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Disregard story, acquire Sam's 100% most seems legit cover ID ever.

That was... surprisingly sweet. Color me satisfied, Chuck.

Do another orgy fic!

Gilbert? Best R63 name I've seen for Gilda was Gideon.

Wow. What a Dashole.

One of the more affectionate clop stories I've read :)

4766943 gideon?.....


(ugh everything in relation to this uploaded on yt is in sonic ass quality.....)

also i must concur with gilbert , it is to danm hot everywhere.....

just wow

R63 Gildash? Sign me up!

Also, I've seen Gideon and Gil (which is amusingly short for Gilbert, so... win!)

My name is actually Gilbert, so it was kinda akward for me! :rainbowlaugh:


Why, are you a strict top? :derpytongue2:

I've read thousands of M/M clopfics, (I hate m/m, but I suffer from type 10 masochism) but this is the first one I've seen Rainbow Blitz playing the role of the male. I almost enjoyed this because of how much it stepped out the box, good grammer too.

All and all, it is the first M/M, (clopfic or not) to earn my like, well done sir.

Love it. Dom/sub play, but Gilbert just enjoys the intimacy and feeling wanted and loved in the end (heh, phrasing). 10 out of 10, would read again.

This was really good and hot! 10/10 will read again!

“You ain’t forcing me shit! Any limpdick can fuck somepony, but getting fucked? Getting fucked hurts. You’ve gotta be hard as nails to take it up the ass, and I’m the hardest goddamn griffon in Cloudsdale!”

That's one way of putting it.

"His fringe laid flat", "the pegasus laid back", "Gilbert laid flat", and "They laid together" should all use "lay" instead of "laid", and "it's" in the last sentence of the story should be 'its", but anyways--
ohmigawd this was so. fuckin'. adorable. there's pretty much nothing sweeter than two best bros fucking. we need more fics like this.

Awesome story, man! Really love Gilbert's transition from power-bottom to full-blown bottom, and then straight back again! Seriously good piece of writing here. Also, I liked how much detail you wrote into the school itself, having little or no context is my number #1 turn-off for a lot of stories, and you aced it! Good job!

Very hot! Never saw an M/M Gildash before, but this one did not disappoint at all! :ajsmug:

can we have sequel?

That "it has to hurt or I'm a faggot" is such a straight guy-in-denial thing, lol. Perfectly written and wonderfully executed. Great pairing :rainbowlaugh:

Which is made all the better when Blitz makes him give in to it.

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