• Published 10th Oct 2014
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Thorn of the Earth - Robipony

A large object crashes into Ponyville. This story consists of documents, records and verbal accounts surrounding this event.

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Three weeks prior to impact

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today me and my friends went out star gazing. While we were looking up Rainbow Dash pointed to a rather bright star in the heavens and asked me what it was called. When I looked at my star chart I noticed that the star wasn't on it.

Now I will have to check the crystal library to check and see if it might be on another star chart. However there is a possibility that this could be a new star we discovered.

After making this discovery I asked my friends what they would call it if it was indeed a new star? It took a while to convince Rainbow Dash to call it anything that didn't pertain to either the Wonderbolts or herself. In the end Rainbow Dash decided to call it Blazer. Pinkie thought of the name Minty while Rarity thought of the name, Dantimus. Applejack thought up a name that referred to apples, which in turn made Rainbow Dash mad saying, "it isn't fair that you can name it after something you like and I can't!"

Spike did try to call it Dracos and was disappointed when I pointed out that there was already a constellation with the same name. Fluttershy said she didn't care what it was called. Saying that whatever name it had wouldn't be a bright as it was. Personally I decided to withhold naming it until after I found out if it is actually a new star or not.

Perhaps I can try talking to Princess Luna concerning this. Considering that she controls the night sky she should have some good knowledge on this matter.

Around two in the morning all of us headed home. Since Spike had come with us I had asked him to send you this letter. Hopefully you are reading this later in the morning as opposed to three o clock.


Princess Twilight Sparkle

Two weeks, six days prior to impact

Dear Celestia,

I fear this could be urgent. It is nine in the morning and that star I mentioned last night is still in the sky. Not only have I discovered that the star isn't on any of the star charts in the library but also that the object isn't a star at all. The light of a star flickers while the light of planets, moons and other extra terrestrial bodies do not.

After making this discovery I set up my telescope in an attempt to discover what it might be. While I can't focus the telescope well enough to produce a proper image I have deduced that it object is long and rod shaped. Also according to the way it is moving it should be nearing Equus soon.

To make matters worse there are already several doomsday criers running about the streets, declaring that this star is a sign of impending doom.

I strongly suggest that the princess have a meeting concerning this situation as soon as possible.


Princess Twilight Sparkle

Later that day in Canterlot Castle
The following information was documented by the royal scribe Ink Well as he documented the events that went on during the Princesses' meeting.

"So you believe this object could be a threat?" Princess Celestia asked.

"Possibly," Twilight said, "However I figure it wouldn't hurt to take precautions. The appearance of this object could have a huge impact not just for Equestria but for our planet as a whole."

"Indeed," Luna spoke, "if this object were to crash into either Equus or the moon it would drastically effect life here on this planet. By hitting the moon the oceans would become more wild and an impact on Equus could create enough ash to bloat out the sun for years. Even with the Pegasi cleaning the air using their weather control it would take months for the skies to be clear again."

"Well hopefully it won't come to that, "Twilight said, "according to my calculations the object might just pass by our planet without causing any harm. However as I stated before it would be wise to prepare for such an event."

"Very well," Celestia spoke, "however I have something I need you to do Twilight."

"What is it?" Twilight asked.

"Now I know that you are no longer my student," Celestia said, "The only reason I am giving you this assignment is because it pertains to this situation. I need you to look through the royal library for a book called, Star Watch. It was written years ago by Star Swirl the bearded, who crafted a spell that would allow the caster to follow the path of any extraterrestrial body. I want you to use this spell so that you keep track the object. If the object passed by then you may deactivate the spell, however if the object changes course you will be the first to know, and it will be your responsibility to let us know."

"I understand." Twilight said, who finally started to relax.

"Now Princess Cadence," Celestia said, turning to the pink alicorn, "during Sombre's reign of terror he had mining tunnels made to mine the crystals in the empire. Do you think you might be able to re-purpose these tunnels to serve as bunkers for the worst case scenario?"

Cadence nodded, "I will set about doing that once I return home."

Celestia turned to her sister, "Do you have a means to protect the moon in case the object comes near it."

"While I am no longer Nightmare Moon, I do believe I know a few spells that I have created around that time, that could be used in such an event." Luna replied.

With that the meeting was concluded.

Back at the Crystal Castle

Dear Princess Celestia,

I have just casted the spell that will alert me to the objects movement. If the object deviates from the path I will receive a mental warning. After which I will check my telescope and confirm if the object has indeed changed its course.

Just thought you would like to remain informed.


Princess Twilight Sparkle

Author's Note:

The count down begins now!

So Equus is the name of the planet that Equestria resides in (at least in this fanfic). Now for those of you who don't like the name don't worry too much about it. This should be the only chapter where it is actually mentioned.