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A cuddly vulpine dragon furry, in many cases. Otherwise, just a loving coltcuddler unicorn.

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1090002 I know how that feels.

1089999 Totally ^_^ I try to write when I can, but I get writer's block quite a lot.

1089998 You seem to be pretty creative. I wish you good luck.

1089997 Why thank you ^_^

First Comment!

Welcome to Fimfiction.net :pinkiehappy:

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So um, hiya ^_^ · 6:54am Apr 1st, 2014

Welcome, you can call me Cal :) My full name is Ancalador Kornari Tuor, just in case anyone wants to know, and I'm a vulpine dragon.

I'm also a white unicorn.... with black and cyan/teal hair.... and I'll be writing clopfics and romance stuffs all over the place. I'm gay, just to make that clear.

So anyways, a few things about me:

I enjoy the colors Black, Teal/Cyan, and Purple. I have a random dislike of many shades of yellow.

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