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This man is another reason why humanity would never fall.

6203993 Damn skippity, as long as men and women like Mercer are around, humanity will never fall.

That was a very good story

"Never know what hit 'em." - Ghost, StarCraft

A great tale of a single sniper operation and the undefeatable human spirit.

6204746 Oooo, dat quote tho.

Damn straight son, when a Sniper's on the hunt... no one can stop em O^O
Also thanks for faving!

If the sniper has the right bullet tpye he could even kill Queen Celesta with a nice head shot.

A grand addition to ATCB fan fiction.

Simply love the cover of the story.

6204859 Oh really? hehehe, that's nice to know!
He may want that chance someday.

Thanks man, that really means a lot to me.

Thank you once more!

Why, you know a bullet that can pierce plot armour?
(Not disagreeing that a sniper should be able to kill Celestia, but authors, especially TCB authors, take weird liberties with her power levels. She is one-third Earth Pony, but I don't think that makes her bullet-proof.)

Hmm, this sounds remarkably similar to a story I wrote a while ago.

Most bullets would kill someone with a headshot.

Ok, it's not as similar as I first thought. Still though, odd coincidence.

6205795 Really? Hmm...
6205798 That is true 8D but there are some cases which someone survives a headshot... I think.
6205863 Eh, its interesting.

6204120 humanity is damn tenacious as a whole. ain't nothings gonna kill us off easy.

"death comes in shadows." & "one strike is all I need." - Vindicare Assassin, Dawn of War

Good story, got me right in the feels.
Even if we do fall, we will rise up again and kick Celly's butt into to the nearest black hole.

6205909 That's the good thing about us humans, when it comes to this stuff, we ain't going down easy.
We'll keep in fighting, till the end.

6205928 Mmm mm mm, those quotes.
them feelz man, legit.
Damn straight! :D hehe

6206922 Indeed it does not.
thanks man!

Why is there a tag for Celestia if she is not in the fic? She is mentioned but she is not present.

6215449 Ya know... I am not entirely sure why...
I think she still deserves the tag even if she's mentioned, I mean, that's what I think.

Well, ain't this ridiculous.

6232709 Very.
And I wrote it 8D

My god I have tears, and I cant tell if their tears of happiness or sorrow. great job man, this story deserves a sequel.

6234709 Then my mission is completed *evil laugh*
Thanks for reading, and yes... it does deserve a sequel...

As a lightning bolt struck a tree, a branch was snapped loose and fell down, hitting the mare in the back of the head and giving Scott a chance to escape.

Tree ex machina.

6793893 haha, DAT tree dough, and thanks!

I just have one request good sir.

Hahaha, I've been tempted to, but I feel like I would mess it up somehow. But eh, who knows.

6860592 you have such a good universe right here, it would be wonderful to see this continued

Oh how I would love to take credit for this universe. But this is a story for Redskin's universe. Maybe I'll make a sequel, who knows.

We hit a thousand views on this!

Comment posted by grogar deleted Apr 8th, 2016

I thought this was going to be an edgy piece of shit, but you proved me wrong. This was an excellent story and I enjoyed reading it. My only complaint is that he ejected spent brass from his gun. The Barrett is a semi weapon. It auto ejects. He would reload.

Why thank you good sir, I'm glad this wasn't seen as an edgy piece of shit :heart:
Well shit... I probably should have fixed that when I watched that video on Barrett RIfles. I'll fix it at some point, thanlks for pointing that out!

7407751 I think your thinking of the rifle on the cover. That's an intervention and is a bolt action, making you eject the brass.

Probably, I just like manually ejecting the brass, specially in slow motion :pinkiecrazy:

Snipers... True artists of the battlefield. They control everything. They control who lives or dies. They are deities of deception and stealth. And they are exactly why humanity will never be wiped out. You shouldn't fear the Grim Reaper of legend, but fear the reaper of the battlefield that cannot be seen, nor heard if they do not wish to be.

This comment makes me happy, I applaud ye.
For Snipers... are the true thing to fear on the battlefield...

7423152 Snipers are the worst
*spits on ground*
They are the nightmare of every CoD player EVER

True... but...
It really depends... which end of the scope are you on? :pinkiecrazy:

7429520 *gets trolled by campers*
I will not-
*sniped by camper*
*sniped and tea bagged*
*killed by camper with assault rifle*
Fuck it.
*grabs LMG, crouches in corner behind plant*
*guys runs by, I kill him, gets booted for camping*
SONOFAB*TCH!!!!! :flutterrage:

Sounds about right, and this gives me a funny idea for my CoD story I'm working on :pinkiecrazy:

7431383 :pinkiegasp: :yay: YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
I am inspiration.

Sir I DEMAND a sequel to this story!
It's bloody wonderful!

I was planning on a sequel, I might write one out, thanks for reading!

Live on Scott! Live on to snipe Celestia's ass!

He shall snipe her! And put the guy from Sniper Elite to shame for his epic skills.

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