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Hail King Sombra

We are all just stories in the end. Official scribe to his Royal Highness King Sombra of the Crystal Empire. His tales are as varied as they are poignant, sad and bittersweet. Remember them well.

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Really Like this story, I think it's well written and the story has me captivated :twilightsmile:
More than anything I just can't wait to see were this goes.
Loved the back story for Sombra and Luna I thought that bit was great!

Heh, thanks! Why the heck didn't I reply to you earlier, Triv? OMG, I usually reply on a dime, but I think that was about the time my temp job ended and so did any semblance of working braincells with it. :derpytongue2:

I so glad you like it! I've been writing since I was in fifth grade (no kidding - and I'm in my 50s NOW) so I better be doin' something right in telling a tale, lol. And captivated is a word I LOVE seeing readers use, so you've made my day using it!

And who doesn't love a tragic love story? It makes the best of us go batshit crazy and do all sorts of INSANE stuff. Losing a beauty like Princess Luna was the final straw that broke the King's sanity, heaped upon two other reasons - none of which is his fault and that in of itself can also drive one mad - having no control over one's life. Poor Sombra, I feel so bad for and adore him SO MUCH! :heart:

6950455 Heh, wow are you FAST! You get a freakin' medal for good timing and stalking me :rainbowlaugh: So when are we getting another chapter of A Cold Heart of Crystal? I could really use its great humor right now. Being inbetween jobs mega-sux :flutterrage:

Heehee, crap baskets. Fun swearing!

Ahem, now that my natural childish humour has been satisfied, loved this! Is so much awesome~

6951874 Yes! I picked that up from my favorite clop author Topside and her smoky sexy Sombra story A Shadow in the Night. A reformed Sombra gathering a harem of devoted mares whom he gives his "special attention". The mare receiving his, uh, attention uses crapbaskets as an expletive when she realizes he can see her blush in the absolute darkness of her bedroom.

Can't hide anything from our King of Shadows!

6955689 Heh, thanks, Askre! Coming from one of the two best writers of Sombra's evil side I know, I am honored by the compliment!!!

That happens to me all the time, I say I'm not going to do something and then I do it anyway. :pinkiehappy:

Smart move Night Bomber (he said sarcastically), directly disobey a King who never tolerates disobedience. Tsk Tsk.

6997789 He had it coming and for some reason I liked the idea of the King taking care of the problem of him personally. Yeah, heh, what a jerk! :facehoof:

6997932 I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. :rainbowderp: (AKA Fixed, woopsy :twilightoops: )

I swear I thought I typed in Night Bomber, my fingers didn't type what my brain was thinking. :rainbowlaugh:

It actually took me a second to remember that Nyx does that, shifting around time. :twilightoops: I was going "why is she being so nic.... oooooooh right this one is from the future. She does that" :facehoof::rainbowlaugh:

I almost feel sorry for Sombra, all this temporal talk can't be good for his more medieval mindset :rainbowlaugh:


I almost feel sorry for Sombra, all this temporal talk can't be good for his more medieval mindset

Haha, yes! He is going to find out she is hard work, that's for sure! And it's going to annoy the hell out of him. She's the River Song of his world, always speaking in riddles and being flirtatious and mysterious, her present self using her still-limited knowledge of what is to come to fight to stay alive until she can prove her worth. We'll see how long she can last before she gets killed - oops! Spoilers! :rainbowderp:

I always loved the whole river-song-messing-the-timeline-about thing. Nice to see it being ponified with these two....

Wonderful as ever! :pinkiehappy:


Gah, the amount of detail that you put in your writing never ceases to amaze me

Heh, thanks Dragonfan! I am the love child of a hyper and an overactive imagination, I admit it.

Maybe I watch too much t.v., but I can literally see in my mind's eye the conversation going on between Sombra and Iron Blade as if I were in the King's tent, observing it, stand just outside the circle of Bomber's executioners, seeing Blade's look of disgust and Sombra's indifference as they walk away. It's hard not to flesh out all that and I can't imagine it be would any good if I didn't.

I saw the Star Wars reference there. :rainbowlaugh:

Good chapter, sadly I don't feel too sorry for Night Bomber, all I could really think was "there goes another idiot" and shake my head.

I like the premise and I am intersted. Amazon ponies is a really cool idea. But, I must ask, what is with the capitalized "He"s in the middle of sentences. I understand that it could be a stylistic choice, but it feel jarring while I read. Just a nitpick though, otherwise a well written chapter.

7165793 Thanks for the compliments, Victus, and welcome to our little band of Marazon & Nyx fans. I try to update Seeress at least twice a month. Sometimes it's been once, but I'm back into a rhythm that should get all my stories updated more regularly. Once I finish up the next chapter of The King's Mice and my evil Mother's Day offering (see my latest blog about that here), I'll be back to the next chapter here.

what is with the capitalized "He"

Heh, yeah, I'm surprised it hasn't bugged someone else enough before now to mention it. I think I got carried away with paying His Highness the respect due a King. Since you mentioned it, I'm going to experiment with scaling back the excessive obesiance tributes whenever I mention Him, er "him". It's hard to catch them all and it has bugged me in readbacks from time to time as well. Thanks for mentioning it!

Amazon ponies are an interesting concept. I wonder how they will do against the King of Shadows. Seems like he has a huge advantage by being able to possess any pony or bird. Obviously the new recruit doesn't know what he got himself into.

Wow! Sombra is really scary in this one. How do you get away from a shadow that can travel anywhere?

This is pretty good. I'm looking forward of reading more of this. It's kinda funny her future self is trying to convince her to join him.


It's kinda funny her future self is trying to convince her to join him.

Yeah, as my brony husband commented the other day when reading the first couple of chapters of Mad Seeress, "King Sombra is SCARY!" And since she's crazy and doesn't trust anyone else - especially her future self 'cause she knows how manipulative she is - the passion she sees for him in her future eyes starts the wheels of change turning and nothing she can do will stop them now!

Scary how Sombra can posses another pony like Iron Blade without warning. True Aim was real lucky he didn't finish his thought.

Also like how Night Bomber gets put in his place.

Finally all caught up.

As usual very good so far, and Nyx giving herself a headache it seems. :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Starlight Nova deleted Jan 4th, 2020


So where can I read Dark Crystal Fires - The Chronicles of King Sombra?

Hi Starlight. Dark Crystal Fires - Book One: Child of Shadows is the first of the Chronicles. Mad Seeress, The King's Gift, The King's Mice, Sombra of the Sith, Troubled Crystal Heart and Frozen Shadows are all part of the series. I just stopped adding, "Dark Crystal Fires - The Chronicles of King Sombra" to the beginning of the title because it was too wordy and would confuse people if the FIMFic website abbreviates the title anywhere, making everyone think it was the same one story. And actually, on my profile page, the two story features boxes are titled, "The King Sombra Chronicles" and "More King Sombra Chronicles". I think I'll go back and change the title to "Dark Crystal Fires - The Chronicles of King Sombra" now that you bring it up so thank for bringing it to my attention :pinkiehappy:

I wanna hug poor Nyx so bad, her gift is hard on her...

Nyx groaned, causing Andromache to laugh. “I know how much you love to rise at dawn,” the Queen added, amused.
The TimeWitch’s only reply was to groan again, burying her head underneath a pillow. Andromache laughed.

What is this "early" you speak of? :applejackunsure:

I wanna knock Celestia over the head, let Woona have a boyfriend already! -grumbles- :twilightangry2:

Your writing is so intense, that bit with Chakra made me go "meep." Made me think of the ghouls from Fallout 3...those buggers always scare the f-bombs outta me! You are seriously badass at writing a scene, I don't think I've said it enough. I know my heads been lodged up my behind lately with this depression, (which you helped with enormously, understatement of the year) and I fell behind with my reading. I'm all caught up now, so can't wait for more!

Also, pickles...hee hee. Made me think of that scene from Hot Shots 2, where that guy is hiding next to a box of spineless jellyfish...

Comment posted by Starlight Nova deleted Jan 4th, 2020


...Why not add it now?

It's getting close to that time, though with the war around the corner, the gore tag might be the one to go up first, depending on how graphic I get. I'm not usually that heavy with details like that.

Meep! Things are getting super serious for both sides~ To quote Fallout 3 "War, war never changes." This was an awesome chapter, I liked seeing Sombra talking to Blade as a friend! None of the others know him that well do they? :twilightsmile:

I wanna see cute scenes with Iron Blade and Quiet Hoof, pls? :rainbowkiss:

Is this story being continued?


Is this story being continued?

Hi Happy. Glad you could join me here. Welcome!

Yes, I am continuing Mad Seeress. The earlier half of this year was fraught with personal turmoil that was killing my creativity, but I have plans to continue all my earlier stories as soon as possible, especially in the light of the rumor that King Sombra might return next season. Even if he does not, his Majesty's story needs to be wrapped up even as the show is winding down in this incarnation.

Thank you for the confirmation!!!

Amazon ponies aren't anything I can remember seeing before, except maybe in art. Valkyrie-Girl did some amazing art and pegasus subculture mythos on them. Getting to see Nyx and Sombra in their main story is clearly going to offer a good slice of lore.

The black mare turned a cold-eyed gaze to her. It was not intentional, but her soulless, all black eyes always gave the impression she could look straight through ponies talking to her. “Rest?” she echoed. “Rest is done. No more, not ever again,” she muttered. She paused to look out over the waters of the turbulent ocean to their west.

How is it that she has eyes like this? Are they from some kind of ritual, or was she born with them?

Crap-baskets is very mild compared to some common historical insults and outbursts, but was funny to see.

Clearly, Sombra is not the only one with schemes! He's clearly met his match!

His visitor settled himself at Sombra's side, gratefully accepting the glass of wine offered him. “I hate those damn rituals,” Blade muttered. “They are too violent for my tastes.” He took a long pull from the metal cup, refilling it from the flask.

The dude's name has 'blade' in it! He's certainly one to talk about violence!

“- as it is now? A cape of red? A steel crown bearing the sign of Luna's moon, but in blood red? I know. I have seen this in my visions as well. I do not know it what means, but I do not believe it is a good sign.” She looked off to her left, then back to the council mares with a look of urgency.

...and all of this is Sombra's own garb. Either they share a wardrobe, or they just really like to dress similar.

There was no answer. She was gone.

This doesn't bode well!

Also, either I'm tired or there's a new queen to keep tabs on!

“In our intelligence gathered, we were told there was one who once loved him. Princess Luna,” Andromache told her.


“From what I have seen sir, she is your destiny.”

Every friggin' chapter's got a suspenseful ending here, and I'm running out of chapters to read. The horse drama must go on!

Well, now begins the wait for more.

The author only recently returned, so my hopes for this story are high.

A thought just came to me, What age is Nyx and Quiet in this story. Probably Late Teens, early Twenties?

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