• Published 18th Jul 2015
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Hichigo in Equestria - Nicranger

Going to Comic Con with my brother as Hichigo was supposed to be fun. But buying a stupid medallion now has me in a new world as said character and fighting with a bunch of people calling themselves 'ponies'. Sometimes I really hate my life.

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6224039 Technically speaking, Ichigo's hollow mask, his inner hollows name, is also Tensa Zangetsu. And in the show (not sure about the manga) they fused into their 'true form'.

6516260 Just a little hint but I wanted Hichigo to eventually reach this form later on after he gains all of his other abilities. Plus if you want to be caught up on current events with the story go to LostFaith's The Alpha and chapter 12 parts one through three are a collab between him and me with the final part to be done sometime at the end of this or beginning of next week. Just FYI not being condescending or anything but I like that you noticed that.

6521225 So... (sigh) Hichigo, will fuse with Zangetsu later on? Or are you talking about like when Ichigo hollowfide in his fight with Ulquiorra?

6521355 that's only going to be a temporary thing like the form before he fuses with Zangetsu.

*Reads Title*
Just hope this story ain't dead... :rainbowderp:

Don't you mean Zangetsu? since, ya know...he is Ichigo's True Zanpakuto, not the old man, who was Ichigo's Quincy powers?

7166240 oh sweet mother of mercy not that meme :facehoof:

update soon please.

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