• Published 27th May 2014
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Scotch on the Rocks - Dreamscape

Rainbow Blitz and Butterscotch go out for a night of drinking. Butterscotch drinks a little too much which leads to him pushing his true feelings onto Blitz. Blitz hates to admit it, but he wouldn't mind doing the things that Scotch wants from h

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For non-epic-length fics, I reserve my upvote until the end. This is shorter than the fics I usually read, so I abstained from voting until the final chapter. If I don't downvote, then I either upvote or do not vote at the end.
This fic has more than deserved my approval.

Well done Mr. Scape. You have made me question my sexuality. Originally I thought this was a F on F fic and I saw it wasn't I was a bit disappointed but j kept reading and boy was I mistaken on that feeling. You put a lot more than just sex into this fic and that's what made it great, but the clop was great as well. 10/10 would show friend:yay:

That was very well done!

If I could follow you, I would. But I already am. :twilightsmile:

The fact that it's over is bittersweet :')

The fact that it's over is bittersweet :')

there is so much potential for a sequel, while most fics that have a sequel there is this feeling of incompleteness but you my good sir have a fic that actually feels complete

a good five on a scale of one :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

Well, that is one of its points, one of its meanings. It doesn't matter whether or not the two partners involved are male and female, both female, both male, or other. What matters is that it is love. Love is a feeling, a sensation, something that can't be fully explained or described. It just happens, and can happen between any two beings. It doesn't matter what gender they are, or even what species. With sentience comes love in all forms, shapes, and sizes. That's just the way it works.



I was sure I was bleeding. It definitely felt like it.


you're doing it wrong :twilightoops:

I swear I may just turn gay for stuff like this.
Loved the clop and the story really set this apart from most clopfics. A sequel would be nice, whether it be clop or not.

There's always that first time where you have no clue what you're doing. It was bound to happen

I have been sticking things in my ass since I was a child and I have never had that problem.

...though I guess I'm lucky none of the glass marbles ever broke inside of me :rainbowderp:

and going from zero to assfucking with nothing in between is pretty much guaranteed to be bad, yeah

Marbles eh? Ever had something as big as a horse cock in there?

marbles when I was a stupid child with zero resources to attain anything better

my largest toy currently is about ... er, I don't have any measurement tools, but I can almost, but not quite, touch the tip of my middle finger to the tip of my thumb if I wrap my hand around it and squeeze

so bigger than any proportionately sized cock, and more than my _hand_ can take, anyway. Stretching myself to the point where I could accomodate anything bigger would probably be a bad idea -- not because it would hurt (it wouldn't), but because I don't want to be that loose.

sad face it's complete. Hopefully there is sequel.

I just absolutely loved this story. The pace, the details, the story-line; I loved it all. Shame it had to end, but it did end so well.

2 hooves up sir. I really like rule 63 Flutterdash fics:rainbowwild:

Not sure if it was the position or that I'd rather buck Butterscotch but this last chapter wasn't as good as the previous. soz :fluttershysad:

Oh my gawd, there needs to be more of this. I think I've just been converted to ButterBlitz

Dear fucking gods yes.
I require more.
Right now.
Write more.mylittlefacewhen.com/media/f/rsz/mlfw8433_medium.jpg

That was sooo adorable~

5623894 How can they write more if there are no words? Silly pony... :ajsmug:

I really REALLY enjoyed reading this, it went from read later to tracking to favourite quicker than any other story I've read before. Hot digity dog! Thumbs up!!!:heart:

We really loved it. You did something that not many people do: a stable couple.
Really, fot the very first time, we read a stoty where the dominant one show that he is in love and speak about it. In other stories the dominant is too much "i have the pants here, and you are my bitch. Feelings, what the fuck is that?" And we hate that

And switch... we loved, loved, loved that so much. Show a dominant guy like RainbowBlitz enjoying being buck and still being manly is something different, and we loved that.

All others just go for the safe way of top/bottom stories, jerk/helpless, agressor/pathetic, and many other kinds of couple that are unstable

And we congradulate you, for writing an original, well written, cute and romantic yaoi story with a stable couple, nice plot and hot scenes

We want more :3

I'm glad both of you enjoyed it. I'd say this story is probably one of my favorite stories I've written for this site. So I appreciate the love :pinkiesmile:

OBC this was an adorable story. It reminded me of my first time. :heart::heart::heart:

Great story : )

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