• Published 10th Oct 2014
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Thorn of the Earth - Robipony

A large object crashes into Ponyville. This story consists of documents, records and verbal accounts surrounding this event.

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Three days after impact

Twilight's Diary - Entry #1

Dear Diary,

I am writing this while patiently waiting for Rarity to meet me here in the restaurant.

While the citizens of Ponyville start to repair their home, I have set up an organization to observe the object that caused the impact as well as address any issues the object may cause. This organization is called, the O.E.A. or the Office of Extraterrestrial Affairs. With the aid of Unicorn magicians and Earth pony technicians we have been able to make a magician that can detect the "hum." While it was a "hum" when I used the spell this signal appears to be something else altogether. It has a strange pattern to it.

Beep Beep Beep. Boop Boop Boop. Beep. Beep. Beep.

This signal seems to repeat itself over and over again. At this point we have yet to decipher what the signal means. However it seems there are a few ponies that can "feel" the "hum" some with various reactions. For example Fluttershy seems to develop headaches from the signal, causing her to stay in her cottage and spend less time in Ponyville. We all have decided to refer to the object as "The Thorn of the Earth." This is because of the fact that the object is largely submerged in the earth.

While this object does seem to be a treat at this point I have set events in motion with the O.E.A. to insure that we will be prepared in case the need arises. All attempts to gain access to the Thorn's interior have proven unsuccessful. We are hoping that by excavating the area around the Thorn we might be able to find a means of entry.

However I am wondering if maybe the only reason I wish to open this object is to satisfy the fears of my past. When I was a filly I would look up at the starry sky and wonder if there was something else out there. This curiosity turned into fear as I began to feel as if those stars were looking down on me. Dissecting me molecule by molecule. There were nights I woke up screaming in my bed and the ruckus would wake everypony in the house. If it wasn't for the love both my parents and my brother showed me I very well could have gone mad.

As I grew older I repressed my xenophobia (after all the fear of something unseen isn't very logical) but now that this "Thorn" has crashed here from another world I have no choice to face this fear.

At this point only debris the broke off of the Thorn as if tore its way into the ground and pieces of wood left behind by crushed buildings have been found. The mayor has alerted me that the large evacuation we performed has cost the town treasury heavily. I suppose I should try to talk to Applejack and Pinkie Pie about setting up some fundraising events. However in the future any activities pertaining to O.E.A. shall be funded by other means. This way Ponyville will not be burdened.

When more information makes itself known I will document it here.

Pictures found pertaining to the Thorn of the Earth
Here are a few photographs showing some of the debris that broke off the "Thorn of the Earth". It appears to be a dark gray metal with strange vacuoles on the inside like frozen bubbles. Whither this is something having to do with how the metal is created or the heat produced by the atmosphere has yet to be confirmed.

Here is another picture which shows a piece of Debris that looks like a claw. We have reason to believe that this may be an antenna.

Rainbow Dash's Diary Entry #1
Dear Diary,

I have just been forcefully awoken from my afternoon nap by the sound of flapping wings. Apparently Twilight's new organization has enlisted some Pegasi to patrol the skies around that object that crashed here. It wouldn't have bothered me so much if they weren't so loud.

Hmmm... perhaps I should try to join. After all it would look pretty good to the Wonderbolts if I did some volunteer work and considering that it revolves around this thing would be pretty important. They would have to recruit me once this is over!

However spending hours flying the same space just to make sure that nothing happens would be just plain boring.

Well, its something to think about.

I should go and visit Fluttershy. Ever since that thing crashed into our town Fluttershy has been staying in her cottage with her animals. It must be lonely there.

Perhaps I should go visit her today. Yes, that would be a great idea. I should also bring some cookies from Sugarcube Corner, that might cheer her up.

Well, that's it for now. This is the Awesomest flyer in all of Equestria, Rainbow Dash signing off.

Four days after impact

Pinkie Pie's Diary Entry #2

Dear Diary,

I have had another strange dream. It is almost like my previous one except it seems a bit more disturbing.

I am no longer running through the forest. Instead I am flying above the forest, which is weird considering the fact that I am not a Pegasus and I have only flown on a few occasions.

Now the trees look like large black mushrooms enveloped by green fog. I can see strange creatures moving under the mushroom canopies, creatures that I can't even recognize. Then something catches my eye. A tower appears above the canopy and the feeling of deja vu hits me as I recognize the tower from somewhere. It isn't until I get closer that I realize to my surprise that it is in fact the Ponyville clock tower, with strange black and green vines clutching it.

I fly around the tower a few times before landing below the canopy. I land in front of another building wrapped in vines and to my horror I recognize it too. It is Sugarcube Corner only now it is covered in vines. Then a large red creature with a sideways mouth lunges at me from behind one of the large mushrooms. This is when I wake up.

It is a scary dream despite the lack of icky yucky stuff.

Maybe it is something I ate last night. Perhaps I should eat less cupcake before going to bed. However ever since I had that dream my knees have been feeling pinchy.

Twilight came to talk to me today. She says she needs to set up some fundraising events to help make up for the money that was spent to evacuate the whole town.

Note: It has been observed that when Pinkie's back feels itchy it means she will have a lucky day, but if her knee is pinchy then something scary will happen.

Recently Twilight and her organization started excavating the area around the Thorn and the princess has hired by sister Maud Pie to aid with it. It has been great seeing my sister again. It is a shame she is too busy right now. Perhaps I should try to throw a party for her later.

Letter from Rarity to Applejack

Dear Applejack

I just wanted to thank you for taking care of Sweetie Bell for me. Things have been busy around the boutique trying to repair it. While the impact didn't damage the boutique too much there are still a few structural supports that will need to be replaced before I can open up for business again.

Thank you for keeping an eye on Sweetie Bell, while Twilight says this "Thorn" isn't a threat I don't feel safe having her this close to it. Also I have been hearing rumors that there are strange lights floating around that object.

Also have you seen Pinkie recently? She seems to have been a little out of it.

I hope you are doing well and I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Pictures found pertaining to lights seen around the Thorn of the Earth
Here we have two photographs. One in which five strange blue lights are seen floating around the Thorn of the Earth. The other photo shows two of these lights circling the mayors office. This latter image is clearer and shows what appears to be long thin appendages drifting from behind the glowing orb.

Author's Note:

O.E.A. or Office of Extraterrestrial Affairs is an organization that I have borrowed (with permission) from Balancer and his story Brave New Worlds.