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Ryoga Hibiki gets lost, finds himself in Equestria, and is adopted as Spike's new pet piglet. What could possibly go wrong?

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Somehow I get the feeling that there's nothing about this experience that's at all strange to Ryouga.

'Talking horses and lizards? Some with wings? Sure, whatever. I've seen stranger shit.'

4672340 He's from Nerima this wouldn't even make his top 10 on the weird shit-o-meter :rainbowlaugh:

Poor Ryoga. Poor, poor Ryoga.


This is the boy who randomly stumbled across the most useful fungus in existence. Seriously.

I'm convinced the only reason they didn't keep the mushrooms of time around is because eventually, Happosai would have come back to the house, and that would inflict him upon humanity for another 300 years.

4673916 A very good point. "Heh, just imagine Nerimian Chaos coming to Equestria, Discord would have a field day! :rainbowlaugh:


Thank you.
That's exactly the feel I was going for.

Lol poor ,poor, porkchop.

That solution, hitting the breaking-point of an object, while good for removing obstacles, was useless against living things… so their twisted little tree-house was the perfect prison for him, even if he did find a way to revert to his human form.

Bullshit. You're Ryoga frickin' Hibiki, ludicrously superhuman enough to take on Maud Pie in hand-to-hand and have a good chance of winning(if end-of-manga anyway). Wood is supposed to stop you? Just punch your way out.

You have literally punched trees down before, early in the series. The library would not be a big problem.


You're right, Ryoga's got monstrous strength, but he's also got a depressive streak a mile wide... so it's easy enough for me to imagine him concentrating on what the breaking-point cannot do to the point of forgetting all the other things that he can do.

The other thing to note is that Ryoga doesn't destroy houses, well, not intentionally. (Some explanation for the mentality underlying this will be in the next chapter.)

Really nice story - but I don't think Spike would find a pet engaging in easy communication odd. He works with Owlocious and has quarreled with Angel a few times, and they both (as many pets - check Tank and Opal as well) are quite able to even take directions. It is no odder than if in the real world, I adopted an abandoned dog and it knew how to fetch. Sorry for the nitpick, otherwise I think you are doing excellent.:twilightblush:


No, it's quite a valid nitpick... I put it in as a joke because I thought it would be funnier if (at least here at the start) most ponies (and Spike) ignore any signs of intelligence.

In any case: Thank you for the kind encouragement.

Well, it certainly suits Ranma 1/2 that people ignore the glaringly obvious because of Rule of Funny!:pinkiecrazy:

Ben Comic Haiku'd:

The cure for boredom
Is the condition a plague
Taunting the creature

Ok, this is a new record for Ryoga! LMAO!!!
He was my favorite Ranma 1/2 character XD


Ryoga's always been one of my favorite anime characters, too.
(Er, and, which record of Ryoga's are we talking about?)

4688204 Farthest traveled when lost! :rainbowlaugh: (or strangest location he's shown up at)

"Why, cruel god of the skies? Why do you torment me so?!"



LOL - Thanks for the laugh.

Poor, poor P-chan!:fluttercry:

personally I think Ryoga would be happier in Equestria :twilightsmile:


He probably would be.

4700516 I mean looks at it, no real major carnivorous threats to worry about, nice people and a relatively stress free environment :twilightsmile: On another hoof why am I suddenly picturing Ryouga becoming a protector of Fluttershy.

No idea how my comment got here when i replied to a reply to my comment on chapter 4 but eanyways, chapter 5 was a blast though I do feel sorry for spike

Because of this last chapter?
Because Ryoga has a pretty good sense of honor?
Because Ryoga's awesome?

4700700 I see Ryouga protective of her for multiple reasons, Fluttershy's kindness will touch his heart, and her cuteness will put him under her spell figuratively speaking

4700719 Till he starts fighting Ranma then it's back to the insanity and yelling of prepare to die:rainbowlaugh:

4721344 This is assuming Ranma shows up in Equestria :twilightsmile:

So if this story takes place after Twilight becomes an Alicorn, why is there no Peewee? You know, Spike's pet Phoenix? The one he got when he went to the Great Dragon Migration?

Honestly? ...because I completely forgot until chapter three or so. :twilightblush:

i dont think he meet applejack and winona on this chapter

You're right; and I made a checklist for them all. :pinkiegasp:/:derpyderp2:
:twilightangry2: -- I messed up the Checklist!

(I'll try'n remember to post a corrected version along with the next chapter. Thanks for the catch.)

5529402 Besides Flutters would just give Ranma and Ryoga the stare if they did try and fight, and it would make them both feel as if they had disappointed the most important person/pony ever. XD

Oh, Spike. You can't call pigs porkchop... :derpytongue2:

Nice chapter.

Thank you.
(I put Porkchop for the humor and, also, so I could get another P-word into the title.)

P to the power of seven could also be written as P^7

Quite true.
I have a bit of a programming background and in several languages I've used the ** notation is used... of course ^ is also used in some of them, too. So I basically just picked one and ran with it. Below is a list from wikipedia which gives some languages that fall into either camp:

x ^ y: BASIC, J, MATLAB, R, Microsoft Excel, TeX, TI-BASIC, bc, Haskell, Lua, ASP
x ** y: Ada, Bash, COBOL, CoffeeScript, Fortran, FoxPro, Gnuplot, OCaml, F#, Perl, PHP, PL/I, Python, Rexx, Ruby, SAS, Seed7, Tcl, ABAP, Mercury, Haskell, Turing, VHDL

(Haskell appears twice because one is an integer exponentiation and the other floating-point).

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