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Something, something, something, dark side. Something, something, something, complete.


Just a bunch of little stories about Rarity.

Each chapter can be read as a standalone story. They will occasionally make reference to each other, but it shouldn't make much difference what order you read them in.

I'll keep adding more chapters when I think about them.

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Pretty good drablles keep like that:raritystarry:

Good, although I'm pretty sure rarity's father is called Magnum

This one made me giggle. I like. Here have moustache :moustache:

This was far beyond adorable. There must be more of these perfect little bite-sized bits of awesome.

:moustache: I'll do anything for you. . .

:duck: You smell like moldy hay garbage and dragon perspiration

:twilightoops: just watch where you step before eating!

6044979 His name in the collectable card game is Hondo Flanks, though the Enterplay game calls him Magnum. Rarity's mother has similarly inconsistent naming.

6044977 6045067
Thanks. I have another Rarity/Sweetie one lined up to be published in a few days. It will actually be the longest one yet, though still well under 1000 words.

Well, these are entertaining. I look forward to any more you may write.

Can I have some Coco as well?

is this a jojo reference?

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