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This is an idea I got that kind of fused with another idea to form the idea for my first fan fiction.

This is not Ponysage86 but instead his Twin Brother.

Two month's after the defeat of Tirek things start picking up again. When Chrysalis asks Discord to help her take of Equestria, she gets an unexpected no, but also some advice. Chrysalis recruits a villain from the mane sixes past, a very dark villain from their past, Lord Sombra. But they don't stop there they also recruit Tirek.

Can the mane six match up to some of their most powerful villains too date, without the elements? Why isn't Discord helping them find a solution? and more importantly where is he, and what's with that gift he gave Fluttershy?

A tale of battle and hardship, can Fluttershy continue to believe in the Draconequus when all the evidence point's to no?

This story is more comedy then dark, and gore is simple for injuries people will get while fighting, nothing really to graphic

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Is this Fluttercord?

Please write more! I want to see what happens.

Sounds interesting! I can't wait for the next chapter. BTW, I think it'd be really great and heart wrenching if Discord is put under an evil spell that makes him the person he used to be, and Fluttershy must find a way to break it, even if it means sacrificing herself.

Not bad. Though, I'm a little shocked you used the B-word.

Comment posted by PonySage86 deleted Apr 27th, 2016


Yeah thought it was something Tirek would say if the language was more mature. It took me awhile to decide weather or not to add cruse words but, with the other stuff I've done like with Moth, and Rarity's leg, some bad language didn't seem like to big a deal. I'll keep it to a minimum and try to only have the bad guys say them.

I liked the fight and manipulation with Discord, but, not to sounds rude or mean or anything, I was hoping that maybe Chrysalis or Sombra would corrupt Discord into the being he originally was. You know, to provide a kind of test for him. His love and desire to be good vs. his old habits, old persona, and the bitter feelings he has to the ponies that don't trust him.


Hey the story is still young, i'm pretty much making it up as I go. I do like that idea and I've been thinking about it. The kind of thing your talking about might happen just not right now if it ever does happen.

As I said I'm making it up as I go. there are a lot of ideas in my head about what exactly I want to do with the plot and characters. When I originally got to work on the story Fluttershy wasn't going to have the chaos ring and Discord wasn't going to have as many doubts as he does now. As the story continues I get a better idea of the world I want to make

:trixieshiftright: I do really like that idea and if I end up using it I hope I do it in a way you like, also I'll be sure to thank you in the Authors note of the chapter. I hope you continue to read and enjoy my story :pinkiehappy:

p.s. Not ponysage86, just his twin brother.

Alright, this twin brother stuff is starting to get confusing. -_-


How so? it's easy.

I write this and my brother writes the other ones.

I being the PonySage86's twin brother.

Why did you make Twin Brother with a capital t and b? And why doesn't your brother have a username?

The Twin

We are twin brothers who share this username, he started writing fanfiction long before I did. I didn't feel like making my own username, because we share a computer so we'd have to keep logging out and then logging back in when we wanted to work on our own stories.

So I just decided to work off his, this fanfiction is the only one I've written the others are his.

I capitalize The Twin because I'm kinda using that as my name, he's PonySage86 and I call myself, The Twin.

Hope that's not too confusing.

I look forward to the next chapter! It sounds like it'll be great!

Not bad! Hopefully Celestia and the rest will understand how it was all an illusion.

7219026 Don't worry, it isn't. Also, why was this cancelled?

The Twin

I lost the desire to write it, i started adding too many extra characters for no real reason and I wasn't overly happy with the direction I was going with it.

Basically it stopped being fun for me. But I will reboot this in the future but not anytime soon.

Sad to hear that, but I understand. After all, there have been a few times where I've lost interest in my stories.

I don't know why I'm reading this if it's cancelled...But it's so good!

Ooooooooh. I like how you write. I have so many questions! Well...I know I won't get most of them answered but I'll just enjoy the moment.

I sort of like this tirek. No messing about and bam! Also aaaaaw rainbow x rarity. Never seen that before. Really cute actually.


I think I get it. Your brother writes the series and you do the movies....sort of like that?

Squeeeeeee! I see what going on here! *nudges somy closer to a certain changling queen :rainbowkiss:

Gotta love that fluttercord. Also I get the twin thing now.

....I understand...well! I guess I can look into your other work now! :)

The Twin
Thank you for reading my cancelled story, glad you liked it. My other work is What is this strange feeling. The other ones are my brothers.

Already read it last night :ajsmug: it was awesomesauce...at first I was scared to read it since I hate love triangles but I'm glad I did! Keep up the great work!

The Twin
I gave a short explanation in the authors note, but the main reason is that after I started working on my other story, What Is This Strange Feeling, I decided to focus on that story and then reboot this one as a sequel to it. I stopped liking the direction this story was going and thought of some new ideas that I like better

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