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It's time once again for another fairy tale turned pony tale! This time, Pinkie recounts the tale of "The Three Little Pigs" to lull the cake twins to sleep. Hilarious antics await including rhyming fails, improperly themed homes, unknown information sources, and a big bad wolf who is strangely obsessed with fashion.

Just like the other Pinkie Tales stories, this one has a full-casted production on YouTube! Check it out on my channel Magpiepony

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Comments ( 5 )

Great story. When i saw the title i immediately thought the three little pigs would be the CMC.

Author Interviewer

Not as good as the first two, but still funny. :)

β€œI called you exactly what you are, a Big. Bad. Wolf.” Applehog replied, tauntingly.

β€œIs that some kind of FAT JOKE?”

:rainbowlaugh: Unexpected! Took me by surprise!

Hilarious. Nice used of fourth wall breaking of the story itself.

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