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there's already a Stable 69

7803556 So you're telling me this author can't use Stable 69 as a setting because another author made an non-canon story that had it? Remember, it's non-canon, meaning it really doesn't exist. If stable 69 was in Kkat's story, then yeah this person really shouldn't use it, but since it isn't, let the guy use it.

All stories are non canon to Fallout Equestria. I'm just saying there are other numbers, is all


Well, it still doesn't mean I can't use that number in my own, separate story. I knew the number was used elsewhere, so I haven't even read that story as to not be accused of plagiarism. My story has it's canon shared with other sidestories, like with MN7, PH, PE or Heroes, but I know that the story is not canonical to the main story by KKat.

So I'm just creating my own portion or mythos and setting.

As for the number itself, it was derived from the concept from the games and the Fallout Bible, as well as the experiment pictured.

I wasn't accusing you of anything of the kind!:pinkiegasp: I was merely making mention of that there is another story with a stable with that designation. i figured that you hadn't read that one yet, but I didn't want to assume.

And you should read that one. Best fan story of them all in my opinion


Ouch! No no, I didn't say you accuse me, it's more like if I read it now, I may be influenced by it and just, even unknowingly use some of the ideas. The same reason why the creators of MLP aren't allowed to read fanfiction as they can be influenced by it. I didn't mean for my reply to sound counter-accusatory to you <3

I will read it though, when the time comes right ^_^ Don't worry.

7803712 To be fair, there are a select few stories that could be considered canon. Kkat accepted that Project Horizons is canon, who, in turn, referenced Puppysmiles' locale... and had a character hailing from the city of Dise as depicted in Fallout Equestria: Heroes.


I think she didn't. She stated on numerous occasions that only her story is canon to the Fallout: Equestria whole. The only piece of outside fiction which can be considered canon, is Chapter 20.5 but it is still a stretch and not confirmed by KKat to be canon.

Then again, we could drop the discussion on what is and what isn't canonical to the marvelous origin, and we could just enjoy new stories that unfold before us. <3

Ah, right.

It is one of two Fallout: Equestria spin-off stories approved by Fallout:Equestria's author, Kkat, to have its own page on Equestria Daily, not meaning it is canon to her story.

I haven't gotten far into it, but I really like it so far.

Thank you <3 All readers are appreciated. Feel free to comment and critique, I always like to read some feedback!

Why does this story have so many dislikes? I mean, it can't be that bad, right? ...Right?

I'm not really sure. No one really bothered to leave a critique so I can only guess. My idea is that there was something wrong with the first translation which was amateurish and done by me. Now I have a professional translator.

If it's something else, I'm not sure. The version in Polish language was well received and this puzzles me.

Pretty good though you might want to get a proofreader.

I am looking for some although no one replied yet. Thank you!

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

Honestly I don't really have any actors figured out in the international sense yet. I do however have them figured out in polish actors.

To be straight: this girl from polish cover chanel on youtube would be my dream voice for Sparkplug. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_aOvZQn2t8


Ah, right.

It is one of two Fallout: Equestria spin-off stories approved by Fallout:Equestria's author, Kkat, to have its own page on Equestria Daily, not meaning it is canon to her story.

(I edited my comment, because I read the OP wrong)

To expand upon this, for anyone who cares, I've included a post I wrote on this subject below:

I explained what 'approved' means further in this post. I've also included Kkat's thoughts on PH in that post.

Thank you for clarifying <3

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