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Pray that there's intelligent life somewhere out in space, because there's bugger-all down here on Earth.

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There is not enough space to contain the amount of 'wat?' I am feeling right now.

:twilightsheepish: Spike too is an Elephant of harmony
:duck: I rubbed his head spines and he became a monolith :heart::raritystarry:
:twilightoops: Where's my hooch!
:moustache: Mooch a little hooch for a little cooch !:pinkiegasp:
:ajbemused: dat's cooter ya putz
:raritywink: my fainting cooch!:pinkiegasp:

:rainbowlaugh: and we all exploded!
:fluttercry: not me

7665212 - Then my work here is done. :derpytongue2:

7665281 - Actually, Fluttershy exploded twice.

7665315 Oh the pomanety ! :flutterrage::pinkiegasp::rainbowderp::raritystarry::twilightoops:

:moustache: twice?? can she do that? Can Flutter explode twice?

:trollestia: All my little ponies are colorful unexploded munitions

This makes perfect sense to me. I like it. Ti ekil I. Em ot esnes tcefrep sekam siht. Buy some apples.

Drugs and writing are bad

I'm not sure if I should be impressed or disturbed at how much of this I followed. Eh, I had fun so it's all good, good work.

After reading this I'm beginning to question whether I put sugar or cocaine in my coffee this morning.

As dreams go, I give an eight and three heads of cabbage for the Llama.

(The same book every year? Come now, Twilight gets Spike a brand-new excruciatingly boring book every year: it just seems like the same book).

So many references to ytp's and others. I love how you actually stitched that nonsense into a good comedy.

Spike thought about it for a minute. “Actually,” he said, “Yeah. It beats getting the same damn book year after year.”

If this is better than a book, what kind of book did he get the last years?!
(Also, check the cover-source-link. It's kind of broken. (?))


(Also, check the cover-source-link. It's kind of broken. (?))

Sorry about that. I uploaded this story before DB switched over their servers. I'll fix it. Thanks for reminding me.

As to Spike's book… Fifty Shades of Hay? Or maybe Atlas Whinnied.

Huh. Whatever.

Just keep away from my damn sock drawer, Soufriere. Snugglemuffers crave pork rinds, you know.

First off, this story was really funny. Second, which YTPs did you use as source material? I only recognized "Small Horse: Friends Are Good"....

7749856 - It's been a year since I wrote this story, but I'll try my best to remember (aaand scanning the titles of the 5-dozen-plus MLP:YTPs on my HDD)…

- The bulk of it is Krobo, largely from "Friendship Is Magnets" & the first two "Gic" YTPs.
- I did indeed use "Small Horse Friends Are Good". I cribbed much Danfango sauce.
- Avojaifnot's "Spectrum Scramble Wreaks Havoc on a Stereotypical Western Town".
- "Pinkie Pie Barks At A Bookshelf For 15 Minutes".
- There's a little bit in there from cs188's "Friendship With Benefits".
- Probably others I can't recall without scrutinizing the text with a fine-tooth comb.

I actually wanted to throw in even more poop, but when I copied it to FimFic, I saw it was over 3000 words and worried it was already too draggy for a comedy. Hope that answers your questions! :moustache:

Yep, it does; thanks for replying. ^_^

wow, that certainly earned the "random" tag.

“Big adventure!” Rainbow Dash sang as she flew into a cliffside and exploded.
“Tons of faaf!” Pinkie Pie continued before popping out of existence again.

i finally figured out that's a parody of the usual title song...

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