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Consume all the Turnips

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This is hawt 10/10 would fap again!

So what do I search for on e621 if I wanted to find this picture? Because I haven't had any luck so far.


This is something I never want to go through.

Problem is I always dream of being in a Equestria of where everyone single character is a female and they are all futas.

It's fucking terrifying man. It's just fucking terrifying :raritydespair:

I give it a 6 out of 10 pretty good but it doesn't bring much to the table, but as your first and only foray into clop fiction it is better than most.

pm image plz....

Comment posted by Drone Of War deleted Oct 5th, 2015

"directly into the bac of the mare’s throat"


"The Only Chapter" yet the story is marked as incomplete. How strange.

XD, thank you for telling me that, I din't notice

I feel as if she is a pirate and has an eyepatch for some reasom

5817700 that's creepy... Cause i had the same mental image


5604635 You Jinxed it D:

5605228 You never said what the picture was D:

5593508 I'm curious as well

“Just breathe slowly human, it’ll go in a lot smoother if you just relax already.” She moaned, the tightness of his walls around her cock was one of the best feelings she had ever felt in years since she had her way with that foal that one time.


I had to stop and scroll down and pretend that line never happened. Then again, a lot of people write Equestrian age consent as "when they learned about the birds and the bees" so ehh...

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