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This story is a sequel to Relatives, Reactions, and One Irate Prince

Twi's got a LOT of explaining to do for the whole being related to BOTH ruling Princesses. Turns out there are a few more royals in Ponyville however....

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What exactly is/was Lyra Heartstrings' & Bon Bon's mission parameters anyway? B4 anyone asks I know that the Candy-Maker & Harpist that Prince Shining Armor referenced are in fact Bon Bon & Lyra Heartstrings respectively due to the fact that it has been noted & hinted at in multiple fanfics upon this very site.

They were plain-clothes agents. Occasionally they'd "breakup", gather information, then "make up" and compare notes. Then, every few months, they'd send a message to Lt. Wildfire, who, in turn, relayed the information the Princesses (now just referred to as the Royal Sisters to avoid undue confusion).

i really LOVED all 3 story's hope to read another sequel soon may be one about how they do Hearth's Warming:twilightsmile:

"Hey!" Twilight was tapping into the Royal Voice. Presumably, her grandmothers taught her. Anyway, the group was blown back a good two feet. *Ahem* "I know he's not the most well liked pony, but isn't this a bit much? I grew up around him. The only things that I could say about him is that he drinks too much mead and makes some (very) poor decisions." Twilight sighed. "His recent conviction being an example." The group appeared dumbfounded. "Nothing to do with Rarity, I assure you."

Thank you Twilight. Some pony sticking up for Blueblood. And I'm sure after two years of sobriety and therapy will make him a new pony. He doesn't have to be given the title 'Prince' but should be allowed to be called 'family', because as of right now, he has none except Celestia that allows him to call her 'Auntie'.

So, is Mac married in the continuity of this story? To whom? From context, i'm guessing Caramel, but I didn't think that they were that kind of cousin. :raritywink:

"Why don't we ever hug like that, Honey?" asked a small dragon who was hiding behind a large tree, holding binoculars.

"Because my coat gets caught in your scales, then Firestarter ends up having to grab some scissors to free us. And we don't kiss anymore because your tongue tastes like lighter fluid." The dragon held the binoculars to his wife's face. "I think they're going to get something to eat now. Oh, Flutters looks so beautiful with those sapphires on her head."

"Let me see, Ma." The binoculars were given to a golden, heavily-armored pegasus about twice as big as her similarly colored husband. "Haha! That's my little girl! Honey, look!"

The binoculars were then given to a slight, butter-yellow stallion, who nodded agreement with his wife's statement. "Way to go, Flutters," he said in the same tones his daughter would use. The group then slunk back to a hole in the mountainside.

There is a whole mythology here of which I am unaware, isn't there.

then they were sealed in a clam-shell package, labeled Gateway to Tartaros (Collector's Edition!)

Nice touch.

Fluttershy, Spike, and Mrs. Cake were having a conversation on the tastes of different gemstones

I was not prepared for the level of heartwarming in this sentence.

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