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Spitfire doesn't think the Wonderbolts uniform needs to be redesigned, but Rarity's got other ideas.

Just a little idea randomly given to me to help me work myself out of some writer's block.

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So the Wonderbolts will be wearing socks every time they wear their uniforms.


I am okay with this.

Out of the mouths of babes...

Short and cute, I liked it.

She'd been spending more time around her recently ever since Rarity and Rainbow Dash had made their relationship official

:facehoof: One of my biggest pet peeves in fanfiction is inexplicable shipping out of nowhere. You could've accomplished the same thing by simply referencing "Rarity Investigates!" and it would've been fine, but awkwardly shoehorned-in left-field shipping references in a short story like this are really offputting. I mean, even the joke at the end would've worked without the random shipping.

Pretty awesome stuff right here!

She was nowhere near used to practicing her craft with a pony who didn't understand the importance of fashion

You'd think she'd get all the practice she would need simply by being friends with Applejack.

I get the feeling that both mares were trolling RD in the end.

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