• Published 10th Oct 2014
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Thorn of the Earth - Robipony

A large object crashes into Ponyville. This story consists of documents, records and verbal accounts surrounding this event.

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One month after impact
This is a report written by the pony Observant Eye, researcher for the O.E.A.

A strange green gas has been reported leaking from the "Thorn." While the gas itself isn't toxic it seems to have a similar effect to helium however instead of producing a high pitched voice the tone of someone breathing it in will have a deeper sounding voice. This would indicate that the gas is heavier then oxygen meaning that in order to expel it completely from the longs the pony must sit in an inverted position so that will fall from their lungs.

Concrete walls have been constructed and will be placed around to contain the gas if no other means of doing so can be found. I will also be organizing a team of pegasi to control the weather around the Thorn to make sure the gas doesn't spread.

Surprisingly Rainbow Dash has volunteered to join this group. Not sure it would be a wise idea but we can use all the help we can get right now. I am just worried that she will find the job boring and not work as passionately as we need her too. Also those hazard suits have been noted to be constricting on the wings of a Pegasus.

Twilight Sparkle has also noted that the "hum" that was being generated by the Thorn has increased in frequency.

Picture pertaining to the Gas
This photograph shows what appears to be cracks the side of the Thorn with a mysterious green gas leaking out.

Urgent Report
This report was documented by Twilight Sparkle

What appears to be two portals have appeared on the Thorn. Once the portals appeared the O.E.A. set up a one block perimeter around the Thorn. An hour after those portals appeared creatures started pouring out of them.

Red worms the width of one's foreleg. These large worms despite being a nuisance don't appear to be an issue. We captured a few of these worms, which I will be analyzing in the future.

The main problem were the large gorilla like creatures that come out. Their fur is blue, they have a total of four arms and four large eyes. As the creatures charged forth we had to use everything we had to keep the back. While we fended them off the gas continued to leak.

After the creatures were contained we enclosed the area with the concrete walls we had on standby. We erected the walls around the Thorn in hopes of containing both the creatures as well as the gas. There are air-tight doors built into some of the walls just in case we need to reenter the quarantine zone.

More of those glowing drones were seen hovering around the Thorn during this. We believe that this event may have been intentional.

Celestia has sent some of her Portal Masters to investigate the portals in hopes of sealing them. It also turns out that a few of the citizens of Ponyville are Portal Masters, however to insure security their names will not be disclosed in this file.

Note: Portal Masters are ponies that have been given powers by Celestia, that allow them to create portals so they can travel from point A to point B. Individuals granted with this power don't necessarily have to be unicorns to use their abilities. When they are not performing any tasks for Celestia they are in reserve and live their lives like normal ponies.

All ponies in that lived in the zone that has been quarantined or have come in contact with the gas, have been told not to leave Ponyville. This is to insure the safety of Equestria.

More information will be provided once it makes itself known.

Picture pertaining to the Containment Wall
This photograph shows the wall that surrounds the Quarantine Zone. The walls are made of concrete with every three walls being followed by a wall with a concrete door built in. Each door frame is surrounded by yellow and black caution type.

There are a few machines attached to the walls to monitor the integrity of the walls to detect any possible leaks.

Above the walls a large storm cloud can be seen with a large number of pegasi wearing hazard suits flying around it.

One month and One day after impact (One day after Quarantine)
Letter from Applejack to Rarity
Dear Rarity,

First I thought you might like to know that Sweetie Bell is doing just fine. She and Applebloom have been having a hey of a time.

I am glad to hear that your boutique wasn't within the Quarantine zone. I heard a lot of our friends are having a hard time as they have to make new homes for themselves due to their previous homes being sealed behind the Quarantine zone. It must be really rough on those who already had to rebuild their homes and now they have to do it again.

Well, I hope to hear from ya soon.



Report on Worms
This report was documented by Twilight Sparkle

Aside from being larger then our normal species of earth worm there doesn't appear to be much of a difference besides the fact that they are red.

There anatomy is the same aside from being larger.

We were able to recover a few live worms from the quarantine zone. However despite our multiple attempts to keep them moist the worms shriveled up and died shortly after extraction.

Rainbow Dash's Diary Entry #2
Dear Diary,

I am SOOOOO glad my shift is over for the day. It is just SOOOOO boring.

We just fly around above the Thorn and push the wind so that it contains the air within the confines of the quarantine zone. And the shifts are so long it seems to take forever before the next shift arrives.

The good thing is that it pays pretty well considering how boring the work is.

I should probably talk to Twilight. Perhaps she has some ideas on how I can keep myself entertained while I am working.

I was able to talk to Fluttershy the other day. She rarely comes to the village any more but it is good to see that she isn't housed up in her cottage all the time. She still tends to her garden and visits the homes of the animal's that are in need of her help.

When I dropped by she and her "angel bunny" were having tea with a few other animals. That rabbit is really annoying but I can tell that he cares for her.

We talked for a little bit before I went to interview for the boring job I have now.

Well, now I am going to sleep for a bit and try to do something fun before my next shift.

For now this is the Awesomest flyer in all of Equestria, Rainbow Dash signing off.

Three days after Quarantine
Pinkie Pie's Diary Entry #3
Dear Diary,

I had another terrible dream last night. I was suspended in a glass case, and I could move at all. Looking down I could see strange reptilian creatures looking up at me, as if I were the remains of some prehistoric animal.

While that is the shortest dream I have had it has been the scariest out of them all.

Recently I haven't been eating as much candy as I normally do. Also I have been having difficulty breathing. I really don't feel good.

I should go check with the doctor.

Author's Note:

Sorry that it took a while for this chapter to be released. It took me a while to figure out how I wanted this chapter to be written.

As for the Portal Masters think of them as "Time Lords" except without the time traveling or additional organs (In Doctor Who time lords have been known to have more then one heart). They are sort of a reserve group that serves Celestia in times of need however their identities are kept secret due to their power (just mentioning that here if that wasn't hinted enough in this chapter).

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Good chapter. This is a good story.

Evolution reference I see. I liked that movie.

5293670 I honestly don't know which movie you are talking about. :rainbowderp:

5294215 Really? Worms that cannot stay alive out of this gas and blue apes. That seems like evolution to me. If you have never seen evolution then you should.

5294249 I really did think I was being original. :fluttercry:

Oh well.

Maybe I will see it some time. Personally I don't agree with all the concepts of Evolution (Macro Evolution that is) but I will try to take a look into it.

5294337 It isn't real evolution anyway. Basically a meteor crashes and it bleeds blue blood and that is micro organisms and they evolve very quickly and become almost every shape and size possible. It's good but I find it painful with accuracy mistakes.

I hope this story gets off hiatus soon.

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7731121 If I remember currectly it was supposed to aid in terraforming the planet. But yes its poisonous.

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I’m really liking the lovecraftian feel if this fic. Are you still planning on remaking it?

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