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New Fic In The Works By: The Twin · 10:07pm Dec 9th, 2016

The Twin

Alright so for what ever reason I have been thinking about D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) alot lately. I use to play it a little back in high school with some friends, I don't know if we were playing it right because we never accomplished much and mostly just joked around. But my D&D history isn't why you clicked on this blog post is it? You wanna hear about the Fanfiction I mentioned in the title don't you. Well I'm getting to that.

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The Twin needs some ships yo. · 5:31am Nov 4th, 2016

Hey everyone The Twin here asking for some help. While my stories will focus primarily on Fluttershy and Discord, with a little Raridash because my brother will kill me if I post non Raridash content on his Fimfic page. I do want to at least say that the other ponies have lives outside what I'm showing, So I need ships for the following ponies.

~Twilight Sparkle
~Pinkie Pie
~Big Mac

(Optional Ones)

~Bulk Biceps

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