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Dude living in Michigan. Been writing since middle school. I love games and playing piano. Married to a lovely artist.

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Wow, awesome! This was definitely an enjoyable read, thanks for writing it!

If you have a story idea yourself that you want written, send me a pm

At least it's not dragon semen.

Since ponies are all vegetarian taste shouldn't be an issue, what they wanted was semen volume and an attractive container.

6906210 Vegetarians don't have taste buds? Apples and celery have the same flavor?


6906585 Actually I'm pretty sure that herbivores have close to 10x the normal taste buds as humans and straight carnivores have less than half.

Red meat and varying other things effect semen taste apparently making it taste foul. Eating asparagus or garlic makes it particularly sickening. If you are vegetarian, you have a tastier semen sample.

More like 2.5X for cows vs humans.
Humans average about 10k, cows 25k, dogs 1.2k, cats can't even taste sweetness.
Birds get the short end of the stick with sometimes as few as a dozen up to a couple of hundred.


In all seriousness, I really enjoy your stories and how casually Equestria treats sexual acts. It fits right into my headcanons

great story:pinkiehappy:

Great story, very hot. ^^

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