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Las Pegasus, Coltifornia, part of the United States of Equestria, is now a pit of decay. But it’s also a source of legend: here, a mysterious pony known only as Calypso hosts a yearly contest called Twisted Metal, a fight to the death in cars whose winner is granted one wish of their choosing by Calypso himself. What are the limitations on said wish?


No matter how simple or reality-pushing it is, Calypso will make it happen for the one contestant that triumphs above the rest.

This year is the tenth running of the contest, and twelve very different creatures have the chance to fulfill their desires. It all starts with them saying “yes” to one question:


Twisted Metal 1 crossover. Cover art by jerrid120.

Chapters: Driver

ISKREEM [I Scream]: Needles Kane

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Didn't this story used to have more chapters?

Yes, but I’m rewriting the whole thing from the ground up.

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