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On a day like any other, Princess Twilight Sparkle goes about her business in her typical fashion, though with a weight on the back of her mind throughout the day. And it's not long before she needs to confront it. With a heavy heart, Twilight prepares to close a chapter in her life.

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By: The Twin

Fluttershy was out of Ponyville for a couple days, to deal with Starlight Glimmer's weird cutie mark Nazi village, and when she gets back she finds a surprising turn of events.

Discord has made a new friend... all by himself!!!

At first Fluttershy is happy and proud of Discord, but soon she starts getting a funny feeling in her chest. As Discord spends more and more time with his new friend the feeling only gets stronger.

Could Fluttershy?

Could she be?


Impossible Fluttershy doesn't have a reason to be jealous after all this new pony is nice and wants to be friends with Discord, and Fluttershy has always wanted Discord to make more friends and for other ponies to treat him kindly.

So why does this pony make her feel this way?

Could the fact that it's a Mare have anything to do with it?

Things take a turn when it appears that Discords new friend might be more then she appears to be.

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This is an idea I got that kind of fused with another idea to form the idea for my first fan fiction.

This is not Ponysage86 but instead his Twin Brother.

Two month's after the defeat of Tirek things start picking up again. When Chrysalis asks Discord to help her take of Equestria, she gets an unexpected no, but also some advice. Chrysalis recruits a villain from the mane sixes past, a very dark villain from their past, Lord Sombra. But they don't stop there they also recruit Tirek.

Can the mane six match up to some of their most powerful villains too date, without the elements? Why isn't Discord helping them find a solution? and more importantly where is he, and what's with that gift he gave Fluttershy?

A tale of battle and hardship, can Fluttershy continue to believe in the Draconequus when all the evidence point's to no?

This story is more comedy then dark, and gore is simple for injuries people will get while fighting, nothing really to graphic

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Rainbow Dash needs a favor, She just needs one of her friends to help her with a small little lie she told. It's really not even a big deal, over and done with in no time. Like barely a cliff note in their day, nothing major. So why did she call a meeting for this? And why does she look nervous?

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A young woman in the land of Equestria under orders from the kingdom's ruler ends up working at the mansion of a well known Duchess. She encounters interesting people and new experiences.
(an alternate take on the universe, my first story, bad at descriptions.)

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