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Woah, this was awesome. Haven't ever seen an actual Bloodborne meets ponies story yet, and you did a wonderful job writing such a concept :twilightsmile:

The reveal of Velvet was also made even better for me because I only glossed over the title.

I kept that quiet on purpose, really as an Easter egg.

Check out the groups this story is cross-posted to; you'll actually find plenty of other crossovers like this one, in varying states of complete.

will do, thanks for letting me know :derpytongue2:

Haunting. Chilling. And very well-written to command both feelings from just text.

You know this isn't my typical fare... and actually, I've already read it before, but I neglected to comment. I'm working on being better about that.

Anyway—this is not something I would normally read, but because you had taken the time to write it, I've taken the time to (re)read it. And if you were to write more, I would read more of it. Your prose carries me through the parts that I normally avoid because it's got a wonderful cadence to it... and that ending. How dare you leave it off that way!

I am happy to inform you, in that case, that I do have a nearly complete outline for The Velveteen Huntress, and a 50% outline for The Origin of Nightmares.

Author Interviewer

Velvet Step?

Motherfucker, hold on just a goddamn minute. I am literally in the middle of Memoirs of a Royal Guard, what is the chance that I would encounter another random story from that 'verse at the same time? And a fucking crossover at that? (What's it a crossover with? c.c)

I am just freaking out is all.

Technically, this is an AU of an AU, and also a crossover. Wrap your head around that.

Also, besides crying you into the crossover, your reading experience may or may not be enhanced with this playing in the background.

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