat :derpytongue2:

Gavin just gotten to the last chapter of the main story, I am very glad to see there is more to read :twilightsmile:

I just remembered something. Wasn’t there a mention of another institute facility on an island somewhere in the main story? If so, could some of stable 111 be here?

I just remembered... in the DLC, there was a trapped Behemoth in one building, and I think it was the Vim! Factory. And there were super mutants on the island, especially that one that was different, the one who wore a bear fur hat/shoulders thing. How will that translate here in the story.

Crazyperson's Calamitous cameos, Batmare!

You are not allowed to kill Mr. Cane until Fast meets him. I forbid it.

I like this. It's a very different journey from the main Commonwealth story, smaller in scale. The differences between Fast and Vira keep it fresh, especially since Vira here ironically doesn't have a bunch of voice in her head. At least, not coming from her subconcious. While I can't imagine this side story will be super long, I'm very much fascinated. Closest comparisons I can think of is when Song of Ice and Fire added Jaime as a perspective, Especially with the redemption angle going on here, redemption being something MLP loves these days.

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